Sessions Is Victory But Is Gorsuch A Plant?

The general opinion of Broad Right commentators is that Jeff Sessions will be a warrior for real American Justice as US Attorney General. Certainly his victory speech in which he thanked President Trump, praised his Administration and promised justice, gave no cause for alarm.

As an Alabama US Senator, Sessions was a consistent voice for Conservatism, and often a lonely one in the Senate. He was also an unambiguous Trump supporter from early in the Republican primaries. That is quite a resume! We can only hope that his Christianity is not the ‘too forgiving’ brand that always strives to see the other fellow’s point of view, even when the ‘other fellow’ is a dedicated enemy. Leave forgiveness and understanding to the Lord!

Sessions has a mammoth task ahead and it is a pressing one, for he has to ruthlessly and speedily purge the Justice Department of probably 90% of its employees, and weed out all Obama collaborators from the FBI. He has to ensure that the Attorneys who will take on the Far Left Federal Judiciary in pursuit of Trump’s policies, are aggressive and skilled.

He also has to have prepared teams of DOJ lawyers and FBI investigators ready to descend on ‘Sanctuary’ cities, not just to deport illegal felons, but to make the employed officials and elected representatives accountable for law-breaking.

As if that is not enough, he has to end fraudulent voting in big cities and the West Coast States, lead a vendetta against crooked Leftist politicians – including those connected to the Clintons – and bring to justice IRS and other Leftists officials who misused their powers. Whew!! America needs payback not a fresh start.

The evidence is rapidly accumulating that Judge Gorsuch has been palmed off on President Trump by groups whose agenda is neither Christian nor Nationalist. On this website we were under-whelmed by his initial appearances, and now to learn that he is a member of the Episcopal Church confirms for us that he is one of those moderates with dangerous liberal leanings.

There have emerged in recent years a number of ‘Christian’ denominations whose emphasis has been ever-more social, who are ever-more eager to march with the times, and whose shrinking congregations and pastors have been replaced by lesbians, homosexuals and sundry perverts seeking societal respectability. The Episcopal Church has been in the vanguard of this movement and no real Christian, and no citizen with guts and normal instincts would remain in its ranks.

If the reports about Gorsuch now leaking out are true, he is another Souter. His remarks to Blumenthal, if correctly reported, reveal his affinity to the Far Left, for Trump was more than right to attack Robart and the Ninth Circuit. Many Federal judges are nothing more than Far Left political activists and it is time they were called out. Let us hope that a handful of Republican Senators will more closely investigate Gorsuch and withdraw support if he is progressive on same-sex marriage, late abortion, hate crimes, capital punishment, gun rights and affirmative action.

Three cheers here for Trump’s attack on Nordstrom Inc. The company is lying through its rotten teeth when it protests that dropping Ivanka Trump’s fashion label was a business decision. We all know that Nordstrom is lining up with all the other big corporations that are punishing the Trump family with economic sanctions. They either are surrendering to, or willingly embracing, the Leftist offensive. We could care less about Ivanka’s fashions but the Broad Right must fight back against the Far Left wherever it is found.

Here is our stand on Muslim immigration to the USA. We hold that the Religion of Islam is incompatible with a Christian-based culture. We have spent time in a Muslim country during Ramadan and admire the devotion of its followers. If we had lived permanently in the country we would not have wished to alter its practices. The people were generally morally superior to many Americans for they would not tolerate a Hollywood or a Lady Gaga. But their presence here in America would complicate, hinder and distract our task of making America great and safe again.

This morning I heard Rush Limbaugh say “we are not against immigration. We welcome legal immigration”. This is another example of saying things to sound reasonable, broad-minded and tolerant. Apart from honoring commitments to those on the waiting list already made, America needs not one more immigrant, refugee or temporary worker. At a time when we need to deport millions and create an education system that will create patriotism, we have no room for more alien peoples.


  1. The big box stores like Nordstrom are located in high population urban areas, the habitation of liberals and Useful Idiots. And they are reacting as merchants have always reacted when called upon to take a principled stand.

    Thomas Jefferson described the typical merchant thusly: “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”

    • The problem is that Trump’s businesses are also in high population urban areas and so are his dwellings. And the big businesses now acting against Trump also employ many people and finance radio and TV with advertising.

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