Star Treatment For Stars

When detectives investigate a murder scene, it is often the little and seemingly irrelevant details that turn out to provide important evidence.  I was reminded of this truth when I saw a headline in the Wall Street Journal’s Personal Journal front page of 1st April. In a long article written by reporter Scott McCartney and headlined “The Star Treatment: Flying Like Jennifer Aniston”, we learn that US airlines provide special care for Movie Stars, Celebrities and politicians that exceeds the treatment they provide for Elite-level frequent fliers.

Here is the second paragraph in its entirety – “Despite massive cost-cutting and shrinking service, airlines still roll out the red carpet for celebrities. Many carriers have “special service” staffers to speed stars and VIP’s through airports and on to planes, or out back doors to limousines. Special rooms, some hidden behind unmarked doors adjacent to gates and some private lounges inside airport clubs, are reserved for politicians, movie stars, sports heroes and other dignitaries.”

In another paragraph we learn that “Airlines allow celebrities to order special meals – and some travel internationally with their own chef who is allowed to cook in airplane galleys. Stars get private phone numbers to airline officials for help with bookings. Carriers sometimes even send employees to stand in long lines at immigration and border security checkpoints if agencies won’t grant special status for travelling stars”. And “Though many celebrities have long ago abandoned commercial airlines in favor of private jet travel, they frequently turn back to airlines for international trips. And some have begun using commercial jets more frequently because of environmental concerns about private jets-it is tough to champion green causes and then get back on a jet with four people”.

Here is another choice paragraph – “At times, juggling the demands of stars can be difficult for airlines. Multiple celebrities on a flight can create uncomfortable situations if one gets more attention than the other”.

Regular visitors to this website will understand why “Stars, celebrities, sports heroes and politicians” are linked together in this special treatment for they are increasingly indistinguishable. We are talking here of our ruling class. No doubt they all get special treatment just about everywhere. Much of it will be below the radar, so as not to undermine their public images but on one level we have been brainwashed into seeing them as special people and accept their receiving privileged treatment. The truth (and reality) is exactly the opposite but this is a ruling Class that exists to promote unreality. Any plumber, carpenter, policeman, shop assistant, doctor, dentist or road sweeper is more useful than these people. Let us not lose sight of the irony that these Hollywood and other Media Class Leftists lecture us all about the environment, injustices, redistribution of incomes (though not theirs) and inequality. The next time you are standing in line at an airport, remember that Jennifer Aniston, or some other relatively useless entertainer is being ushered through some back door so as not to be inconvenienced, whilst on some quite frivolous journey. These are the people who pour money into the campaigns of Clinton and Obama and claim to occupy the high moral ground whilst doing so. There is a word that describes them. It is ‘hypocrites’.

A close relative of mine, who lives in the UK, had an experience last week that has politicized him. Prior to this experience, living in a corner of England and far away from the multi-racial cauldron that has been imposed on the British people, he had not paid attention to politics. Last week he was working in Birmingham, England and at the weekend he was joined by his girlfriend. Emerging from a Birmingham rail station, they were accosted by a young Black man who was giving out leaflets. They declined to take one and immediately the man became threatening, accusing them of racism. Suddenly he was joined by two other Black youths who became even more threatening, calling the girlfriend a “fat white pig” and other insults. This was a very public place and my relative has no doubt that they would not have escaped without a beating if there had been fewer people around. I reminded him that come the May local council elections, there was only one political party that would stand up for him and his fellow-countrymen. He and his girlfriend have just become potential BNP voters. If any White person began using racist language and threats of violence against a Black person in a public place, the police and Media would soon be swarming all over the area and arrests would be made, a prosecution begun and newspaper headlines would be screaming about White racism. Stars and celebrities would be organizing Rock concerts and Searchlight and Soros-funded organizations would be inventing a link with the BNP. Such is the state of that once-great nation.

Back here in California, the nights continue to be frosty and the days coolly pleasant. In much of the US the winter continues to be very cold. Nothing unusual about this, of course! Last week I heard a radio interview on a conservative Talk-radio station. The guest was Dr. Roy Spencer, a genuine expert on climate. You won’t hear him being interviewed by the MSM because he doesn’t share the unscientific consensus on global warming. The new Media Master Class that suppresses news of Black racism in the UK and suppresses the truth about Islam in Holland, also suppresses those who challenge the religion of man-made global warming.

The only way to make sense of modern politics and radical social change is to understand that in the Western World, the Media Class has assumed power and is peddling an agenda to consolidate that power and to recast society in its own image.

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