Strauss-Kahn – IMF Socialist Cares About the Little People and Global Warming

On this website we do our best to always be truthful, in stark contrast to the Mainstream Media’s liars. We also constantly point out that the Western World’s Leftists and perverts who infest the MSM are not only liars but unmitigated hypocrites. There is no better example than Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief and Leader-in-waiting of the French Socialist Party. Now restricted to house custody by the New York police, Strauss-Kahn has been accused of the sexual assault on an African-born refugee female who is employed as a cleaner at the hotel in which he was staying in his IMF role. As we pointed out in a previous article, his hotel room then was priced at $8000 per week, which is about 5500 pounds sterling. We can assume that this luxury apartment was paid for by the IMF (and your tax dollars at work).

It has emerged that the Socialist Strauss-Kahn has a long history of sexual misbehavior, presumably using his high position to exploit the powerlessness of women. I have yet to hear any expression of rage from the Western World’s Feminists, but as we know, the Leftists of the Feminist Movement always give a pass to Leftist men. All Feminist rage is reserved for men suspected of conservative or Christian views and in those cases little evidence is required for an explosion of Feminist wrath. This is also true of the anti-War warriors who now remain silent as Obama and others unleash war on Libya.

We can assume that Strauss-Kahn has been outspoken about man-made global warming and about the injustice of the Western masses living in luxury whilst the people of the Third World starve-victims of exploitation by the West. We can assume this without researching because how could he be the leader-in-waiting of the French Socialist Party unless he had long been outspoken on these issues. Strauss-Kahn is now out on bail but must remain in New York for it is feared that he would flee the country for the safety of France. We learn that he is now ensconced in a 6800sq ft mansion that costs $50,000 per month. This is about 32,000 pounds sterling per month. His accommodation boasts a private spa, a movie theater, a private gym, a bar and a rooftop terrace. We might wonder how much this accommodation is contributing to global warming and how many Third World villages could be supplied with fresh water for $50,000 per month. The MSM will not ask such questions because Strauss-Kahn has unimpeachable Leftist views. The plain truth, of course, is that celebrity Leftists can live in the most outrageous ways, their lives in constant and flagrant contradiction to the causes they espouse, and yet be protected from MSM denunciation. We mere little people might wonder why, if Global Warming is such a terrible and imminent threat, those who claim to wholly believe it do not live as though they believe it. Of course, it is possible that Strauss-Kahn is not paying for his accommodation and in that case, we are!

Whilst on the subject of Leftist hypocrisy, we should mention US Rep Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the openly homosexual Leftist and ‘Human Rights’ activist. The unappealing and lisping Frank has been at the center of many scandals, none of which have lessened his popularity with the MSM and consequently his chances of re-election. After all, a scandal is only a scandal if the MSM decides to make it so. Amongst Frank’s past scandals rarely mentioned in the MSM is the one where a male ‘lover’ of his was operating a call-boy scandal from the Frank homestead. Frank claimed he was unaware of this and his word was good enough for the MSM. This episode has never been a millstone around his neck just as the Mary-Jo drowning was never hung around Ted Kennedy’s neck. The latest scandal to burnish Frank’s image as a Leftist is that he placed a discarded former ‘lover’ Herb Moses, into a good job with Fannie Mae, the taxpayer-subsidized, tax-payer money- hemorrhaging, scandal-ridden Leftist vehicle that created the Housing price collapse. Frank was the House Chairman of the powerful financial committee that directed that the ‘minority poor’ be given loans to buy houses. He was in the position to use his power as Chairman to engineer a job for some-one with whom he had either sexually penetrated via the anus or who had penetrated him through the same orifice. Frank has already confirmed that he used his influence on behalf of Moses but protests that this is how Washington works! It is certainly the way homosexuals work i.e. a network of the likeminded advancing each others careers whilst crying discrimination.

There are many Republican politicians hovering around the starting line for the 2012 Presidential race. Presumably they believe that Obama is vulnerable, despite the MSM’s awesome ability to destroy his opposition with smears and lies. This weekend, Sarah Palin is about to take a motor caravan parade from Washington DC up through the East Coast. She will be accompanied by many bikers and plans to visit historical sites where early American history was made. In these places she will celebrate, make speeches and meet the people. We can assume that if this project is successful she will continue across America and also formally enter the race. When Palin was chosen by McCain as his running mate in 2008, she made a huge impact and frightened the Leftists, including those in the Republican Party. In the aftermath the MSM summoned all its power to destroy her, for she was seen as the major threat to its agenda and their Man in the White House. Subsequently it has seemed as though the MSM campaign has worked and that she has been too damaged in the public mind to be a serious candidate. She is, of course, an uncompromising social conservative and Christian, hence the Media Class loathing of her. Palin might be one of those who is never down for the count however and she has great appeal to those who hear her at first hand instead of through the Media’s filter. Her moment, when she addressed a great crowd with the opening words “How is all that Hopey Changey stuff working for ya?” showed how deadly she could be if she got toe to toe with Obama. Her trek through the Eastern states, which will almost certainly bring her face to face with great crowds and will enable her to by-pass the Media, might just be the move to put all her competitors on the defensive. She is capable of winning the blue-collar vote if she can get to talk directly to ordinary working (and unemployed) people. The more successful she is, the more intense will be the Media campaign of destruction.

