Strikers Challenge the myth of concensus on immigration

The wildcat (unofficial) strikes that are sweeping the UK’s power plants and oil refineries have taken the ruling class and its allies by surprise. We have, in fact, been here before, though many visitors to this website are not old enough to remember. When Enoch Powell made a speech forecasting that mass immigration would transform Britain and not beneficially, masses of industrial workers marched through the streets in support of him. The rulers of the UK at that time were successful in choking off the protests and marginalizing Powell. For more than 40 years since, nationalism has been suppressed and related issues like mass immigration, multi-culturalism, loss of sovereignty and positive discrimination in favor of minorities have been placed beyond public discussion. The significant growth of the BNP in this last year and its electoral advances have demonstrated that economic recession and looming economic depression may be dragging that discussion back into the political arena and that this time the ruling Class and its allies will not be able to suppress it without using draconian police powers.

At first, it might not seem that the wildcat strikes of this last week have much to do with the BNP, and certainly it is not my intention to suggest that the BNP has fomented them. Indeed I expect the BNP leadership was no more expecting the walk-outs than the leaders of the Unite Union or the GMB. The spontaneity of the workers’ actions, including the sympathy walk-outs do not point to well-laid plans. But human events, just like economies, the weather and much else have a way of bringing together combustible materials. The speedily deteriorating economic situation which is engulfing the world in general and the UK in particular, has no doubt been a huge factor in agitating native British workers in the Power industry, for job security has not looked more under threat since the 1930’s. The actions of employers in the industry, by treating EU workers equally (perhaps preferentially) when recruiting for scarce jobs, has been another explosive factor. I would claim however that the increasingly high profile of the BNP has been the third factor, for their activists have been out and about on the streets of Cumberland, Scotland, South Wales, Lincolnshire, Cheshire, Nottingham, Plymouth and Lancashire with stalls, leaflets, and newspapers and they have been fighting (with some success) elections in all these areas. All of these places have seen workers’ strike action in the last week. The BNP has been articulating the message that native British people should come first in their own country, a concept that has been long suppressed in the Media and in all the political parties and Trade Unions. That message will increasingly resonate with restless and agitated workers and the BNP activists will be welcome on the picket lines for the strikers have no other friends in politics.

I do not expect the strikers to succeed in gaining job security or preference for natives, no matter how much the BNP gives support. Britain is in the EU and its laws are specifically intended to erase national identity, particularly in the workplace. Employers like these laws for economic reasons and the political elites in and out of the Media Class like them for ideological reasons. The workers’ Union bureaucracies, in theory their servants, are their masters and wholly occupied and controlled by Leftists. The first reaction of the Union bureaucrats was to label their striking members ‘racist scum’ and I do not doubt that militant rank-and-file unofficial leaders have had their cards marked for the future. When the depth of feeling and the scale of the strikes became apparent, the Union leaders began making sympathetic noises to the men and the Media. This is simply a tactic to regain control of the members for the Union Leaders are as committed to erasing the ‘hideous Whiteness’ of the British workforce as any Leftist academic, Actor or Pop Star.

The Media is already getting a handle on the public presentation of the insurrection. The scale of the strikes is being revealed but the definition of the issues involved is being handed to Union spokespersons. They are quick to claim that the workers are not motivated by race. They say that their members are justified in feeling aggrieved but all this can easily be resolved by discussion and a return to work. They steer clear of the Union records of support for mass immigration and favoritism for foreigners. What are glaringly missing from Media reports, and not by accident, are quotes from strikers. In any demonstrations favored by the Media Class there is never a shortage of quotes from Leftist activists. If only a handful of misfits parade against ‘War’ or a nuclear power station, they are guaranteed the bully pulpit but now we hear nothing from the thousands of strikers, though if just one can be found by a reporter willing to say that there is no racism behind the strikes, he will get on camera and six o’clock news. I have no doubt that there is much racist and anti-immigrant sentiment underpinning these strikes. This is not to say that the men are bigots or irrational – quite the opposite! But the truth is that mass immigration, the loss of a national border and all the new laws on discrimination have adversely affected these men’s job security and often their neighborhoods. They are not the only innocent victims of the immigration madness and the Leftist social engineering that has accompanied it, for the immigrants who have been encouraged to come (and not assimilate) are victims too. How do I know that there is racism/Nationalist sentiment fuelling the strikers? The workers’ placards say “British jobs for British workers”. They are not referring to the superficial ‘Britishness’ of citizenship, but to race, and we all know it. These striking workers are saying that this is their country and they should have the scarce jobs. In doing so, whether they realize it or not, they are coming into headlong conflict with their Union bureaucracies, the Labour Government and all the other political parties except one, the burgeoning numbers of immigrants and racial minorities, the Nation’s public services and their employees, the police and courts, the powerful EU edifice of vested interests and ideologues, the world’s Socialist movement and last but not least, the Media Class that controls the news and entertainment. One might say that all of these make a formidable force.

Strike action, especially impulsive wildcat walk-outs, will not defeat the forces that daily nibble away at the birthright of these British workers. This is not to say that all resistance is futile. In so far as walk-outs and sympathy actions raise the banner of Nationalist resistance, bring resisters together, heighten political consciousness and clarify the ideological divisions between the rulers and the ordinary people, it is progress. The strikers need to realize however that in the end only a prolonged major political struggle will reverse the process of National destruction. That political struggle will be about more than just jobs, but culture, religion and morals too. In Tameside (Greater Manchester) on Thursday, when the BNP takes on the rest, British working people and those who wish to take their country back will have another chance to raise the flag of resistance.

In the US, Barack Obama continues to demonstrate that this website’s pre-election assessment of him was correct. The news today that Democrat and ex-Senate leader Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be in Obama’s cabinet is another embarrassment for the new President. Daschle and another Obama nominee both withdrew today over revelations of wrong-doing. Daschle appears to have been a tax cheat. This is rich coming from the Party that believes paying tax and yet more tax is a badge of patriotism. Obama was defending his pick of Daschle right to the end, as he did with Governor Richardson who is now mired in financial scandal. He has also defended and won the nomination of a tax cheat to be Treasury Secretary. Remember that these people are all closely vetted by Obama and his staff before nomination. There are three conclusions that can be drawn about Obama as a result of these events. One is that he is not really smart but slapdash. Two is that he is arrogant. Three is that he is unable to recognize issues of integrity even when they are staring him in the face. The massive spending spree he is touting with tax-payers money is stuffed with Leftist pork. There is no way that he can read it all but in any case he has been too busy show-boating to do any homework. Yet this is the man who when on the stump promised to go through every spending item “line by line”. Obama is a man who ‘talks the talk’ and there it stops. Today I asked my friend up the road what had happened to the restoration of the stock market and housing values that he had forecast on Obama’s inauguration day. “Give the man time!” he replied. “Look at his appointees. He is getting the experts in and in a few weeks we will see the stimulant package working”. My problem is lack of faith in anyone but God.

As the UK freezes from Cornwall to Scotland, and northern Europe does likewise, I learned today from a friend that even Bangkok is having exceptionally cold weather. Here in the US it is the usual very cold winter and in California my yard plants are dying from night time frosts that have gone on for months. In Davos and amongst the ranks of Democrat lawmakers the plans continue to battle global warming. Lewis Carrol and Alice would have been at home in 2009.

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