Sean Gabb’s Ruling Class

The sole purpose of this website – since its inception – has been to alert Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists to the birth, composition, agenda and success of a (dangerous) new Class, which we call the ‘Media Class’.   We claim that by stealth and through natural alliances, this Media Class has seized power in the USA. It is our contention that since the early 1960’s, it has developed an identity, grown rich and powerful, evolved and advanced a self-serving agenda, suborned a major political party and its Trade Union allies, wreaked havoc on political and social opponents, curtailed free speech and placed its men in the White House and Justice Department. In 2008, and for the first time in their history, America’s people unwittingly succumbed to life under a Ruling Class. We also maintain that the UK (where the world’s first Industrial Ruling Class was born in the late 1700’s) now has an almost identical and concealed Ruling Class. In all probability so do most other Western European Nations and the UK’s offspring – Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Although we recognize in their origins, composition and agenda, the commonality of these Ruling Classes, we do not see them as one and the same. We resist writing about Media Class domination in Nations other than the USA and the UK for we do not have the resources and knowledge to write with authority. Nevertheless, we warn that Media news from any of them is likely to be equally as propagandistic as that of the USA and UK and furthering the same agenda. 

    The UK of course has been ruled more than once in its history by a clearly-defined ‘Class’, and as Karl Marx famously noted, it has experienced rule by a Landowning Class and subsequently an Industrial Class. Marx claimed that the transition of political power from Landowning Class to Industrial Class was ‘revolutionary’ and that the latter ‘overthrew’ the former. We believe Marx was right to view the transition as revolutionary and that much more was involved than the mere replacement in Parliament of one set of leaders for another. He predicted that the revolutionary new Class would always be driven to forcibly dismantle the old way of life and impose something fundamentally different and new. He had recognized that the new Class was created by the ‘blind’ forces of technological development-an astonishing insight! Marx thought that Class ‘takeovers’ were invariably violent but he recognized that the UK’s revolution was generally nonviolent though there were many violent skirmishes during the transition of power. 

    Any regular visitor will be aware that our website is not Leftist but we do think that there was much that was right in Marx’s ideas about the formation of a Class by the blind forces of technology and that the newly-created Class, given favorable conditions, would seek political power and be revolutionary in intent. We can benefit from his insights about Class and reject his 19th Century attempts to apply science to human motivations. His theory of dialectical materialism applied to human history, in an attempt to predict the future, has surely been wholly discredited along with his belief that Socialism is inevitable, beneficial and final. 

    To recap, what was most perceptive about Marx’s theory of Class was his grasp of the way Ruling Classes are blindly created by technological developments, proceed to develop (just as blindly) a Class consciousness, seek political power, and once having acquired it, set about erasing all those old laws, traditions and habits that stand in the way of the full imposition of the interests of the new Rulers. In our opinion Marx’s greatest contribution to an understanding of revolutionary change through the creation of a Ruling Class – apart from his recognition of the part played by technological discoveries – was that a Ruling Class uses government to re-make society in its own image. 

    For a long time we have supposed that our claim that the USA is now governed by a Ruling Class, was unique. Americans, inheriting a society that began as a classless one (and thanks particularly to the Constitution has largely remained so until 2008 despite the rise and fall of several potential oligarchies), seem unwilling to contemplate the presence of Class in America. This Nation has been so classless (compared to all other Nations) and socially egalitarian, that talk of Class is regarded as ‘un-American’, especially when Karl Marx is mentioned. Our assertion that the USA now has a Ruling Class has found precious few converts. We are aware that until now we have likely made no positive impact. Indeed we have alienated some Conservative websites with our favorable comments about certain aspects of Nationalism. Despite this, we remain committed to writing what we believe to be true from observation. 

    The landscape appears to be changing however. Recently several conservative Talk Show hosts, including Rush Limbaugh, have started talking about a Ruling Class, without offering a credible definition. We think that this class-consciousness is emerging on the American Right because the consequences of the election and re-election of Obama and the Democrat Party are becoming impossible to ignore. Shocking revolutionary changes are being imposed on America from the White House and the Justice Department and the MSM is busy aiding and abetting. Resisters are paying an increasingly heavy price and find themselves cast as America’s unwelcome outsiders and treated as counter-revolutionary enemies. 

