Sessions Stumbles Again

On February 9th of this year, commenting on the Senate confirmation of Jeff Sessions to the position of Attorney General, we wrote: “[W]e hope his Christianity is not too forgiving and that he is not one of those who strives to see the other fellow’s point of view”. We also wrote: “[H]e has to ruthlessly and speedily purge the DOJ of 90% of its employees … weed out all the Obama collaborators from the FBI … lead a vendetta against crooked Leftist politicians.”

We feared that Sessions, a Christian, was too principled for the dirty civil war that is being waged by the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class/Far Left Alliance. On this website we keep emphasizing that the old politics-as-usual is a thing of the past, made obsolete by the Revolution that brought the Media Class/Far Left Obama regime to power.

Sessions, by recusing himself over the ‘Russian’ issue looks dangerously like an old-style Christian gentleman who always does the decent thing even when it is not necessary, for good people must go that extra mile to protect a reputation and uphold high principles for the greater good.

Sessions, instead of recusing himself, should have called a Press conference and been belligerent, dismissed the allegations as baseless and trivial, and announced that the DOJ has been directed to investigate Clinton’s email law-breaking, and the airport meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. We need an aggressive attack-dog as AG, not a Christian gentleman.

Because I write for this website – an avowedly Counter-Revolutionary Broad Right voice – I assume that the Revolutionaries who have been ruling the USA for the last 8 years, have been busy purging and capturing every part of government for use against political enemies. I also assume that the Silicon Valley progressives who are now part of the Media Class, also spy on and act against people like me. As a consequence, I never post anything on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I never conduct a political conversation on the telephone with anyone, am very careful when writing emails, and I don’t let my wife visit or have any connection with this website. Indeed, because we live in Silicon Valley, dominated by the Media Class Far Left Alliance, I don’t let my wife express a political or moral viewpoint outside our home.

I was shocked therefore to learn that General Flynn had allowed himself to be compromised, and even more shocked that Jeff Sessions allowed himself to be entrapped by questions from the obnoxious Al Franken and others. How can Flynn and Sessions have been so naïve? Have these two and others not realized what has been happening over the last 8 and more lawless years?

I understand that the Senate Democrats have been stalling Trump appointments to the DOJ and other government offices, but is it not possible to dismiss current office-holders and have them escorted from buildings and all files protected? This is another round in a WAR!

At the moment it looks as if the just-ousted Ruling Class is working on sabotaging the Trump Administration by taking down one member after another, culminating in the impeachment of Trump. Who knows how much damaging enticement, entrapment, compromising and framing has been perpetrated by the Obama-purged security services? We are experiencing the ‘peaceful’ strategy for removing the Trump Presidency, but if this fails, a more violent one will come next.

Many on the Broad Right may think that if Trump simply plows ahead with government appointments, talks with foreign heads of government, and policy announcements, the opposition will fade away from exhaustion. On this website we do not believe that there can be a peaceful transition from Revolutionary regime to Counter-Revolutionary normality. Perhaps Michael Savage, when he dines with President Trump, can refer him to this website.  


  1. Trump is standing by Sessions. Let’s give this time to play out. This may turn out to be the high water mark of leftist obstruction.

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