Sessions Must Be Quickly Confirmed As Attorney General

Of all Trump’s nominations to his Cabinet, none is more important than Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. This is regarded as one of the four most important offices of the Federal Government, and we contend that in the present Revolutionary period, when the reversal of the Obama-led Revolution is paramount, the immediate replacement of Loretta Lynch must be Trump’s priority.

As 85th Attorney General, Sessions will become Head of the Department of Justice, the Government’s Chief Lawyer and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Obama understood the importance of this post to the implementation of a Revolutionary agenda when he appointed his Far Left and most trusted comrade Eric Holder.

Holder quickly set about purging the DOJ of any remaining non-partisan lawyers and packing it with Far Leftists. The Department has since been at the forefront of setting aside politically-neutral Constitutional government and embarking on a lawless and partisan agenda. In the process, the FBI has been neutered, a policy continued by Loretta Lynch.

The failure of the DOJ and the FBI to pursue the law of the land has allowed Far Left appointees in the Federal Government like Lois Lerner of the IRS to escape punishment when found out, and Hillary Clinton to break all the rules at the State Department. These are the tip of an iceberg of lawlessness that has been propelling America to totalitarianism. The DOJ has also been used to intimidate police chiefs and Sheriffs all over America from doing their jobs and punishing policemen who defended the public from Black criminals.

Sessions appears to be the ideal man to clean out the Leftists from the DOJ, restore the credibility of the FBI, and bring to justice the Clinton gang and those Government officials who have advanced the lawless Revolution over the last eight years. There must be no ‘forgive and forget’, no ‘moving on’ and no ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, and Sessions has been a tireless Counter-Revolutionary. What is more, his Senate vacancy in Alabama is not at risk from a Democrat victory.

When President Trump begins the job of removing illegals, the ensuing extra-legal resistance will be a stern test of law enforcement and an unflinching AG will be needed.

Sessions approval by the Senate will provide the two Media darlings McCain and Graham with the MSM approval and exposure that is their lifeblood, as well as the satisfaction they enjoy from treachery. We predict they will rise to the occasion!

They can however be outwitted if Trump is able to detach two Democrat Senators from the Democrat ranks. There are a number who are vulnerable in 2018 but Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia could surely be persuaded to join the Republican ranks. To those who protest about accepting ‘turncoats’ who are intent on saving their political skins, we say it is a small price to pay to speedily advance the Counter-Revolution.

If these two can be turned, all of Trump’s crucial picks will follow!

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