Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and John Jones: RIP

It was entirely predictable that the Mainstream Media (MSM) would ignore or hugely play down the Julian Assange link to Seth Rich. Those website visitors who have no idea who are Assange and Rich (Lucas and Jones) should visit yesterday’s article and all will be clear.

Mostly the MSM Far Leftists, intent on getting Hillary Clinton into the White House, have decided not to mention Assange in connection with the murdered (assassinated?) Rich. They believe that they can keep this potentially incendiary issue out of the public domain. Rich must not be mentioned at all, as if he never existed. This is truly a Stalinist Totalitarian tactic and it may well succeed in today’s Revolutionary America of arbitrary law application.

A small number of MSM outlets, unaware of the Party Line, ventured into the Assange/Rich issue, not to shed light on it but to kill it off at source. Two tactics emerged. One was a reported plea by Rich’s family that their son’s murder be left to a police investigation, combined with a denial that he was a leaker of DNC computer information.

This is not surprising, especially after the family of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, moved quickly to stifle any investigation into his timely (for the Far Left Revolution) death in a remote Texas resort. The Rich family is, as far as can be ascertained, a committed Democrat one, hence their son Seth’s speedy climb up the Democrat ladder of success.

They would certainly not want to believe that their son, for whatever reason, had betrayed the Party by aiding the Bernie Sanders insurrection. Nor would they want to believe that their Party, or anyone connected with it, would arrange the assassination of an informer. We believe that there are many in the Democrat Party at all levels who hold that the ends justify the means and that violence for the cause is more than justified. But there are many others who would rather not believe that the Party was lawless – at least when it came to killing Party renegades.

It is possible that the family members have been scared into acquiescence, but we would suggest that it is more likely that a family traumatized and heart-broken by a son’s violent death, and ideologically committed to the Party, would want any enquiry to reveal that their son was not a deceitful Party renegade and had been randomly murdered by a street thug.

The other tactic was to dismiss any alleged connection between Rich and Assange as a ‘kook’ conspiracy, and that Assange had merely been seeking publicity, and creating an illusion of a network, by inventing the existence of an informer planted in the DNC. Later, the same Media claimed that Assange had ‘walked back’ his strong hints that Rich was his informant.

We read Assange’s brief statement and saw no ‘walking back’. He has reiterated his denial of Russian involvement and merely said that Wikileaks does not identify leakers, dead or alive. One can see why leakers are never named in such a dangerous business for that would deter future leakers.

Assange has promised a $20,000 reward for information given to the police investigation of Rich’s murder. Why would Assange pick Rich’s murder, out of hundreds, to offer a reward, unless he had enjoyed a connection with Rich. And someone leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks and Rich was in a position to do so. This is a pretty powerful connecting trail!

The best bet is that Rich was an idealist who supported the Bernie agenda and was appalled at the Party’s dirty tricks to ensure a Clinton victory. He decided to reveal this and miscalculated the risks involved. Of course, his murder may simply have been a random Washington race killing!.

In the meantime, we continue to suggest there may be a sinister thread linking the murders of Rich, Lucas and Jones. It may not connect to the Clintons but to the Democrat Party. And don’t forget the barbell death of John Ashe!

Rush Limbaugh this morning was fully on board the Trump train – and about time too! He went over the Clinton email scandals but then described the difficulty that faces anyone who attempts to alert and shock the ‘low energy voter’ as he/she watches TV or baseball or otherwise sails through a life of disengagement from politics. “How does it affect me?” they will ask. “What difference does it make?” as Hillary has famously said. ‘Its criminal behavior!’ Rush wants to reply and it ought to shock you.

On this website we more pointedly would ask (and Rush didn’t) ‘if it doesn’t outrage Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Brett Stephens and hundreds of elite Republicans, why should it outrage the low-energy voter? Brett ‘Israel First’ Stephens, knowing all about the shocking Clinton history is on record as wanting a Clinton ‘blow-out’ over Trump because Trump lacks finesse, good manners and wants to protect the American Nation State, its people and its cultural identity.

The Donald Trump who the Republican elite fears and hates so much that it will do all it can to put a crook in the White House and extend Obama’s lawless regime beyond return, last night packed a giant venue in Fort Lauderdale with Americans. And I mean ‘packed’ and ‘giant’ and ‘Americans’. The presence of those thousands define Romney, Collins and Stephens as traitors skulking behind fake principles. Still, I detect a from the WSJ’s Gang of Four. Daniel Henninger today wrote “This administrative federal power is virtually beyond the reach of Congress. The idea that a President Cruz or Kasich will “roll it all back” in 2020 after 12 years of the federal cement drying is just not serious. The November 8 vote is the last hurdle of accountability for Hillary Clinton. The price of the Clinton default option looks much too high.”

We can outline many, many positive reasons for voting for Trump but Henninger gives a good reason for ‘anyone but Clinton’.

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