Southern Poverty Law Center and Gypsies, Travelers and Thieves

The now grossly misnamed SPLC was founded as a civil rights law firm by two Jewish lawyers in 1971. At the time, when civil rights were still being denied to African Americans in the South, and poverty, Black skin and denial of legal rights went hand in hand, the founders of the Center were both courageous and honest in their purpose of confronting and defeating racism. Those were the days! Like so many other contemporary ‘civil rights’ organizations, the SPLC has been suborned for a very different purpose, it’s honorable past now camouflaging an intolerant present and a very different agenda. This week the SPLC, which today is a well-funded organ of the Ruling Class and infested with Leftist lawyers, issued its list of designated ‘Hate’ organizations. The ‘Hate’ and ‘Bigotry’ that this organization is now dedicated to fighting and silencing is none other than the Christian Faith, for almost every activist group on its list is a traditional Christian one. Once I had read the first couple of names I knew that somewhere on the list I would find the National Organization for Marriage and the names of Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher, for the list of ‘Designated Hate Groups’ is all about silencing those Christian organizations that resist, on one issue or another, the homosexual/Media Class campaign to ‘normalize’ sodomy.

It would be hard for any rational and honest person to read the literature of the NOM and detect any hate. I cannot speak for all the other organizations on the list but since I have donated to the NOM, regularly receive its emails and voted for California’s successful Prop 8 I can say with some authority that there is not a word or sentiment of hate in any of its material. It is in fact in the mainstream of Christian belief and committed to the ‘hate the sin but not the sinner’ philosophy. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the SPLC’s latest list is that it seeks to brand Christianity as a philosophy of hate and is opening a campaign for its eventual criminalization. This conclusion was fueled by my reading of the email on homosexual websites, all ecstatic that the SPLC had moved its tanks on to the Christian lawn. The consensus was that the SPLC will be able to use its respectable reputation, gained from its early fight against race-imposed Black poverty, and its cozy links to the Media Class, to further the agenda of billionaire White Tim Gill and his militant and rich fellow-sodomites. Ironically, the hatred, obscenity and intolerance of the many writers, projected on to their opponents, confirmed what we always maintain on this website and that is that we conservatives, Christians and Nationalists are engaged in a vicious revolutionary war whether we like it or not.

On this website we do not oppose the agenda of the sodomites simply because sodomy is condemned in Biblical texts, but because it is unhygienic, physically disgusting and unarguably perverted. This is true of sodomy whether practiced by man on man or man on woman. It is clearly sado-masochistic in intent. How can it be other than humiliating? We have long challenged any website visitor to explain how we are wrong and so far we have received no attempt at argument, only much disgusting abuse. It is of course the intention of the SPLC in issuing its latest list not to argue with opponents but to silence them. The NOM and possibly all the other organizations on the SPLC hit list share our view that sodomy should not be criminalized and that what adult perverts do in private is their own business. Neither do they or we believe that rational discussion of homosexuality should be proscribed or censored any more than rational discussion of any other topic, for the banning of the discussion of ideas, unless they are intended to incite violence or exploitation of children, is a slippery slope. This is true, even when the ideas are grossly offensive. However, the SPLC is not interested in argument and freedom of speech for it is a Leftist organization and one now dedicated to advancing the homosexual agenda. Leftists are always enraged by the expression of opposition and it seems that today’s homosexual activists are too ashamed to allow discussion of the mechanics of their physical relationships.

The trick that has now been successfully played by the SPLC, with the complicity of the ruling Media Class, is to equate opposition to normalization of homosexuality with racism. There is no link! Color prejudice is based on the color of the skin with which one is born and cannot be chosen or altered. Homosexuality is a sexual activity that some people choose to indulge in just as some people choose to be whipped or to whip, to be enslaved or to enslave, to dress in leather and so on. It seems likely that some unfortunate people are born into a sexual orientation that is uncomfortable but some people are born to be small or fat or ugly and encounter cruelty and ostracism in life. One of the great civilizing elements in the teachings of Jesus Christ is the call to look beneath the surface of all people and to be compassionate. Christians encourage the unfortunate to confront and overcome their disadvantages and lead the good life. This is hardly the stuff of hate.

On this website, where we point out that a new Ruling Class has embarked on a moral and social revolution, we can identify the SPLC as one of the many organizations that has been captured and turned into a vehicle for that revolution. Thus advancing the homosexual agenda, which is itself a central component of the Media Class agenda, guarantees that this organization will be promoted by the MSM and used as a tool in marginalizing and ultimately criminalizing and silencing all its opponents.

In the small Devon town of Exeter (UK) we are currently being offered a fascinating glimpse of how the concept of Democracy has been turned on its head by a Ruling Class that has a concealed and revolutionary agenda. The central Government of the UK instructs towns and cities that they must provide permanent sites for gypsies and travelers to use on their ramblings. It is likely that this requirement has its legal origins in the massive and bureaucratic EU but in any case Government at a lower level is just as likely to legislate such policies, as it also does on matters such as building more houses on Green sites and accepting quotas of refugees and immigrants. Local people and their first tier of elected representatives have no say in all this but rarely discover their lack of power until the instructions are imposed. Americans are increasingly experiencing the same lack of local power. My own town council, which wished to halt all new building expansion, was instructed that it must provide 3,000 more units of ‘affordable housing’. A ‘voluntary’ Leftist organization was instrumental in taking the local council to Court and forcing acquiescence.

