Six Brave Jurists

The six women jurists who sat through the fiasco of a Show Trial in Sanford, Florida showed more guts than any Republican politician when they delivered their ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts on Saturday evening. The silence of Republican Congressmen both in Washington DC and in the State Congresses all across the Nation has been deafening in these past two weeks.   It has been increasingly clear as the trial unfolded and the evidence – or lack of it – was paraded, that George Zimmerman should not have been on trial for his life and liberty; that the trial was being conducted in a wholly partisan manner by the Judge; and that the Prosecution was committed to achieving a flagrant injustice. Congressional Democrats in droves sought microphones, newspaper columns and websites to help politicize this trial and deify Trayvon Martin. At the very beginning our President ‘of all the people’ was eager to throw the power of the Government behind the Martin family. No-one could have been unaware that this trial, apart from its initial motive of helping Obama’s re-election in 2012, was subsequently being used by the Left to further gun-control, consolidate Black alienation from White society and discredit the entirely rational practice of profiling where crime is suspected. Yet elected Republicans looked the other way and said nothing. 

    Principled politicians – and we ought to expect Republicans to be just that above all else – should surely have been incensed at the legal victimization of an ordinary citizen. No-one any longer expects Democrat politicians to care about justice and legal traditions but are there no Republicans who care deeply about protecting a law-abiding citizen from an increasingly partisan and arbitrary Government? It is irrelevant that Zimmerman was a Democrat voter, for all citizens should be free from Government persecution. At least conservative Talk Show hosts and bloggers -with the exception of the erratic and pompous Michael Savage- increasingly called this farcical trial for what it was and nailed their colors to the mast of justice. Some, like Limbaugh were late to the issue, but made up for tardiness in the last few days of the trial with their outspokenness. Yet our politicians remained silent! Presumably all feared either crucifixion by Media or physical violence. Fortunately, the six women jurors, who heard the facts and saw the charade that was a trial, were unwilling to send an innocent man to jail and perhaps to his death in that jail. 

    These six women are heroines for they live near the area that is predominantly Black (and MSM-encouraged to vengeance) and must now fear identification and subsequent persecution and violence from both Blacks and Leftists. They have sought anonymity but must know that they will quickly be ‘outed’ by hostile neighbors, mercenary work colleagues, Leftist and ambitious Government officials, or angry journalists. They are likely to share with George Zimmerman a constant fear wherever they are and at all times. 

    On Saturday night, late revellers in Oakland, California, where young Black men die every week from gunshots, were still on the streets when the news of the ‘Not Guilty’ verdict was announced. Several hundred, anguished by the very thought of the death of Trayvon Martin, sought relief by smashing shop windows, setting fires and vandalizing a police car, in what the local Media and Comcast called a ‘largely peaceful demonstration’. For most other Black-dominated inner cities the trial result came too late for mayhem on Saturday, but Sunday afternoon marches, organized by race-hustlers and Leftists artfully calling for peaceful demonstrations but lusting for riots and looting, may bring the much-anticipated insurrections. This article is being written too soon to know. 

    No-one can now doubt how important the Martin/Zimmerman incident has been and is, to our Ruling Class and its Leftist allies. On this website alone, we claimed from the start that it was inspired by a wholly opportunist Media Class election calculation and then acquired an agenda to further evolving revolutionary policies. The jury’s brave decision is a minor but infuriating setback for the Ruling Class and its agenda – though not for Obama’s personal standing which will be enhanced with Blacks and Leftists. We believe that the Media Class and its journalist hacks – who salivated over the show of power that the trial seemed to have handed them – will be enraged and driven by vindictiveness. On the basis of Leftist tactics (never let a crisis go to waste) we can expect a barrage of negative reporting on the trial’s outcome, all Media reports carrying the message that justice was not dispensed. The Media writers and commentators will have no problem dismissing the jury’s decision as at best a technicality and at worst driven by racism and this will be music to the ears of Sharpton et al. who prosper from racial violence. 

