Savage Meets the President, and Here’s Why That’s Good News

Most days I only hear Michael Savage on Talk Radio for the half hour I am driving to collect my son from school. However, prior to the November election I tried to catch him every day because he was one of the few broadcasters who shared my view that a Trump victory was essential if free speech was to be saved and the Media Class Revolution was to be halted and reversed.

Savage had Trump phone into his Show several times during the two campaigns, and fully endorsed him when other Broad Right hosts were fence-sitting (Rush Limbaugh) or viciously attacking (Mark Levin). For the record, Hannity and Mark Steyn were also stout-hearted and deserve praise as patriots. It is fair to say that Savage, the author of many books and the Nationalist concept ‘Borders, Language, Culture’, has been a positive influence on Trump’s evolution from hotel builder into a Nationalist hero.

Dr. Savage has his detractors on the Broad Right, and he has enough faults to justify some reservations. He is a very emotional character and his daily Shows swing with his emotions. On a bad day, he can drift into some bizarre topics, and on some days seemingly contradict his general stances. He has several times walked back his attacks on the homosexual underworld, perhaps because he fears being driven from the airwaves. He is prone to pessimism and defeatism on a bad day. Having acknowledged that he can be inconsistent, it must be said that mostly he is the bravest Radio Talk Show Host of the Broad Right, and in his frequent ‘rants’ goes where angels fear to tread on race, Islam, the MSM, its Hollywood Jews, and its perverts.

We are certain that Savage visits this website and adopts some of our concepts and descriptions. And we often write articles in the early morning only to find that Savage has commented that day on the same subject and before we have posted them in the late afternoon. (I am hopeless with hi-tech and have to wait for my young son to return from school in the afternoon and do the posting). This is not a complaint about Savage. We exist solely to unmask the existence of the morally corrupt Media Class, reveal its Revolutionary agenda and ambitions, and counter its influence with observations and analysis that are based on truth and common sense. Our constant hope is that we will reach and influence not only individuals but powerful voices of the Broad Right like Dr. Savage.

When Trump guested regularly on the Savage Show to advance his campaign against Clinton, he seemed to develop a remarkably warm relationship with the host. He promised that after the election he would not forget those who had been his allies in the great Counter-Revolutionary conflict. There was talk, not entirely lighthearted, that Savage would be invited to Trump’s inauguration, even offered a position in the Trump circle of advisors.

When an inauguration invitation did not materialize, the emotional Savage several times expressed disappointment. He began attacking Trump advisors and appointees for their performances and voiced the suspicion that they were deliberately distancing Trump from a ‘firebrand’ (our words) Nationalist. I expect many Savage Radio listeners shared our disappointment with Trump, for it suggested that he was not a sincere person but a typical politician who uses people and then drops them when they have served his purpose. Like Savage, I had become convinced from watching Trump’s rallies on the Internet that he really was that rare person, ‘a man of the people’, and thus a real hope for the Counter-Revolution and America’s resurgent Nationalism.

To his great credit, when Trump as President came under the relentless attacks of the MSM and sinister hidden forces within the government machinery, Savage set aside his disappointment and whole-heartedly redoubled his support. Also to his credit, over the years he has repeatedly and passionately defended and promoted Christians and Christianity, despite being a Jew himself. In summary, we contend that Savage is the foremost Radio voice for the Broad Right, for he is more courageous and adventurous than the articulate Limbaugh.

This last weekend, Savage received an invitation to Trump’s home in Florida and spent time talking with him in private, was photographed with him, and generally given Royal treatment. When Savage returned to his program on Tuesday he was unabashedly delighted, confirmed that Trump is a good man and a loyal friend. Trump vowed to Savage that he has not forgotten his supporters and intends to fulfill all the campaign promises he made. Savage has vowed to use his program to fight for Trump to the end. Amen!

On this website we are delighted for Dr. Savage and for ourselves, for although we had deduced from watching Trump’s rallies that he was a good and genuine man, there was always the nagging doubt, fanned by the lying MSM, that Trump might turn out to be an opportunist and of poor character. Now we know that our President really is a good, if flawed, man and therefore the first sincere President since Ronald Reagan.

Just as importantly, we know that he is committed to his Counter-Revolutionary agenda. It is certain that Savage and Trump talked politics and we can assume that Trump is on the same Nationalist page as Savage and likely to seek Savage’s advice in the future. All members of the Broad Right should draw comfort from this and work twice as hard in support of his beleaguered Presidency.

Yesterday we wrote about the transgender nonsense which Trump (good for him!) has started to reverse. Make no mistake the perverts in the MSM and the Media Class see this issue as of prime importance. Normal people find this hard to conceive and make the dangerous mistake of considering the issue trivial, but it goes to the heart of a Revolutionary agenda that is designed to rot America from within. A blog on Free Republic today had some great comments and the writer deserves credit. “Gender identity as defined by its practitioners consists merely of thought. It is a caprice that can be changed, changed back and changed again. It can be changed back and forth any time for any reason.  It is fleeting and arbitrary”. Well put!

Finally, will someone remind our President that there are ex-military personnel languishing in prison for minor rule-breaking while Clinton, a major lawbreaker,  remains free. Some Presidential pardons are over-due!


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