Stein Bidding To Win Leadership Of Revolution

The Green Party is a fringe movement of the Far Left in the USA. In some European countries it has demonstrated an ability to elbow its way into the edge of the political mainstream but has yet to replace any of the established Socialist Parties that regularly win elections and form governments.

Despite a failure to get near political power, the Green Movement has shown stamina. In the UK it has occasionally won local elections and been more successful in this respect than the better-organized British National Party of the Right. Of course, the Green Party in the UK does not have to contend with a poisonously hostile Mainstream Media (MSM), Red violence and police persecution.

No doubt there are several Countries in Western Europe where, as in the UK, the Green Parties enjoy benign MSM attention, freedom from Red violence and no police harassment, unlike fringe Nationalist Parties. But this does not explain the durability of the Green political parties. As far as this writer can make out, the Green Parties of Europe are poorly organized because they attract the dysfunctional offspring of the professional classes, and a rag-bag of older vegetarians, peace-mongers, doom-mongers and high-minded pensioned muddlers.

It is hard not to characterize the older Greens as Anarchists who lack the nerve to be violent; fanatics who fear being seen as immoderate; and those people who – to use a coarse English saying – cannot organize a piss-up in a brewery. Many are Far Leftists who have not the patience to work their way up inside the bureaucracies of the established Socialist Parties in order to fight elections and gain public attention. But they offer a chance to travel with the Left for the political flotsam and jetsam.

In order to ‘join’ a Green Party, and quickly become an election candidate, it is only necessary to be a vegetarian, be anti nuclear, love whales and dolphins, and the United Nations. No doubt in the US if one wants to become an election candidate of the Democrat Party, one has to serve a long apprenticeship on school boards, library boards or Public Service Union positions.

Jill Stein has a long history of seeking the political spotlight and one has to ask why she never joined the Democrat Party and rose through the ranks. Unlike Obama, who also was impatient for leadership, she has the wrong skin color. And Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren beat her to it as ‘a woman‘. No doubt Stein’s Far Left Socialism is more genuine than Clinton’s, though I doubt she is more fanatical and calculating than Warren.

Stein has been seeking the leadership of America’s Far Left for a long time, touting her medical attributes and ideological purity, and cultivating that neat, coiffed-hair, slightly frumpy ‘look’ that suggests a professorship of Women’s Studies. Yet despite her efforts she has languished on the political fringes. Time has been running out for her, so this Presidential election was a chance to step onto the national stage. Make no mistake Jill Stein is personally ambitious and hungry for the Media spotlight.

Unfortunately, (once again) the Green Party failed to appeal beyond the 1% of whale lovers, vegetarians and anti-nuclear power voters that have been part of the Green Party organization since Stein last stood in 2012 and earlier. Stein failed to attract serious money, was up against a woman-of-the-Left, and seemed doomed for political oblivion.

The shadowy, Globalist money-men who have been funding Hillary Clinton, are determined to defeat Trump and Nationalism by hook or by crook. And they have very deep pockets. Despite the election having been close, Clinton decided not to fight on. Her defeat and then her concession must have shocked those Globalists who poured in money.

On this website we have already suggested that Clinton may be too sick to fight on, or she may have grasped at Trump’s hint that she would escape prosecution and be able to enjoy her ill-gotten gains and Huma’s companionship. In any event she clearly wanted to pack it all in.

We may never know which rich globalist first recognized Stein’s potential, though George Soros is a prime suspect. At any rate we believe overtures were made to her to step into the role that Clinton had abandoned. Unlike Elizabeth Warren, Stein was a Presidential candidate, and at a stretch and with a supportive MSM and lots of nerve, could be presented as a plausible challenger to the election results.

Some on the Broad Right have suggested that Stein is motivated by greed. Her history does not suggest that but does suggest a woman who seeks the Media spotlight and enjoys being a heroine of the Far Left encouraged by a small band of adoring followers. We suggest that she has always nursed a Romantic fantasy.

The offer of serious financial backing and an opportunity to step into the role of leader of the Revolutionary Far Left, has swept Stein off her feet. Suddenly she has the opportunity to take Clinton’s place -without baggage – and be the Joan of Arc of America. Elizabeth Warren must be furious.

Despite the euphoria, Stein must be aware that these election challenges require an awesome amount of behind-the-scenes arm-twisting to succeed. Maybe she knows they will not but that as the new heroine of the Left, and the instrument of the rich and powerful, she will be the Democrat candidate in 2020. Stein is not a realist. Her history shows she nurses a fantasy in which she is a leader. Phone calls from Soros or other rich globalists will have gone to her head and now she is seeing her name in every MSM headline. Most likely, if and when the election challenges fail, her name will disappear from the headlines as quick as they came. And Soros will move on to Warren with his money.

The Oakland fire is a cruel reminder that such events are often a coming-together of avoidable human decisions. We will try not to speak too harshly of the victims but scrolling down the pictures of the missing that were posted on the website it was hard not to notice the tattoos, nose rings and other symbols of the alternative life-style. It is doubtful that few were working in real jobs or were planning careers, marriage, children, mortgages and a conventional life.

The differences between these young people and the young people I recently met at a Baptist College not far from Oakland, are stark, as are the differences between a ‘collective’ and a time-tested organization with values. Almost all of the Oakland victims are White and many of the Baptists were not. The question that has to be asked is why are so many young White people in America drawn to degrading life-styles, degrading dress, and degrading ‘music’ and ‘culture’?

Much can be laid at the feet of the MSM and the sick perverts of the Media Class, and much at the feet of parents who have failed to work at parenthood. I know a website visitor who will argue that these now-deceased Big City young people are not typical of the White youths of America between the coasts. I am aware that not all White youngsters are not as degraded as the ones who are drawn to Oakland, San Francisco and similar places, but I would argue that these are only extreme examples of a national malaise that has greatly affected White Americans.

I see no evidence in any part of the USA I have visited, that the majority of young White people are interested in marrying, having three or more children and returning to the Christian life that would go some way to restoring America.

Unless Nationalism, Christianity and Conservatism soon march hand-in-hand as a political force, there is no chance of a turning back of the clock. Trump’s Presidency may offer an opportunity, but only if his followers push him hard, for he is a creature of his cultural times and not of the pre-1960’s.

The coming together of bad decisions I mentioned include those of the young people who were drawn by rotten ‘music’ and a rotten culture into an obvious fire trap; a city that elects corrupt politicians on the basis of skin color, an Administration that appoints public servants on the basis of skin color, racial quotas, sexual orientation and political correctness; and a population that tolerates it even when the consequences are obvious.

We are told that officials visited this Warehouse knowing that it was breaking many laws, but made no effort to enter. If the warehouse had been reported to be harboring people of the Far Right, we can be sure that swat teams would have descended in battalion force and entry forced.

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