    Last week a website visitor referred us to an article/speech given by Sean Gabb almost exactly 5 years ago. Gabb, who we understand is a British-born Libertarian, was addressing members of the Property and Freedom Society’s annual conference in Turkey. His talk was “What is the Ruling Class” and he was referring specifically to the USA. Since Mr. Gabb’s talk not only claimed the presence of an American Ruling Class but he also paid tribute to the Marxist concept of Class, we acknowledge here his contribution. We welcome to the cause any contributor who recognizes that America has a Ruling Class, but a wrong identification of the Ruling Class must be rebutted. 

    We are not about to attack Mr. Gabb himself or impugn his motives, for there is already too much of that negativity on our side of the political spectrum. However, we dismiss Libertarianism as an immature emotion rather than a valid political theory or program. 

    Consequently any Libertarian starting point is bound to miss the mark. Libertarianism ignores the lessons of history; sets aside as irrelevant the Christian edifice of our civilization; dismisses tribal instincts and racial loyalties along with National borders, and reduces human motivation to rational and material calculation. Mr. Gabb’s Ruling Class consists of anyone who is economically and financially dependent on, or gaining from, government (“derive income and position from the State”) His ragbag Ruling Class includes bankers and therapists! 

    Failure to correctly identify the Ruling Class, account for its origins and understand its composition will lose us the civil war in which we are engaged. Rather than dissect his speech here we invite readers to read it for themselves and we will outline again our description of today’s Ruling Class. Readers can reach their own conclusions as to who has the satisfactory one. 

    We claim that the origins of our current Ruling Class (both in the USA and the UK) lie in the development of television, but you could go back to the development of print, film and radio. The important moment was when, in the USA, TV reached into almost every home. This, coinciding with accelerated urbanization, shorter working hours and shift work, led to an appetite for 24/7 programming. This exploitable mass market of Americans precipitated a marriage of convenience between TV and Hollywood in order to provide continuous entertainment on the small screen. It also encouraged the transformation of ‘news’ into entertainment. The 1960’s American people, increasingly detached from working the land and the frontier life that had emphasized sterling qualities, were easily captured as passive recipients of virtually all information. The old demarcation between news and entertainment having been subtly erased, the way was prepared for shameless propaganda. The TV industry recruited newspaper people, TV news reporters became celebrities, Hollywood made films for TV as well as for cinemas, popular culture moved into TV along with singers and comedians. Eventually pro-Sport followed. TV and Movies, initially competitors, soon became siblings. We claim that a powerful Class was born and soon the Fashion industry and the Advertizing industry were naturally absorbed into it. 

    We are not suggesting that every needle worker, bill-poster and grounds-man is a member of the Media Class. We are claiming that those who walk the cat-walks, create the outrageous clothes, fuel the masses addiction to ‘fashion’, produce the glossy magazines featuring posing pansy boys and near-naked exotic females, create the TV adverts and drop balls through hoops for astronomical salaries, are now a part of the Media Class. Anyone who monitors the fabulous mansions where Obama frequently ‘drops in’ for fundraisers; anyone who scans the guest lists of rich contributors, must conclude that Fashion, Advertizing and pro-Sport celebrities are a part of the Ruling Media Class. 

    The financial core of the Media Class however is Hollywood. We have claimed in previous articles that Obama was sponsored by Geffen, Spielberg and the Hollywood billionaires, often called Media moguls. He regularly flies to their Beverly Hills homes to pay homage and reassure his masters that their revolutionary social and moral agenda is his priority. He and Eric Holder have not let them down! 

    The Leftist intellectual core of the Media Class is elsewhere – on the two coasts, working for the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times and in the News Rooms of CNN, MSNBC, AP, ABC, REUTERS, Comcast and PBS. Here the Leftists of the Media Class daily invent and re-invent the ‘news’, create the anti-Christian climate, destroy counter-revolutionaries, purge their own ranks, promote policies that placate their ground troop allies, define permissible speech and popularize sexual perversion. 

