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In a previous article, we said how difficult it is to convince American conservative and other Right wing political people that the dominating force in the USA is now its Media Class. In equal parts this is due to a degree of ignorance of historical Class conflict as it played out in 19th Century England and then in Western Europe, a dislike of the concept of Class because it smacks of Marxism, and an American dislike of anything ideological. Ironically, the territory where Right wing political views are most effectively promoted is in the Media (Talk Radio, and Internet websites that have become the new journalism). It is a fact surely beyond dispute that Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and their colleagues (Talk Radio Hosts) are now more effective in delivering conservative-friendly news and views than Congressional Republicans, including the President.

Michelle Malkin and other outstanding website “journalists” owe part of their popularity and fame to their appearances on Talk Radio. I am sure it is difficult for such people, who are Mainstream Media “outsiders”, to see themselves as part of the Media Class. They probably do not feel that they are, simply because they spend their time covering what the Mainstream chooses to ignore or aims to distort.

Nevertheless, they are part of the Media Class, albeit a maverick part, and their effectiveness is due to it. There are many people with equally important Right wing things to say who have no microphone and therefore have virtually no impact on the modern political scene whatsoever. Well, readers of this website, just for a moment, accept our claim that the Media Class now dominates our society and is reshaping it in its own image. Wouldn’t the Media Class be most effective if it concealed its use of power a little and used politicians to further its agenda, especially when much of its agenda is not popular? In this way, the Media Class need carry no public responsibility nor take blame for unpopular legislation and bad consequences. Power without responsibility is a wonderful thing for this new ruling class, though not for the rest of us.

Given the origins of the Media Class (a mix of leftists, Bohemians, libertines, narcissists, fantasists and homosexuals), one would expect its agenda to be relentlessly anti-religious, anti-nationalist and intent on demoralizing “middle-class” people. One would expect a continual disparaging of small-town America and its values, contempt for “redneck” States and their populations, for heterosexual marriage and traditional family life and traditional American culture. One would expect a constant publicity campaign to end the AIDS “crisis” by spending more on it than any other disease, but not a word about abstinence. One would expect that history would be rewritten and truth turned on its head and that the masses would be brainwashed with propaganda disguised as entertainment.

We could go on, but we must stop before reader, you conclude that it is Radical and Right who are living in the fantasy world. None of the above is happening, is it?

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