Sanity Rally is More Evidence of Media Rule

The ludicrously misnamed ‘Sanity Rally’ has received maximum advance publicity from the Mainstream Media and today, as its supporters gather in Washington, that same MSM is flat out trying to inflate the Rally’s numbers and impact. The ‘Rally’ is, of course, a Leftist demonstration and its organizers hope, rather forlornly, that it will revitalize the flagging Obama campaign in time for Tuesday’s elections. With commercial Opinion Polls (that now have to become accurate this close to ‘E’ Day and are thus reporting more truthfully what they are uncovering), showing a probable catastrophe for the ‘Anointed One’ and his comrades, the hope is indeed looking forlorn. The MSM outlets that I have seen so far keep claiming that the numbers on the Mall are comparable to those who attended the Right-leaning Glen Beck rally some weeks ago. At that time, the MSM was flat out trying to play down the numbers and now it is flat out trying to inflate today’s numbers. We should not be surprised, for as all regular visitors to this website will know, the MSM is not in the business of news reporting but is in the business of advancing the agenda of the Ruling Media Class. Since the Media Class is itself Left-leaning and is in a natural alliance with the broader Leftist forces of America, the Leftist shibboleth that ‘the ends justify the means’ is adequate justification for saturating news with lies. Thus whilst claiming that this Rally is as big as the Beck event, the MSM is coy about numbers and avoiding comparable aerial pictures. I am confident that this rally is not at all comparable in any way except one, and that is that it has been organized by Media celebrities.

The much-trumpeted ‘Sanity Rally’ has been organized by two TV celebrities who have a ‘Show’. In modern parlance they are referred to as comedians though in past and saner (no pun intended) times they would have been called political activists. In today’s Media Class-ruled world where ‘Gay’ means homosexual and ‘Human Rights’ means George Soros-funded, ‘comedian’ describes someone who pushes a Leftist social agenda whilst pretending to be funny with a required political ‘cutting edge’. ‘Sanity Rally’ has ostensibly been organized by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, though a genuine news media would have probably been able to ferret out a whole lot more rich and partisan forces behind the scenes. George Soros himself might be discovered lurking in the murk for his money is never far from any socially Leftist cause and he has discreetly sunk many millions into this election campaign along with homosexual billionaire Tim Gill. Alongside the Media pair of Stewart and Colbert at today’s Rally are Media people Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Ozzie Osbourne and Yusif Islam (born Cat Stevens).

The huge attendance of the Glen Beck rally took everyone by surprise and was a factor in the grass-roots mobilization that has helped to stimulate the conservative forces in this election campaign. Just as the Left seeks (and dismally fails) to create its own popular Talk Radio medium, so it has struggled to create a Leftist mass rally in response to Beck’s. Today’s ‘Sanity Rally’ is that response, though as the Left is clearly facing a signal defeat next Tuesday and as Leftist candidates are galloping away from the Obama record, so this ‘Sanity Rally’ has to pose as an anti-political event, whilst at the same time straining every nerve to bolster Leftist turnout in the election. ‘Sanity Rally’ is a Leftist event from end to end masquerading as a gathering of moderate forces. I doubt it will do anything to lift Leftist morale at this stage, but once again what we see is that it is Media Class people who are at the political helm. As we constantly argue on this website and as conservatives still fail to understand, only Media people have the necessary power in today’s world to make and break politicians and to set the political agenda. Beck, Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, O’Reilly – each has more power than any dozen Republican politicians. On the Left, the whole agenda is a tribute to the forces of the Mainstream Media Class, which decades ago took control of the Democrat Party and more recently promoted the tiny-talented Obama into the White House. The ‘Sanity Rally’ is a Media Class event and as such will be packed with those on the Left who identify with the Media Class agenda priorities – homosexuality, abortion, the destruction of America’s Christianity and the Christian family. Do not be surprised if the Rally has few Black faces and even fewer Latinos, yet do not be surprised if the MSM fails to notice.

On this website we try to bring to notice various bits of evidence that support our contention that a Media Class has been created by blind technological forces and now rules. As one would expect, a Ruling Class accumulates wealth, privilege, political power and the external trappings of these things. It also draws into its orbit the rest of Society’s wealthy people, for who wants to be out in the cold when money can buy in to shoulder-rubbing with the famous. The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Friday Journal’ has a big front page article entitled “THE L.A. ART BOOM”. This details “How pomegranate-juice magnates, billionaire museum builders and celebrity-packed boards are turning the city into a world-class art center”. The opening sentences are “On a crisp evening on Wilshire Boulevard, pop star Christina Aguilera is leading the parade down the red carpet. Tom Hanks and his wife follow, along with actor James Franco, reality TV fixtures Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian, Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger and Hollywood power broker David Geffen. They aren’t here for a film premiere. The crowd is celebrating the opening of a new building at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art”. A later sentence about the LA art scene says “Hollywood agents, media personalities and studio executives pack museum boards, alongside traditional philanthropists”. And “New art buildings are springing up around the city”. According to this article by Lauren A.E.Schhuker, the art world is moving to L.A. and she tells us that “the art world is a very fluid place but there is no question that L.A. is very hot at the moment”. We should not be surprised that L.A. is becoming a world center for the collection of modern art for after all L.A. is where the Media Class was born, acquired its initial wealth and has long been the home of its wealthiest and most high-profile members. For a Class that is addicted to celebrity and spends much of its energy aspiring to ever-greater celebrity, it is natural that the external trappings of wealth and power should gravitate to its very own city. We might notice in passing that this obsession with wealth and its trappings fits nicely with a concern for the world’s starving people and with the disadvantaged!

This week I received another mailing from Jerry Brown who, with Union and Hollywood help, hopes to be elected as next Governor of California. This mail-shot was telling voters that Brown has been endorsed by the Oakland Tribune, the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle, the L.A. Times and just about every newspaper in California. I am sure that almost every Democrat candidate in the USA has a similar set of MSM endorsements to boast about. No-one is surprised by this and I suppose there are plenty of gullible dopes who will cast their votes for Brown because all the newspapers support him. For the non-dopes two questions should arise. One is ‘How is it that ALL the newspapers are in unison?’ (Answer from Radical and Right! Because there is a Class interest at work!). The second question is ‘Why do newspapers, who might wish to impress readers with impartiality, trumpet their bias?’ Most businesses try to avoid alienating their customers by pretending, even when not practicing, neutrality. (Answer from Radical and Right! Because the Media Class is now so confident in its power and so impatient about its agenda, that it has become brazen!)

A Cuban American visitor to this website drew my attention to some comments by Dennis Prager who he said was one of the great exponents of conservative ideas. I had never heard of Prager but after visiting the recommended website and hearing him answering some questions from a panel that included Sarah Palin I have to agree that Prager is the real deal. Here is a man who cuts to the real issue of American exceptionalism and how it has been betrayed.

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