    The Media Class members are united not only by their occupation in a rarified but richly rewarding world, but by sexual tastes and addictions, social interests and privileged life-style. Some of the most depraved prefer to be known only to insiders but most crave celebrity/fame, glamour and ostentatious living. It is the sexual license and celebrity facets of the Ruling Class that seduce many from Big Business – attracted like moths to the flame. 

    This hugely wealthy and dissolute Ruling Media Class is not equipped or disposed to actually govern. In Western Nations where elections have to be held and the trappings of democracy must be maintained, alliances are necessary. This is especially true, as the Media Class agenda, if properly perceived and understood, would be repulsive to normal people. Occasionally, Hollywood celebrities seek elected office, but most prefer to make Leftist speeches, self-identify as proletarians, express concern for the world and then return to their palaces and bath-houses. We might fairly describe this as posturing and note their affinity to the occupant of the White House. 

    America’s new Ruling Class, like most Ruling Classes in history, rules from behind the scenes. As this revolution unfolds, we see that Congress is becoming marginalized. Legislation, flowing directly from the White House, is interpreted for the people by the MSM. Congress, reduced to a talking shop, provides a distraction for the people and the trappings of democracy. Washington is a place where the elected go to be seduced, corrupted and well-paid. Here conservatives become vulnerable to MSM blackmail. The Ruling Media Class, having made an alliance with certain minorities and with government employees’ Unions- and purged them of patriots-allows its Goverrnment’s agenda to include re distribution of wealth from the productive to the unproductive, privileges for dependable supporters and a continual growth of government machinery. The Ruling Media Class and its allies are excluded from the redistribution of wealth and the controlling laws are not applicable to them. 

    The next stage, already partially achieved, includes the politicization of the Judiciary and police, the brazen abandonment of those parts of the Constitution that obstruct the agenda, controls over and limitations of all speech, central control of education so that future generations are both passive and morally corrupted, and exclusion from all employment for those deemed dangerous. Much of the Media Class has little interest in the Leftist totalitarianism of its allies but it is willing to allow the march to totalitarianism provided its own sexual goals are achieved speedily and its wealth and privileges protected. As long as the Media Class has control over the MSM it can dominate its allies. 

    As all our social trends reflect in one way or another the habits and tastes of our new Ruling Class, we have frequently pointed out that our perverted and libertine Rulers (and their Far Left Feminazi allies), are hostile to the traditional (heterosexual) family and children. Pets, and particularly dogs, are promoted in the MSM as the preferable substitutes for those needing an interest in life or an undemanding emotional relationship. Yet another example of this was on the front page of the WSJ’s Personal Journal of May 28th. Headlined “The Joy of Cooking for Dogs” and featuring several ‘adorable’ doggy pictures, the article celebrates the latest statistics of pet ownership. 56.7 million American house-holds now own a dog, though this seems like an under-count from our experience. Apparently many owners now wish to prepare fresh food for their dogs including haddock, fresh chicken, organic salmon-based kibble, canned pumpkin puree and cage-free turkey. Be prepared! After same-sex marriage becomes the norm there will be a demand for person-dog marriage. Community Church pastors will soon be claiming that love must be recognized and we must all be inclusive and non-judgmental. 

    Some crimes qualify for inclusion in the MSM and some don’t and our website visitors will know what decides this choice. The MSM will not be covering the brutal killing of 2 year old Elliana Lucas-Jamason. We will give you the bare facts and you can work out why this crime will not be news! Kimberly Lucas, aged 40, is accused of killing Elliana and attempting to kill her 10 year old brother Ethan. These children are reported by the Media to be the off-spring of Kimberly and Jacquelyn Jamason. Kimberly is a woman and she and Jacquelyn recently separated after a 20 year relationship. Both attended the Metropolitan Community Church of the Palm Beaches where the Pastor is Lea Brown. 

    Billionaire homosexual Tim Gill is helping to fund an initiative for the National Parks Service. Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior is working with him to create historic landmarks and National Monuments to recognize homosexual events and sites. Over the years, many toilets in public parks have been the scene of anonymous homosexual trysts and these sites along with bath-houses should keep them busy.

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