Sarah Palin. The Media Hate-Fest Continues

It is surely very significant that the American Media Class continues to be obsessed with Sarah Palin, one year after her campaign alongside John McCain in the 2008 Presidential election. We hear, read and see little in the Mainstream Media (MSM) about McCain, yet Palin is endlessly in the news and it is almost always bad news. What has she done since the election was concluded to earn such intense Media interest and hostility? She resigned as Governor of Alaska, a State that rarely interests the MSM. Indeed all through the election campaign, the MSM went to great lengths to trivialize the State and her role as its Governor. Her job there was portrayed as being devoid of serious responsibility, especially when compared to Obama’s work for neighborhood agitation (Acorn) and his two years in the Senate. The MSM autopsy on the McCain campaign concluded that she had been a major contributor to its failure for whilst admittedly firing up the Fundamentalist Christian base she was alleged to have both alienated ‘moderates’ and constantly revealed her appalling ignorance. The other propaganda arm of the Media Class, i.e. it’s ‘entertainers’, had also succeeded in creating a fictional Palin who said dumb things. These soon entered the MSM’s reporting and the Nation’s subconscious, as Palin’s dumb things.

In the period since her resignation as Governor, her pregnant daughter’s boyfriend ‘welshed’ on plans for marriage. Understandably this was an opportunity for Media sniggering (an opportunity that was not overlooked) but it hardly justified reporting beyond gossip columns. Palin has appeared at a number of fundraisers for Republican candidates and endorsed the Independent conservative candidate in New York, but prominent politicians do fundraisers for others all the time and the Media rarely takes any interest. Even the fundraisers attended by Bill Clinton, Biden and Obama generate little MSM reporting. Yet Palin horror stories have consistently occupied the headlines and almost always the headlines have been the prelude to yet another article on how stupid she is, how bad she is for the Republican Party’s future prospects and how she could only lead the Republicans to a massive election defeat in 2012.

Why the MSM obsession with destroying her and why does she generate such fury amongst the MSM’s Leftist commentators? All the opinion polling figures that the MSM regularly bring to our attention appear to indicate that Palin has great unpopularity beyond the Fundamentalist Christian base. If true, this is hardly surprising, since the one thing that the Media Class is best at is demonizing and/or ridiculing its enemies. It does this using an armory of weapons. It avoids ever giving the victim a neutral platform, never reporting in an uncensored version the views and statements of the victim, taking the victim’s utterances out of context before reporting them, attributing statements and views to the victim that the victim has never made or held, constantly citing criticisms by ‘experts’ and commentators who are claimed to be objective yet who are carefully chosen by the MSM for their bias, seeking out the victim’s enemies from the past and providing them with a platform and their moment of fame and using entertainers to constantly ridicule the victim. All of the above have been employed against Palin without let-up. Palin must have concluded that she would forever be denied a Media fair deal and so has written a book in which she gives her version of events in her life and in the election campaign. The huge public response to this book “Going Rogue” (it was a mammoth best-seller even before publication) must have surprised her, as it has almost everyone else. Both the book and its appeal have further frightened the MSM and its Leftist allies, in fact driven them all into a frenzy of rage.

