Step by Step

The news of the conviction of Pte Lynndie England (the leash girl of Abu Ghraib) received only passing note by the Media Class last week. During the last Presidential election campaign in the US, her name was a front page headline every day, as the Media Class and its allies expressed outrage on behalf of humiliated terrorist prisoners. The Media’s stand was well expressed by the eloquent Ted Kennedy, who announced that Sadam’s prisons had been replaced by US torture chambers. One has to assume that a man who could find similarities of this kind could not tell whiskey from water. Of course, what the Media was doing was trashing the US in Iraq and the world, and trying to get John Kerry elected. It was hoped that a chain of command could be established from Lynndie to Bush. Alas, no such link existed and Lynndie and her playmates were just a small group practising Hollywood fantasies.

Her trial and conviction therefore now have no news value as far as the Media Class is concerned. Lynndie has been replaced by Cindy! Once again, we see how the Media Class has the power to invent news and ignore news, just as it pleases. And it does so all across its many outlets, pretty much in unison.

Only on this website do we recognize that the Media is the dominating power in the land, even though the evidence piles up day after day. One is reminded of the old saying about “not seeing the wood for the trees”, since even sharp eyes like those of Ann Coulter fail to make the ultimate connection and instead assume that the Media dances to the Leftist politicians’ tune. We say it is vice versa!

We cannot think of one powerful group in the US or UK which can afford to fall foul of the Media Class. Big Business? Watch what is happening to Walmart, the last business not to cave. Sport? Ask any sports manager or player who has said something politically incorrect. Entertainment? Ask Pat Boone or Charlton Heston. Politics? Ask Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, Ian Paisley or Nick Griffin. I name just a few.

On the reverse side, look at the fortunes of those who have comfortably survived very real offences – Ted Kennedy (abandoned a young women to drown), Sandy Berger (security documents down the pants) and Gerry Adams (once commander and now frontman for the IRA) – because the Media is sympathetic to them.

Can anyone doubt that the group that wields the power to make or break, advertise or ignore, persecute and intimidate individuals, businesses, industries (tobacco, gunmakers), organisations (Boy Scouts), Political Parties and anything and anyone, is not setting its own agenda? The rise to power of the Media Class is a dynamic process and is not yet complete, especially in the US, but every day it advances its agenda at our expense.

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