Scorched Earth Is The New American Landscape

First, this website must pay tribute to Talk Radio host and writer Michael Savage, who long ago coined the words ‘scorched earth’ along with ‘borders, language and culture’. We only catch snatches of his daily broadcasts, and sometimes we switch off in disappointment, but he is the most courageous of commentators, and when ‘on fire’ goes where Angels fear to tread. He is a national treasure, a unique voice of the Broad Right, an inspirer of Donald Trump and – we are certain – one of our longtime website visitors.

It was always clear that if Donald Trump, who we dubbed ‘an unwitting Counter-Revolutionary’, was elected to the Presidency, the Ruling Class alliance, its rabid Far Left followers, and assorted perverts, would not tread the old path of ‘politics as usual’. Those days are long gone and Donald Trump is embarking on the repudiation and reversal of an almost-completed cultural Revolution.

The people who now occupy America, millions of them non-citizens of various stripes, and many brought in to be an active hostile presence, are fairly evenly divided in total numbers between patriots and cultural aliens. This unbridgeable cultural divide is not spread evenly around the Nation. The November election exposed a staggering geographical polarization. These are the raw facts of a Nation now stumbling towards civil war because the ousted Revolutionaries show no willingness to concede to the Trump Presidency.

For the past eight years the Obama regime has been quietly but systematically scorching the earth of America’s old Christian culture, swamping the fringes with non-citizens, looting the hinterland of industries that sustained economic independence, and most recently importing aliens with an agenda of conquest and planting them in the Red States.

President Trump is showing remarkable determination and has already surmounted many obstacles. He has been moving fast and his determination and focus has put backbone (and some fear) into Republican lawmakers in Washington DC and in the States. Mitch McConnell has been a revelation in leading the Senate, but so too have been others who were expected to quickly sell out. So far only Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have broken Republican ranks. On the Democrat side, seven have already made concessions, though that may be the limit, and not enough to avoid a political confrontation of historic proportions.

As we keep warning, the deportations of aliens, and crackdown on sanctuary cities that Trump has promised and must execute, is much more likely to trigger mass violence than the Senate’s confirmation of cabinet posts and a Supreme Court Judge. Still, Trump’s momentum of advances and the solidity of the Republican Party behind him is greatly encouraging. So too is Trump’s commitment to election promises, for his unwavering reassures his loyal followers, bolsters the more fainthearted Republicans, and saps confidence among some on the Left.

Ultimately however, the people who are living in this Nation (not just its legal citizens) are evenly and irrevocably divided as much as they were in 1860. The Left has become addicted to violence and has long been fostering hatred. This is now, and legitimately, being reciprocated on the Broad Right. Many people, including many of the non-citizens, are not prepared for violence or wanting it, but once sufficient street violence breaks out, all risk being swept up in it.

Trump needs to quickly purge the government ranks of the disloyal, so that he can use legitimate force to crush rebellion as soon as it arises. If the Broad Right is forced to join in to save the day, it will mean civil war and we too will have to adopt scorched tactics.

The best outcome will be for Trump’s Broad Right to recognize the real enemies in our midst, most of whom are not poor illegal people looking for work, but self-hating Americans corrupted by years of easy living, too much college, and exposure to the Media’s propaganda and moral garbage.

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