Neither Mr. Radical nor Mr. Right have read the book and probably will not do so, for we do not consider Sarah Palin to be a conservative intellectual heavyweight. Her book is said to be a personal statement and a campaign tool rather than an attempt to uncover deeper truths about the current political, economic and cultural revolution now taking place in the US. This is not to disparage the book or her, but we do not consider her to be the Presidential candidate the Nation needs at this time. Unfortunately she was, in our view, plucked out of the pack and exposed to the inevitable vicious Media Class campaign of destruction that awaits all conservative leaders who awaken the conservative base. More importantly, she was running against Obama, who had been chosen by the Media class, despite his many obvious shortcomings that included a lack of meaningful experience and a lack of knowledge. Since a worldly and experienced persona had to be manufactured for him by the MSM, it was imperative that he should not be outshone by this vivacious woman whose admittedly limited experience nevertheless dwarfed his. She was not sufficiently battle-hardened, and, lacking a full understanding of the culture war, she was not adequately prepared. As a result, she now has too much baggage attached to her name, albeit most of it quite unfair. It is an unfortunate fact of life in this revolutionary period that the ruling Media Class has the power to persecute its conservative, Christian and Nationalist opponents. Only a politician on the Right who fully understands this and has a personal history and family that is without blemish can be assured of political survival. Palin was not prepared for this ordeal and her family circumstances made her especially vulnerable. One wayward son or daughter, a spouse with a small skeleton in the cupboard, an old unprincipled enemy waiting for revenge or a reckless remark made when young – any of these can be enough to provide endless ammunition to Media detractors. The Associated Press (currently in the process of laying off staff) has allocated 14 reporters to scour Palin’s book for inaccuracies. No doubt other Media outlets are doing the same thing. Yet this same Media never investigated John Kerry’s dishonest official Vietnam War record even when his former comrades provided a mountain of facts. Indeed the MSM refused to review his comrades’ book that detailed the facts. The MSM ignored Clinton’s many sexual affairs and suppressed news of John Edward’s scandal until after he had lost an election. It has avoided mentioning and reviewing Stanford Evan’s fact-filled book restoring Joe McCarthy’s reputation. It quickly buried Edward Kennedy’s Chapaquidic scandal and Robert Byrd’s KKK past and now refuses to explore both Obama’s eligibility for office and his secret past. Clearly there are vastly different MSM journalistic rules to be applied to politicians of the Left and Right, and those on the Right need to be prepared for anything and everything.

Sarah Palin is almost certainly a good woman and more fitted to govern the USA than the dangerous narcisist currently occupying the White House. However a future challenger to the Leftist agents of the ruling Media Class needs to be more than a good person with commonsense views. Yesterday I listened to Palin being interviewed on the Rush Limbaugh radio program. Given the chance to state her political views she came over as sensible, modest, articulate without a script, and a social and political moderate (By this I mean that her views are actually in the mainstream of most Americans’ and the Nation’s history). The real Palin, given time to nurture her children through to adulthood and time to gain more political experience, might ultimately have become a great Presidential candidate. Paradoxically, the MSM’s obsessive campaign of hate has further ignited her base whilst at the same time turning her into an infamous celebrity, hence her big crowds both at political rallies and at book promotion appearances.

Her celebrity as a politician is unrivalled. She possesses the quality that is much sought-after by politicians: name recognition. Many conservatives are now pinning all their hopes on her and using her as the symbol of their deep dissatisfaction with the Republican Party establishment, hence the cheering crowds on her book-signing tour. But she shines because of the prevailing darkness. None of the known Republican candidates for President is inspiring and the curious nature of US party politics means that between elections there is no leader.

The MSM and its Leftist agents have been so filled with hatred and fear of Palin that they have continued to beat her and beat her long after they had succeeded in blocking her route to the White House. This is not altogether surprising for we should remember that the Media Class is rooted in fantasy and emotion and a big component of this Class is in Movie making and the stage. The repeated assaults on Palin are like those horror Movies where the evil creature keeps getting up or coming back to life despite being shot or smashed. Palin, to the Media Class activists, is like that monster. Each time they believe that they have killed her and then she reappears. Her Christianity and espousal of old-fashioned values are what initially aroused the fear and rage. Worse still, her speeches on the election stump were reminding the people of the heartland that old-fashioned values (bigoted and so judgmental!) are still valid. The revolutionaries of the Media Class and their Leftist allies call this populism and they know it is dangerous and must be silenced if their revolution is to be successful.

Palin’s power to draw crowds of both adoring conservatives and the celebrity-obsessed should not blind the Right to her relatively modest political gifts. It will take a much more informed, resolute and unencumbered candidate to lead a counter-revolution in 2012.

The decision of the Obama Administration to try the alleged 9/11 mastermind and some comrades in a criminal Court in New York is yet more evidence that this government likes to put Leftist ideology over practicality, has frequently to pander to the need for symbolism of its Leftist base, and to its confidence that its Media masters can ‘sell’ anything to the American public. Yesterday I heard ‘moderate’ Republican Senator Lindsay Graham grilling Eric Holder, the US Attorney General. Holder’s position as AG implies that he is the Nation’s leading lawyer yet in this Congressional Hearing Graham revealed Holder to be a bumbling, waffling and incompetent fool. Only a moron would believe that Holder took the NY trial decision independently of the President who appointed him. This has to be Obama’s decision and yet Holder and Obama ask us to believe that Holder took the decision without consulting his boss but did consult with his own family.

