Scozzafava Shows Her True Colors

With the approach of America’s mini-election this coming Tuesday and with the ‘progressive’ forces of Obama and his Democrat comrades seemingly facing defeat at the polls, it was to be expected that the Main Stream Media would pull out all the stops to sabotage any conservative victories. There is more at stake in these elections than mere Governorships and a few Congressional seats. The fate of the Socialist Health Bill in which Obama has invested so much, may live or die, depending on the results. Not far behind is Obama’s pending Cap and Trade Bill. Behind those is Obama’s own survival and the Media Class agenda. If the Republican and conservative candidates squeak through in some cases and/or score impressive victories, the ‘moderate ‘ Democrats in the House and Senate will likely put their own future survival before Obama’s radical agenda and jump ship on the Health Bill. A stalled Health Bill in these circumstances would surely sink the Cap and Trade legislation before it can be launched.

This is why Obama has been electioneering across Virginia and New Jersey and is now returning to the latter state for more appearances with the billionaire Jon Corzine. New Jersey should be a slam dunk for Corzine who has won his last two elections there, has very deep pockets and represents a state with every Democrat advantage that includes a powerful Black vote and cities where vote-rigging is a Democrat tradition. The most recent opinion polls put Corzine and his Republican challenger Christie neck and neck. Virginia appears to have returned to the Republican fold, if the polls are to be believed. The Democrat candidate for Governor, who presumably has been sampling local opinion, has avoided appearing on the same platform as Obama and has denied being an Obama Democrat. This does not seem to have helped his chances and now the Obama camp has begun distancing its President from the likely election outcome.

The relatively minor contest in New York State’s 23rd District for a House seat has been elevated by the Media into a major story. This is because Obama offered a Government post to the Leftist Republican incumbent (thus triggering an election) hoping that his Party might break the Republican’s long hold on this NY outpost. As we mentioned in a previous blog, the NY Republican RINO cabal foisted Leftist Dede Scozzafava on to the Republican ticket and caused a rebellion amongst the State’s conservative base. Doug Hoffman, a local Republican businessman, put himself forward as a Conservative Party candidate against both Scozzafava and the Democrat Bill Owens. In a sign of the tea-party times of conservative outrage with Obama ‘s revolutionary agenda, opinion polls have shown that Hoffman not only split the anti-Dem vote but all but wiped out Scozzafava and drew neck and neck with Owens, relegating Scozzafava to a distant third. Big name conservative mavericks like Sarah Palin broke ranks and endorsed Hoffman whilst the Old Gang like Newt Gingrich rallied to Scozzafava. The Media, which at first slobbered over the Republican split because it offered both a Dem victory that could be used to offset defeat in Virginia, and a chance to paint Scozzafava as a ‘moderate’ and the conservatives as ‘extremist’, are greatly alarmed that Hoffman might actually win.

Scozzafava has a Leftist track record on public spending, the growth of Government and an association with Acorn-style activism, but it is on moral matters where she reveals her true self, for she is a supporter of same-sex marriage and unrestricted abortion rights. I have no doubt that she is also a global warming alarmist and a believer in the need for a World Government. All such things usually go together. One has to ask why she was in the Republican Party for there has to be a limit even to the biggest tent.

At this point it is worth pointing out that it is on moral matters that the modern (Media Class dominated) Democrat Party operates its litmus tests. I am sure a person can survive in the Democrat Party whilst opposing Government run health care, or supporting Charter schools or admitting to patriotism. It might be downright uncomfortable but not yet impossible. On matters like same-sex marriage, unlimited homosexual demands and abortion there is zero tolerance of dissent. Under Obama’s leadership and the concealed control of the Media Class there will soon be no tolerance of dissenters in the Party. Some conservatives now rightly fear that there will be no tolerance of dissent anywhere in the USA if Obama has his way. But the point is that for Leftists the litmus test issues demand zero tolerance. Yet the Mainstream Media insists (in a bold display of its power to make black appear white and vice versa), that the Democrat Party is both a big tent and moderate and that only those Republicans who support same-sex marriage, abortion etc can be defined as ‘moderate’. Although the majority of US citizens, indeed the majority of people in the world regard homosexuality as deviant or disgusting or both, and huge numbers believe abortion to be murder, the Mainstream Media (MSM) and its Leftist allies have defined those who hold traditional moral views as extremist.

In response, conservatives, Christians and Nationalists have every right, indeed a duty, to also have a litmus test on these issues and to eject from their ranks those like Scozzafava who can pass the litmus tests of the Media Class Democrats. In this morally tumultuous period that some call the Culture War (and we call a revolution marking the rise to power of a new Class), there is no room for ‘moderation’ and ‘moderates’. One is either on one side or the other and Scozzafava was on the other side.

On Friday, she withdrew from the race and on Sunday, to a rapturous MSM, she declared her support for Owens. Some Republican!!! She will now enjoy non-stop adulatory Media attention as she and the Media commentators call her (erstwhile Republican) conservative opponent an extremist, a religious zealot, and an intolerant bigot. She will surely join the Democrat Party and be rewarded for her timely defection. The lesson for those on the Right is that those who espouse ‘moderate’ moral views really belong on the Left and are not to be trusted.

If the republicans score a string of victories on Tuesday, the Obama express will at least temporarily be derailed and it might be a serious blow to his accelerating Leftist agenda. The MSM will go into overdrive to spin the result and to insist that it is of little consequence. If the Democrats enjoy even a partial victory, expect the Obama express to pick up even greater speed.

I read that Gordon Sumner, a man who was a school teacher for two years before becoming a rock warbler, has been doing what all Showbiz types do, and that is lecture us on all matters political. Sumner, also known as ‘Sting’, has been telling us all that Obama was sent down by God and those who oppose his divine agenda are the lowest of the low. Sumner (aka Sting) is described as an “outspoken advocate against rainforest destruction and for environmental protection”. He is also said to be perpetually angry about world hunger and in order to feed the world’s hungry he has several times shared the stage with Reggie Dwight (aka Sir Elton John) and other warblers at concerts around the globe. For the record, Sumner, this champion of the poor and downtrodden who no doubt believes that we should all be taxed more in order to give aid to Africa, was at one time a tax exile who left the UK to live in Eire. Also for the record, he owns a 60 acre country estate in Wiltshire (UK), a country cottage in the Lake District, a large Manhattan apartment, a beach home in Malibu, Ca. an estate in Tuscany (Italy), two properties in London and several Caribbean homes. I doubt that he runs, cycles, swims or rows between these various residences, but flies on jets – and not in economy class. I doubt too that he has much trouble being granted residence in the US or for that matter in any other place of his choosing. He is of course, fully entitled to enjoy all of this plentiful luxury AND lecture us all on our duties to the poor and to the rainforests, because he is a member of the ruling Class. He became rich because a lot of mugs paid to hear him warble.

My recent article on the hectoring Emma Thompson, another outspoken member of our new ruling Class, omitted a point that I feel is relevant. I should have asked if she is willing to go to Bombay and lecture the inhabitants about being too brown. Or perhaps she might go to Shanghai and tell them that their city is too yellow. Better still she might go to Lahore and tell the people that they are not inclusive enough. Somehow I think she would say that to do so would be racist.

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