Strauss-Kahn – Victim of a ‘Victim’?

On 27th May we posted an article on this website that led with the scandal surrounding this former IMF Chief. Our article refrained from commenting on the rape allegation made against him and concentrated on the expensive lifestyle of this Socialist and the hypocrisy of him and his ilk. Whilst claiming to be caring and working for the poor of the world, Strauss-Kahn and his comrades live in great style and at great expense. Sometimes this is because these Socialists are enormously wealthy but just as often they live on the people’s tax dollars. Usually, these proponents of ever more taxation for us are occupying jobs that are tax-exempt or they employ the best accountants to avoid taxes. They are also always proponents of the great Man-Made Global Warming scam and yet manage to consume more carbon than the rest of us in order that they should be comfortable at all times – as befits an elite.

Strauss-Kahn was on course to become the leader of the French Socialist Party until his path in one of New York Manhattan’s most expensive hotels crossed that of a female ‘refugee’ from Africa’s Guinea.

In covering his scandal we had no sympathy for this hypocrite but we did not assume his guilt on the charge of rape of this ‘refugee’ hotel worker. Strauss-Kahn appears to have had a history of womanizing tinged with being a bit of a sex pest (to use a term that was common amongst women in the workplace in the 1960’s). Now a French female journalist has come forward with allegations against him that date back several years. She is not alleging rape and she is a very attractive young woman and so her allegations appear more credible. On this website we always doubted the allegations of the woman from Guinea, who still remains unknown – thanks to the Media’s reluctance to reveal her identity.

First, Strauss-Kahn who is relatively well off and politically powerful is surely not short of willing female sexual partners and would have no need to use force in order to get sex. If we have learned nothing else about our modern (mostly Leftist leaders) it is that there are vast networks of attractive and willing women for the rich and powerful in all big cities like New York and Washington. Strauss-Kahn is a well-connected insider and must know about the networks even if he has never used one. It is possible that given his alleged appetite for conquests he might have forced his attentions on a very attractive and educated young French journalist who was interviewing him in his hotel room, and when he was some years younger. Successfully raping a ‘poor’ African woman who was changing his bedding seemed a bit of a stretch of the imagination. Quite frankly, it would surely take a much stronger and younger man to successfully rape a young woman in a brief encounter unless a knife or gun was involved. Strauss-Kahn looks like a man who is well beyond his prime and who has spent many lunchtimes and evenings living the good life. Rape is surely beyond his physical capabilities.

French Socialists are charging that Strauss-Kahn – apparently a hero of the French Left – is the victim of a political conspiracy by political opponents. We doubt this, for the explanation is surely simpler. His accuser from Guinea is almost certainly, if Dorothy Rabinowitz is to be believed, an inveterate liar and a woman looking for a rich and vulnerable victim. She appears to be a smart operator and connected to a criminal boyfriend, currently in Jail. Perhaps she is well acquainted with the politics of the USA where a Black woman who alleges rape against a White man can be assured of both an unquestioning MSM (Mainstream Media) and an army of Leftists ready to cry racism and demand a guilty verdict, even before any facts are scrutinized. Maybe she had studied the case against the White Duke University lacrosse players who were almost immediately crucified by the Media and Leftists in the face of a similar charge from a Black woman with a checkered history. I recommend the Dorothy Rabinowitz article in today’s Wall Street Journal which is entitled “DSK and the District Attorney”. Rabinowitz is a courageous writer, always worth reading and streets ahead of the WSJ’s waffler, Peggy Noonan.

At the time of writing, Texas is about to execute a convicted Latino killer called Humberto Leal Garcia. In 1994, Garcia raped and murdered a 16 year old girl in San Antonio. I believe she too was a Latino. Most of us might think that Garcia has already lived far too long since his conviction all those years ago. We might also think that no sane person, other than his mother, would care a hoot that he is about to get his just deserts and that justice for his young victim, whose life was cruelly snuffed out, will be done. Garcia has not denied his crimes. Yet suddenly Garcia has people in high places extremely exercised about his imminent execution. No doubt the usual crowd of anti-death penalty morons has been publicly weeping for him. This crowd usually includes a scattering of do-gooder Christians who are always anxious to parade their consciences and religious credentials on the basis that Jesus forgave sinners. Mostly however, the anti-death penalty protestors are made up of rank-and-file Leftists who consider criminals to be victims of capitalism and White racism and whose crimes are revolutionary acts of the underclass. The protestors, always glad of an excuse to get into public gesture politics welcome an opportunity to demonstrate on the streets of such places as San Francisco and to draw up petitions. In the case of Garcia however very prominent Leftists have also come to his aid and made his case an international one.