There are many valid criticisms that have already been made about this Obama/Holder decision, including the risk of inviting further attacks on New York, the chances that the trial will enable the alleged terrorists to address the Muslim world, and the likelihood that the Leftist lawyers for the accused will find every technical reason to turn the trial into a marathon. Worse still, by taking the criminal trial route the Obama Government will enable the accused to demand all the information that led to their arrests and thus pry open CIA secrets and reveal details about covert agents. The central figure in all this is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) who has already confessed to planning the 9/11 attacks and his confession is on tape.

I have used the phrase ‘alleged’ in this article because a key component of criminal justice in both the US and UK is that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. Holder and Obama have repeatedly claimed that by putting KSM and his comrades in a criminal Court to be tried by due process they are showing the World that the US is finally (under Obama’s leadership) a Nation of law and justice. Yet to fend off criticism, both Obama and Holder have repeatedly given assurances that all the defendents will be found guilty. These assurances by the President and AG should be enough to enable any defending lawyer to claim the there cannot be a fair trial. Nothing could better illustrate the shallow posturing and stupidity of this Administration.

Senator Graham asked Holder what precedent there was for trying prisoners of war in a criminal Court. Holder attempted to sidestep this question by saying he hadn’t yet researched this aspect of ‘his’ decision (before taking it!) Graham revealed that he had researched it and there was no precedent. Graham asked if Osama Bin Laden, if apprehended, would have to be read his Miranda Right to stay silent and have a lawyer. Holder’s waffling response was painful for it is clear that Obama and Holder have not thought through this decision at all. The precedent this trial will set is that terrorists who attack American civilian targets will enjoy greater legal protection and process than if they attack military targets! As Graham pointed out, military commanders now will have to consider reading Miranda Rights to terrorists and not interrogating them until they have a lawyer present and have been advised to stay silent. All this injected into a deadly and cruel war!

No doubt the reasons for Obama’s decision include shallow posturing to the world, pleasing his extreme Leftist followers and simply to show that he can take any decision he has an impulse for. A more sinister explanation is that he is a closet Muslim. Though some of his other actions point in this direction I am inclined to think that he is just emotionally resentful towards America and non-Black Americans. Perhaps he sees the trial as an opportunity to put the Bush Administration itself on trial. What is appalling is his cavalier treatment of facts and his willingness to say contradictory things with total confidence. An example is his claim that he does not want the Fort Hood (alleged) killer’s legal treatment to become a Show-Trial whilst arranging this Show-Trial in New York. One definition of a Show Trial is that the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Since Obama and Holder have publicly stated that KSM will be found guilty and get the death sentence, how can this be other than a Show Trial? I have before me a Wall St Journal (Thursday Nov 19th) report by Evan Perez and the heading is “Holder Is Confident Of 9/11 Convictions”. Needless to say, the MSM can find nothing to criticize in any of this. Meanwhile, the MSM has settled on an explanation for the Nidal Hasan massacre at Fort Hood. Hasan is said to have been “self-radicalized”. We are to conclude from this that Hasan was not influenced or encouraged by other Muslim fanatics.

The UK’s BNP website has gone quiet about the membership vote on the admission of non-Europeans to the Party. Recently I read a number of Branch motions that were also to be put to a vote and some were plain daft and some were worrying. One of the latter was a motion to ban all private health treatment in the UK. No doubt such ideas have roots in class envy and remind us that the BNP leans strongly towards Socialism. I hope this motion has been soundly defeated for it is one that Stalin would have been proud of. Surely if anyone wishes to save and pay for private medical treatment, it is no-one else’s business? Equally if any doctor wishes to practice medicine outside of the State system, it is his right. How dare anyone, politician or bureaucrat, interfere! There are many who claim that access to medical care is a ‘right’. What if there are not enough doctors or nurses? Are citizens going to be directed into Medical training to provide this ‘right’? The truth is that no-one has such a ‘right’ unless the State deprives others of their ‘rights’. Nick Griffin should advocate a Constitution for the UK and one that guarantees maximum individual freedom.

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