It is the claim of Radical and Right that the creation and rise to power of the Media Class with its Leftist agenda, is responsible for the disastrous decline in popular culture. No part of popular culture has suffered more than popular music (though humor is a close second), beginning in the 1970’s. Adult singers and musicians were abandoned by the MSM as outdated and replaced by pimply youths with guitars who either whined about poverty, war, and the capitalism that fed them, or raged and screamed against them with walls of amplified sound. For those youths who did not whine or rage, the alternative was to parade cutting-edge sex and shock. We now have generations, including conservative broadcasters like Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, who look back sentimentally on the trash of their formative years and are unaware that they have been dumbed down by infantile and wholly dishonest crap.

The Wall Street Journal, like many ‘serious’ newspapers employs ‘experts’ to comment on all this current and past trash that passes for music. Jim Fusilli, the Journal’s “rock and pop music critic” is an example. On May 24thhe wrote a long article extolling the talents of ‘The Felice Brothers’ ‘Celebration, Florida’. This, he claims in awe, “‘all but abandons convention”. Fusilli tells us that Ian Felice worked 10 to 12 hours per day under the influence of great American novelists in order to come up with such gems as “Harlan’s papa wouldn’t stay in the ground/Dead and buried and he walked into town”. If that isn’t mind-blowing enough for Fusilli, there is “One, two, three kids, the handsome one is in show biz/I’ve always been sort of a hotshot in Florida”. I cannot do justice to the utter cultural garbage contained in this article so I recommend our readers to read the original article for themselves. If you do not recognize it as garbage then you too have been brainwashed. A great example of the juvenile ‘whining’ style is Bob Dylan. He might be said to be the trail-blazer of ‘Whine and Protest’ and he epitomizes that music’s core dishonesty. Dylan, who millions of brainwashed young dopes assumed was whining and protesting as a result of personal deprivation and was an authentic voice of rural poor folks, was born Robert Allen Zimmerman into a well-off Jewish family in Duluth, Minnesota. As we now know, the whining protesting voice and meaningless sloppy lyrics were simply those of an over- indulged and ungrateful teenager doomed to remain forever just that. Now he has been elevated to the rank of genius by music critics who are equally as culturally stunted and corrupted. Today, I visited a website and pulled out at random two examples of his ‘genius’- ‘Angelina’ from the Bootleg Series Vol 1-3 and “Apple Suckling Tree-The Basement Tapes, Dwarf Music 1969. Try it for yourself! This is music for those who musical development has been stunted.

There is a terrible lesson in all this and it is that the Media and Leftist ubiquitous propaganda can so corrupt the young and impressionable that society is for ever culturally impoverished. After a while the people know no better. It will be the same with homosexuality. Future generations will be unable to recognize sexual perversion as abnormal, even with the evidence before their eyes.

Now, for those who are grown-up and beyond the reach of the MSM’s cultural propaganda here is our musical recommendation. It is a track recorded in March 1951 that featured the one-time Country and jazz guitarist Les Paul and his wife Mary Ford. Born Lester Polfus, Les suffered severe injuries in a car crash and the use of his hand was greatly reduced. Despite this he taught himself to play guitar and at one time played with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. Always an experimentalist Les designed his own guitar and pioneered multi-track recording. He married the Country singer Coleen Summers and together, in their garage, they produced a string of recordings, the greatest of which was the classic ballad “How High the Moon”. This fine tune and lyric written by Lewis and Hamilton was not only popular with ballad singers and orchestras but also, because of its chord sequence, the vehicle for many jazz versions, including the Charlie Parker recording “Ornithology”.

This Les Paul recording has stood the test of time and still sounds fresh and inspiring today. The opening bars of Paul’s percussive and dramatic guitar and driving tempo are followed by the smooth, perfectly-pitched and melodious voice of Mary Ford. It is bright, exciting and atmospheric to the final bar. No whining here!

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