One such Garcia activist is Navi Pillay, a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. We, on this website, always maintain that the words ‘Human Rights’ should signal a red flag for those who care about accuracy of language and they betray the presence of Red internationalist propaganda. Another Garcia activist is Christof Heyns the “UN Special Rapporteur on extra judicial matters, summary or arbitrary executions”. It is good to know that our tax dollars that support the UN have spawned such important jobs with very all-encompassing titles. Not least amongst the caring luminaries coming to the aid of Garcia is Barack Obama, the US President. Squeezing in extra hours of work between creating real shovel-ready jobs for Americans, tackling waste in Government and playing exhausting rounds of golf with celebrities, our President is calling on the Texas Governor to halt the execution of this killer of a 16 year old girl. Heyns has said that “if Leal Garcia is put to death, it is tantamount to an arbitrary deprivation of his life”. Obama has said that Garcia’s execution will breach an international convention and do irreparable harm to US interests. Heyns is demanding that Garcia be given life imprisonment instead of the death penalty.

Obama’s call is based on a false interpretation of US law and he must be aware of this for the States are not bound by international laws (the Vienna Convention) that the Federal Government has signed up to. Of course, to Obama, truth and facts are irrelevant when he utters pronouncements of this kind. Garcia’s execution will not alter US relations with Mexico or any other Nation on Earth. As for the other UN busybodies, they must know that their jobs are devoid of substance. Since Garcia’s well-deserved fate is really of no interest to his defenders in high places who wallow in the tax-exempt fleshpots of the UN we must look for the real reason for their intervention. I think it is part of a bigger picture that we do not see when we concentrate on detail. The continual overturning of voters’ decisions such as the Californian same-sex marriage Court decision, the denial of the death penalty in the UK and several US States, and hundreds of other examples of where the public will is frustrated by Courts and Governments is not evidence of the independence of the judiciary or of Government seeking the long-term good. The leniency shown to the worst criminals and killers by the ‘Justice’ system, whilst ordinary people (such as BNP activists) are persecuted by police and Courts, is part of the big picture. I read this week on the Internet about an elderly shopkeeper in the UK who foiled an attempted robbery of his little store by producing a screw driver in his confrontation with a robber with a knife. He had already experienced an earlier attempted robbery when he had chased the robbers down the street. The newspaper report pointed out (without comment) that if he had succeeded in catching and injuring any of his assailants he would have faced prosecution for criminal assault.

All this concern for the criminal and the using of the Law to intimidate the law-abiding is part of the big picture, as is the persecution of the BNP activists, the prosecution of Geert Wilder in Holland, the setting aside of popular decisions in referenda in California and so on. They all deliberately and brazenly turn justice on its head. They all outrageously defy common sense and the common man’s sense of justice. They are surely meant to establish Law that is an insult to the ordinary people’s intelligence. Most of all I think this is intended to instill in the minds of those who might consider resisting the revolution that resistance is futile and dangerous. When Law and Government power is used to turn justice on its head and to reward the wrong-doers and punish the good people, the result is worse than a Lawless society, it is a society where Law is a weapon to be used against any resisters.

In Milwaukee on July 4th Black gangs attacked and severely wounded a young White woman, shouting racist insults at her as she was being beaten. On the same day, Black mobs roamed the parks attacking those celebrating Independence Day. I suppose this was more Flash violence. None of this reaches the MSM beyond (occasionally) the local press and mostly that hugely downplays the race character of the violence. None of this dangerous and highly newsworthy stuff seems to warrant any mention in the national Media, yet same-sex marriage victories command headlines day after day. In the same way, little concern is expressed about the failure to find cures for cancer, diabetes and Senile Dementia yet AIDS is a Media preoccupation.

Here in California global warming has finally arrived and we have had a whole week of temperatures around the 100F mark. We are committed to telling the truth about weather. I have just returned from a whale-watching trip near Monterey. I can report that the little beaches of Monterey have not yet been reduced by rising sea levels and the Blue Whales seem to be doing fine.

Music Choice – I have yet to select a Frank Sinatra recording – not because he is unworthy but because almost everything he recorded was beyond criticism. Since tonight is Cal lottery night I will offer you “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” from the greatest singer of all time.

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