Squaw Warren Bids For Leadership Of Far Left

Way back during the Democrat Party Presidential primary contest, we speculated several times on the political ambitions of Squaw Elizabeth Warren. Website visitors will remember that many of the Far Left rank-and-file activists of the Party were unhappy with the Party elite’s willingness to concede the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

The Revolutionary activists, composed mostly of young brainwashed products of a College education that was unfitted for well-paid work, were not the only constituency of the Left hostile to the Clintons. Another group whose members were hostile to the Clintons, and who we repeatedly identified, consisted of the Media Class Hollywood billionaires and other sexual perverts who had advanced Obama’s candidacy in 2007, and whose prime cause was homosexual normalization by legislation.

The Clintons, following Hillary’s 2008 defeat by Obama, spent the next 7 years reinforcing and extending their corrupt organization within the Democrat Party in order for Hillary to emerge unchallengeable in 2016. The key to an all-powerful network within the Party’s organization, was unlimited money to meet the large payroll, to buy support, and frighten off challengers.

When Hillary Clinton accepted Obama’s offer of Secretary of State, we wrote that she had accepted the poisoned challis. We were baffled by her decision. Several years later it became clear that she and Bill, with uncanny smartness, had seen the opportunities State offered for massive fundraising from foreign governments. With this money, the Clintons were able to employ a formidable and ruthless machinery of loyalists within the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media.

The problem was that the sources of the Clinton funding undermined Hillary’s image as a woman-of-the-people and anti-capitalist. This enabled the scruffy, spluttering Bernie Sanders to effectively attack Clinton from the Left in the primary and more successfully pose as an authentic Socialist alternative to Hillary’s Fascist-based Corporate Socialism.

There is plentiful evidence that Warren is driven by political ambition and the irrational rage that today is required fuel for Far Left feminists. Here is a woman who was resourceful enough to discover high cheekbones in an old photograph of her grandmother in order to claim Native American descent and profit from affirmative action to get into a select university. Some might say that this revealed a cool nerve, even shamelessness and hypocrisy, whilst others might argue that it demonstrated that in the pursuit of a Socialist totalitarian society, the ends justify the means.

Warren was well placed in 2016 as a Democrat Senator in Massachusetts, and the representative of the Far Left’s privileged Academic bastion of the North East. It seemed clear that she was eyeing the Democrat nomination and the Presidency that would enable her to complete the eradication of the Right, Christianity, masculinity, gun ownership and a competitive society.

Who knows what went on behind the scenes of the Far Left and Media Class? We suggest that Warren hesitated to challenge another woman who had already laid claim to the same Feminist ground and who possessed a formidable machine and war chest. Whilst Warren hesitated, the improbable Bernie stepped in, and immediately, to his own astonishment – for he was not initially looking for more than a romantic, end-of-career moment on the barricades – was taken up by thousands of brainwashed young Far Left activists.

Despite calls to run and take on both Clinton and Sanders, Warren calculated her chances were slim, and retreated into the background. Clinton did not offer her the Vice President slot.

Hillary’s unexpected defeat by Trump left a temporary vacuum of leadership of the Far Left. This was filled before Warren had time to move. Jill Stein of the Green Party, with finance allegedly from George Soros, captured MSM celebrity and looked capable of rallying the Far Left activists. But the MSM quickly dropped her and it has fallen to the veteran Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to carry the Far Left banner.

Last night’s Senate altercation over Session’s nomination provided Warren with an opportunity to draw attention to herself as the voice of the Far Left – and she took it! Whether she will be able to catapult herself to the front remains to be seen. Much will depend on George Soros and other shadowy billionaires who hold the purse strings and have an agenda that is never fully revealed.

Spare a thought for the family of 50 year old Kyle Simpson of Jacksonville Florida. It is too late to spare a thought for military veteran Simpson, for he is dead. He returned to his home to surprise two burglars, one of whom shot him dead on the spot. According to the police, one of the two is 19 year old Maleek Williams. This killing will not be reported in the MSM, for the late Mr. Simpson was a White man and his alleged killers are Black.

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