Sarah Palin – Media and Leftists Are Boiling With Hatred

Sarah Palin has had no official position since she resigned from the Governorship of Alaska. In so far as the Republican Party is concerned she is just another member who was once a Vice-Presidential candidate. In this sense she is no more a representative of her Party than John Edwards, the scandal-ridden former Vice-Presidential candidate, is a representative of the Democrat Party. Yet she has become a political ‘phenomenon’ and I do not use that word lightly. One might have expected that having been plucked out of Alaskan obscurity and being on the losing side in the 2008 election – an election that saw the Democrats and Obama sweep into office – the post-election landscape would have found her packed off back into obscurity. Instead she has grown and grown in stature and political prominence. Not only was her book a massive best-seller last year but she is now a regular pundit on Fox News, the TV channel with the biggest nightly audience in the US.

All of that, however, dims when set against her sustained growth of popularity with grass-roots Americans. Palin can no longer be written off as a 2008 comet that briefly blazed across the night sky. Although the Mainstream Media (MSM) studiously ignores her daily itinerary when reporting the ‘news’, we can be sure that its editors and reporters are monitoring her every move. In the past few months Palin has been crisscrossing America giving two or more speeches per day. Her appearances and speeches are not being made at events that she has organized but at events where local people and local organizations are clamoring for her presence. The conservative websites are full of reports of these appearances, and the bloggers’ reports, often with photos, inform us that massive crowds turn out in all weathers to see and hear her. We can conclude that many of those who endure long waits in atrocious winter weather are not members of the Republican Party, but the much-sought-after ‘independents’ and politically disengaged citizens who rarely bother to vote. This is not to say that Palin is unappealing to registered Republicans, far from it! She has a fast-growing base amongst grass-roots Party members but she is also connecting with, and motivating, a wider potential electorate.

The MSM has been busy running Opinion Pieces that advise the Republican Party to avoid Palin like the plague. Article after article warns that identifying with Palin in any way would be the Republican’s path to permanent marginalization. Since the MSM spends most of its time and all of its energy trying to keep the Republican Party out of office, one wonders why any Republican would listen to this drivel. Yet the MSM has no difficulty finding prominent elite Republicans willing to collude.

Last weekend we saw just why there are such people, for Palin was invited to address a gathering of the Tea Party Movement that was billed as an unofficial convention. The Tea Party Movement must be sending shivers through the elitists in the Republican Party, for it is as unofficial and grass-roots and amorphous as any political movement of modern times. It owes its existence and energy to Obama and his governing comrades, for just as they are promoting a revolution on behalf of the newly-dominant Media Class, so the Tea Party Movement is a counter-revolutionary force. Many in the TPM have been warning on blog sites that the Movement must not be hi-jacked by the old Republican gang, who when in office, behave little better than George Orwell’s Animal Farm pigs. The TPM seeks to take over the Republican Party. We have to hope it will be successful, for a Third Party movement will be a gift to Obama and his Comrades.

Palin, who was consigned to the fringes by the Republican establishment as soon as the election was over, is now benefitting from being out there. She and the Tea Party activists have come together, almost by accident. I viewed some excerpts from her speech at the unofficial convention and she was devastating. Whether or not she is future Presidential material, she is certainly an electrifying speaker for the counter revolution. Her energy, her wit, her spontaneity and her resilience, combined with a femininity that is not based on weakness, is sure to win many more fans. Even more importantly, she is articulating a message that is coherent about the place of the individual versus Government, and that resonates at this particular time. Most importantly she appears to be able to unite social and fiscal conservatives.

The MSM and its Leftist comrades recognize the dangerous threat to their revolution that Palin and the TPM represent, yet all their attacks seem unable to halt either Palin or the Movement. It is in this context that we should view the desperate attack on Palin because she wrote a few words on the palm of her hand in readiness for her speech. They dare not focus on the content of the speech and they are aware that she possesses the charisma that Obama can only aspire to with Media camouflage. As someone remarked on Talk Radio he is the man who cannot say his own name without a teleprompter. There is a long way to go to November’s elections but so far the MSM has been unable to halt Palin’s advance or stall the counter revolutionary force that is the Tea Party Movement.

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal reviews the role of Frank Magid who died last Friday. The article’s heading is “He Turned TV News Into Entertainment” and points out that in the 1970’s Magid was a trailblazer in absorbing the news into the greater entertainment role of TV. In our view, Magid was simply responding to the demands of a mass audience and the demands of 24 hour programming. I doubt he foresaw that in becoming entertainment, News would also become a more effective means of propaganda and that TV would unite many groups into a Class. On this website we believe that in the 1970’s the Media Class began to form and to develop an agenda of its own. Today, that Class has its own political Party dominating Congress and its man in the White House, all pursuing its agenda. The result is a social revolution that is shaking America to its foundations.

The weather here in California alternates between cool/damp and plain cold. On the East Coast snow records are being broken. The UK is gripped by cold and fresh snow showers in what is surely a long winter. Yet we are getting no hot air from Al Gore! Why?

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