    The Media’s (and Prosecution’s tactic) has been to re-frame the facts of that night in Sanford away from the consequences of Martin’s attack on Zimmerman, to Zimmerman’s strong (and wholly reasonable) suspicion that Martin was up to no good and thus following him to prevent a crime. The real issue in the case – or lack of it – was whether Martin, without adequate provocation, attacked Zimmerman and then strove to seriously injure him. The jury members, after hearing the facts, recognized that Martin’s unprovoked and brutal attack took place and was what was at issue. Their decision must have been based on believing Zimmerman’s account. The jury quite properly did not consider that Zimmerman behaved unreasonably when he profiled Martin. We might never know if Martin was engaged in a criminal enterprise that night or genuinely going to the home of his father’s girlfriend. I have read that Martin entered the gated community through an unofficial route; that he was once caught at school with a burglary tool and a bag of stolen jewelry but never charged, (an unforgiveable omission that really might have subsequently cost him his life!), that he had a marijuana habit that he could not have been legitimately financed without a job and income, and that photos on his phone showed concoctions of a dangerous drug known on the street as ‘Lean’ (for which, apparently, ‘Skittles’ and canned fruit drink are two of the ingredients). He was getting a taste for fighting, no doubt ran with dysfunctional friends similar to himself, boastfully blogged about his delinquent habits and revealed that he was not on the cusp of a college career or indeed any career other than crime. His choice of girlfriend revealed his lack of education, his ignorance and his level of functioning, for Ms. Rachel Jeantel’s stint on the witness stand was embarrassing. That the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been able to hide all this from those who rely on its propaganda for news, and that the judge was determined to hide it from the jury, is a tribute to the power of our new Ruling Class. 

    The MSM and its Leftist allies have continually and brazenly perpetuated breathtaking lies. Martin’s age, his innocence, his Media-portrayed child-like demeanor, his disruptive school record, his ejection from his mother’s home, his route through the gated community, his physical prowess and size, the status of the woman who he was allegedly residing with and what might have been his reason for his purchases on the fatal night, have all been deliberately misrepresented or ignored by the MSM. On top of this it appears that a subtle new invention is being planted, for I now keep reading that on the night, “he was returning to his father”. Until now, I was under the impression that his father was not at the ‘girlfriends’ house but elsewhere and not available at the time of his son’s death. 

    Zimmerman, in contrast has been depicted by the MSM as a racist, a vigilante and trigger-happy. His private life and finances have been raked over. The many positive things in his life have been wholly ignored. He has regularly been described in the Media as a ‘self-described’ Hispanic. I have never read a MSM report that described Obama as a self-described Black. 

    On this website we continually assert that the MSM has little to do with news and everything to do with propaganda in pursuit of a revolutionary agenda. No-one should believe anything they read or hear in the MSM without checking other sources of information on the Internet. This advice holds true for the torrent of misinformation which will now emanate from journalists. Expect Eric Holder and his DOJ to intervene for not only does he faithfully implement the Media Class agenda but there is every reason to believe that both he and his immediate boss nurse racial resentments. 

    Poor, innocent George Zimmerman, unwittingly caught up in the Government’s revolutionary agenda, and caste as a sacrificial lamb or ‘fall-guy’ by the MSM, has had his life ruined both financially and socially and must now live in hiding and in perpetual fear. His fear should not only be concerned with Black revenge, but with Government revenge, for the Obama regime and the MSM will pursue him relentlessly. He has been selected to be a lesson to all law-abiding citizens who consider protecting themselves and their property with guns and those who voice the belief that many Black’s (increasingly) under this regime are openly hostile to all who are remotely prosperous through hard work. If calls for the DOJ to charge Zimmerman with Civil Rights offences are acted upon, can we expect Republican politicians to protest? 

    Martin’s parents were clearly not close to their son, but nevertheless we can understand their feelings of guilt and bereavement. The MSM will now use them to further whip up White guilt and Black resentment and their recent actions suggest that they will seek more monetary compensation. Some bloggers believe that Zimmerman will now be able to obtain financial recompense from the lying MSM, but surely our contemporary judges will be no more just in a civil Court than Judge Debra Nelson who tried him in Sanford.

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