Sotomayor Has Media Working Overtime

Sonia Sotomayor is providing the Media with the same kind of challenge it had and still has to meet for Obama, for she appears to be as inarticulate and intellectually shallow as he is when deprived of his teleprompter. Last week, Rush Limbaugh on Talk Radio featured several excerpts from the Senate Hearings in which Sotomayor was invited by Republican Senators to answer some pretty straightforward and simple questions. Her responses were embarrassingly muddled. Let us leave aside for the moment that they were grossly evasive responses. Try as they might the Senators could not elicit any coherent answers. Despite speaking at a snail’s pace and seemingly reaching for profundity, Sotomayor rambled and rambled and repeated and repeated and still could not make sense. Was this the performance of a Supreme Court Judge of the US? Emphatically not! Worse still, she used relatively ordinary words incorrectly. Before any apologist attempts to protest that she was grappling with a foreign language, let me assure foreign visitors to this website that Sotomayor was educated in the US and has been through top-drawer colleges. She has also been a judge for many years. She is Latino only in family background. She was also shamelessly and brazenly evasive for much of the time. Viewers and listeners may have felt embarrassed for her but she was certainly not embarrassed by her own ineptitude and stone-walling.

It is clear that Sotomayor is really quite ignorant but it is also impossible to believe that she is THAT ignorant. I am sure that in a different setting and amongst Leftist comrades she can be fluent and direct, even if not very accurate with the English language. One has to conclude that sheer dishonesty was at the root of her shambling performance, for she dared not speak from the heart. Sotomayor had been instructed to crawl through her Senate interrogation, never once becoming uninhibited, lest she say one thing to give the game away about her Leftist ideological commitments. It did not matter to her sponsors that she might present herself as a verbal and intellectual incompetent just as long as she did not let the Leftist revolutionary cat out of the bag. Her sponsors knew that 95% of the American people would not be watching the Senate Hearings and so none of her performance mattered just as long as there was no Left-speak for the record. A confident Media Class knew that it could re-package her performance for that mass US audience that squeezes the daily News headlines between the Sports News and the latest celebrity gossip. Sotomayor was reported in every Mainstream Media (MSM) news clip as having triumphantly sailed through a tough and hostile grilling. To back up her credentials, op-ed after op-ed praised her judicial record and week-end TV commentators purred over her (un-seen) performance. Above all, she was lauded in every report as a ground breaker, being the first Latina to get to the Supreme Court. This, we were constantly told, was what was significant.

No doubt the ‘first Latina’ bit was intended to pander to Latino voters but it was more important as a means of muting any criticism and fending off robust interrogation. It succeeded, for Republican Senators were excessively gentle and many threw in the towel even before she appeared. Who can blame them for the whole Media Class was lying in wait to shout ‘racist foul’ at any Republican who dared to take the gloves off. Once again, the Media Class had been able to set the scene (and I use this term deliberately for this new ruling Class knows all about scene-setting thanks to its Hollywood and theatrical roots) in order to pave the way for another step down the road to revolution. Republican Senators knew that despite the facts, they would be painted as anti-Latino racists if they tore off Sonia Sotomayor’s temporary mask of moderation.

The irony of the racist accusations against her critics is that Sotomayor, who has made a career out of being Puerto Rican so that her ambitions have been fast-tracked in the college and judicial fields, is not at all typically Puerto Rican. Most Puerto Ricans are Black, their only Latin attributes being language and music and they were early residents of Harlem (hence the district “Little Harlem”). Sotomayor appears to be as White as Fidel Castro or the Prime Minister of Spain and no-one would know she was Puerto Rican if she did not advertize the facts of her parents birthplace. It is hard to believe that she has ever been handicapped by color prejudice as many Black Puerto Ricans undoubtedly have been. Claiming minority status has been extremely beneficial to her however and she will carry this benefit with her to the Supreme Court.

The truth, which the MSM has already long since buried, is that a Republican President attempted to prepare the way for the first Latino Supreme Court Justice. In 2003, President George Bush, tried to appoint Miguel Estrada to the D.C. Court of Appeals. Republicans were a majority in the Senate but the Democrats had enough Senators to mount a filibuster and they did just that! For four weeks the Democrat minority prevented Estrada’s nomination from coming to the Senate floor for a vote. What they and their Media masters feared was that Estrada’s promotion would pave the way for his eventual nomination for a Supreme Court seat. Subsequent leaked Democrat emails reveal that there was no way a conservative Latino was to be allowed to get to the highest Court. So much for Leftist concern for Latino advancement! Estrada was a good jurist and worthy of being on the Supreme Court, unlike Sotomayor whose only qualification is her readiness to support every item on the Media Class agenda. For Sotomayor can be depended upon to vote with the Leftist Supremos for unrestricted abortion, same-sex marriage, the abolition of gun rights, the end of capital punishment, the expansion of selective minority rights, the further extension of hate crimes, the curbing of (conservative and Christian) free speech, the lowering of the age of consent (especially for young boys to be made available to homosexuals) and for homosexual indoctrination in schools. And these are only a few of the revolutionary items on the Media Class to-do list which the Democrats and the Media’s man in the White House have planned.

During this last week of the Sotomayor Hearings we have seen how the Media Class can rewrite recent history, omit key facts, neuter the Republicans and repackage an unworthy candidate for the second highest position in the land. We should not be surprised, for a Class that can put an incompetent, who is probably not even legitimately qualified by birth, into the highest office, can surely achieve anything.

UK visitors to this website may wonder how all this is relevant to them. Well, the ruling Media Class understands how important it is to control the judiciary and in the UK and the EU it already controls most of the judges. Last week, during a trial of alleged terrorists, potential jurors were quizzed on any possible ties to the British National Party, the implication being that BNP supporters are not to be allowed to serve on juries. Worse still, the judge instructed the reporters present to not report this, and it seems they were happy to comply!

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