In the UK there are not many authentic Gypsies (i.e. Romany people from Romania and Hungary) but there are many modern imitators of their lifestyle and they call themselves ‘travelers’. Some of these ‘travelers’ may be people who have fallen on hard times, lost their homes and resorted to living rough in motor vehicles and existing on welfare payments. Most however are members of a new class of welfare recipients who have discovered that it is possible to get welfare without working and avoid paying any kind of taxes for public services. We might best call these ‘travelers’ an underclass. They travel around the UK in large groups in an assortment of run-down motor vehicles and consider themselves to be liberated from the normal obligations of citizenship. Wherever they illegally stop their convoys, mostly on road verges, local play parks and other pleasant scenic places, they are more than a mere nuisance to the local people. Dirty habits, numerous aggressive dogs and children, theft and intimidation are visited upon the locals while a lengthy and expensive legal procedure to evict the ‘travelers’ winds its way through the Courts. Ultimately, armed with a Court Order the local police reluctantly and with the kind of kid gloves never employed on BNP members and Christian activists, gently evict them. There is then a large bill to be met by the locals, for cleaning up the vacated site is no small task.

Under cover of the EU and its distant and dimly perceived legislation, it has become obligatory on local councils to provide sites for the ‘travelers’, replete with running water, electricity, education for the children and a conveniently sited local welfare office – all without contributing a single penny in tax. It might be thought that such a liberal and tolerant policy will encourage ever more of the dysfunctional and anti-social elements of society to become ‘travelers’ – and so it has. Such people are now, like some immigrants and refugees, seemingly above and beyond the law and financially pampered by the State at the expense of the law-abiding and industrious. The UK’s New Left and its allies in the Media Class, have adopted the cause of the ‘travelers’ and added them to their ever-growing list of victim groups. Consequently politicians and those public service workers who wish to avoid charges of racism and bigotry and to enjoy a continued career, avoid challenging these Government policies. It is not hard to anticipate that identifying sites for the ‘travelers’ is fraught with grass-roots civil tension.

And so in Exeter the local Council which is predominantly Leftist identified a site on a playing field in historic Topsham on the eastern fringe. Topsham is a mildly conservative neighborhood, but being a pleasant place in which to live, it has its share of University champagne Socialists. Nevertheless the locals mobilized in fury when they discovered that they had been selected for a large ‘traveler’s’ site. When the members of the Council’s planning Committee were about to visit the site to confirm the plan, the locals were tipped off and arranged to confront the committee on site. The meeting was quickly postponed, for the Councilors did not wish to face some 300 angry electors.

Now the Council Committee has proposed moving the site to another conservative enclave. Once again the locals are in rebellion. This time the councilors – at least those whose wards have escaped the site – are not backing down but are vocally nailing their colors to the mast of diversity and tolerance. One can be sure that each Councilor is anxious to avoid at all costs having the site in his own ward and thus having to face the wrath of the voters at the next election. Cant is the order of the day! The rebellious locals are being marginalized as haters, bigots and Nimbys (“Not in my backyard”). Their crime is that they do not wish to see their neighborhood (and house values) suddenly transformed by the arbitrary imposition of large numbers of transient outsiders who contribute nothing positive to society and will most certainly bring crime and spread degradation. Here we see the wishes of the electors and taxpaying backbone of society being over-ridden by all layers of Government above them. Their servants have become their masters. In the UK of today, the ordinary people might just as well live under the rule of a absolute Monarch, for they are powerless.

What we see here in Exeter and in the American situation surrounding the SPLC attack on Christians, are the relentless destruction of the ordinary conservative people and their values. In the revolution now being imposed by a new Ruling Class (which Rush Limbaugh calls ‘the elite’) every opportunity is taken to demoralize, marginalize, impoverish and intimidate the people who have long been the backbone of the old society. Good traditional values, whether those that seek to create a safe and pleasant neighborhood or those that seek to create a healthy family-based moral society, are denigrated and systematically destroyed. The lawless, feckless and perverted are elevated and rewarded. This is indeed a revolution.

Yesterday I spoke on the phone to a friend in Devon (UK). “How’s all that globey warmy weather workin’ for ya?” I asked (paraphrasing Sarah Palin). Not too well as it turned out, for this winter’s freezing weather has arrived earlier than for the past 17 years, according to official records. Not that the Global Warmers are in retreat, for the Media and official bodies always play down the contemporary plunging temperatures with endless reports of melting ice and glaciers, rising seas and drowning polar bears somewhere or other. Whilst researching the Topsham ‘traveler’ story on the Internet I read some statements by Government officials that give the game away. A Devon County Council spokesman was quoted as saying “We are prepared for the current freezing weather for we have learned the lessons from the last two harsh winters”. “Forecasters warn it will be bitterly cold into the weekend and beyond” as “Arctic weather arrives”. There you have it from the horses’ mouths! And still the high tides at Starcross on the Exe Estuary appear to only reach the age-old level that leaves the village high and dry.

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