Scalise: Media/Far-Left Responsible For Hate Crime

The Mainstream Media (MSM) has been unable to conceal the politics of the targeted victim or the politics of the would-be assassin. The facts were simply too obvious and so the MSM is digging in to create a narrative that obscures the realities and rescues the anti-Trump momentum.

The true story here today, and soon to be buried, is that representative Steve Scalise is a prominent Republican and his would-be killer was a militant Far-Leftist, no doubt inflamed with irrational hatred by the relentless anti-Trump, anti-Right propaganda of the MSM.

The other victims, who died because they were with Scalise, and who were also people of the Right-wing, will get short-shrift from the MSM. Only their loved-ones will remember them, for the Right-wing is not good at memorializing its martyrs. The Far-Left never misses such opportunities, in what they consider to be a perpetual all-out war.

This sad and brutal episode is a political hate-crime committed by the Far-Left, created by the MSM, and the only surprise is that our unrecognized civil war has not already claimed more casualties. Hopefully Trump and prominent members of the Broad Right will take heed.

The MSM, which long ago learned how to re-craft events that should be the kiss-of-death for their revolution, will turn this into good publicity for the Democrat luminaries and their crocodile tears, and ammunition (no pun intended) for gun control. If Muslim terrorist attacks in the midst of election campaigns can be swept aside and not help anti-immigration candidates, nothing will overwhelm the propaganda skills of the MSM.

Those who get the real news from Broad Right websites will learn much more about the assassin and his connections and motives, but the masses that rely on the MSM will be led by the nose – as always.

This article has been written in Florida, where Trump stickers are plentiful, in stark contrast to the middle California of my home. It is refreshing to take a break from the lunatic asylum.

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