Sanford’s Political Trial

This website has, from the beginning, asserted that the prosecution of George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, was motivated entirely by the political calculations of our new Ruling Class.   We said at the outset that the Mainstream Media selected this little local tragedy and inflated and misrepresented it for propaganda purposes. We also said that the MSM mistakenly assumed that Zimmerman was White and that the death of Trayvon Martin could be used as an example of White Racism and Black victimization, Media-packaged and tailored to inflame Afro-Americans in the inner cities and young Leftists in Colleges across America and thereby pump up the Obama vote in November 2012. 

    For those paying close attention to the Internet reports, the trial of Zimmerman has been a travesty of justice from the beginning. For those who get their news from the MSM, Zimmerman’s prosecution may look justified, for the Media-storyline (without a shred of evidence) has been that Zimmerman was as a ‘wannabe’ near-White cop, profiling an innocent young Black near-child, ignoring explicit police advice to cease carrying out his surveillance, and then initiating a confrontation during which he took advantage of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law and the possession of a gun in order to shoot his victim dead. 

    We have regularly written about this unfolding travesty of a trial because we recognized from the beginning that the real issues lurking under the surface were of national importance and they reveal that America now has a Ruling Media Class that has its own agenda and, together with its Leftist allies, is imposing a revolution on the American people. 

    Today, Rush Limbaugh reported that records released by the Justice Department reveal that Eric Holder visited Sanford and then sent members of a little-known branch of the DOJ (the Community Relations Service) down there to help organize and fund Black street protests demanding Zimmerman’s conviction. This is only the latest revelation that the DOJ under Holder has become an incipient NKVD police force that is utterly lawless and a political tool of our new Ruling Class. 

    It has been apparent from the beginning of the Zimmerman prosecution that Judge Debra Nelson is in alliance with the State’s prosecution team and we have previously speculated about the power of a Ruling Class, in command of the tools of Government oppression, to intimidate, blackmail and reward where necessary in pursuit of its agenda. Safe in the knowledge that the MSM will hide uncomfortable facts and peddle propaganda, Obama has been pushing through the agenda he was chosen to promote and Holder is his right-hand man. 

    The Zimmerman travesty of a case as it is unfolding reveals many frightening things about the revolutionary direction in which the USA is being taken. Apart from this website’s outrage that a life-threatening injustice is being perpetrated against an almost certainly innocent individual, we set out below, and in no order of importance, (for all are equally important) our reasons for once again returning to this case. 

    It shows that Obama (who at the outset and before many facts were known, phoned the parents of Martin to express his comradeship) is not the President of all the people. He is constantly making clear that his personal agenda, running in parallel with his commitment to the Ruling Class agenda, is to enable African Americans to ‘get even’ with White (Conservative) America. 

    Holder is his very willing enforcer at the powerful DOJ. Obama’s much-publicized statement that Martin was the son he never had was his clear identification with Race, especially as he did not know anything about Martin and his behavior. For any Republican President, the facts that have since emerged about Martin’s criminality and anti-social behavior would have resulted in the MSM embarking on a campaign of Presidential crucifixion, but for this Presidency (the triumph of the Media Class and its wealth), Obama’s mis-steps and embarrassments are erased. 

    We can now see revealed in the Zimmerman case (if we did not already have much evidence) that the DOJ has been wholly packed with Leftist activists, and under the leadership of Eric Holder is intent on using this public Department to pursue a revolutionary agenda, brazenly abandoning any commitment to blind justice and casually circumventing the Constitution whenever convenient. 

    The MSM and its dishonest commentators continue to report the case as one highlighting the iniquity of ‘Stand Your Ground’ legislation, non-Black communities protecting themselves with ‘vigilantes’ and citizen gun ownership. In order to do so persuasively, the reporters and commentators have to repeatedly ignore facts or invent them. The almost certainly true narrative is that Zimmerman, who to his credit wanted to be a policeman, was voluntarily protecting his gated community, was sensibly carrying a gun given the crime and violence that was common in Sanford, properly contacted the police when he saw a stranger behaving suspiciously on a dark night, tracked the suspect prior to the arrival of the police and was then attacked by the suspect. Zimmerman probably did not know that the intruder was a youth, for Martin was tall and well-built, but he almost certainly saw enough in the gloom to ascertain that he was Black. Zimmerman, who has nothing in his background to suggest he was racist (how the DOJ, the Prosecution and the Media must have dug through his past!) did what all rational people do where crime is lurking, he profiled. Young Black men commit a hugely disproportionate percentage of America’s crimes of violence, robbery and burglary and often invade neighboring non-Black communities where the relatively affluent and passive victims can be found. We can almost certainly assume that Martin approached and attacked Zimmerman for Zimmerman had nothing to gain from a confrontation as the police would soon be arriving. Also Zimmerman was not in good enough physical shape to initiate a fight. Most importantly, Zimmerman was armed for self protection, could not have known that Martin was unarmed, could not have known that Martin was frail (he was anything but frail) and his gun was unlikely to be of use once engaged in a struggle. In following Martin, Zimmerman was not ignoring a police instruction but advice from a call-operator who was probably concerned for his safety. 

    The MSM is ignoring all of the above and repeatedly asserts that Zimmerman disobeyed a police instruction, that his pursuit of a career in law enforcement indicates a psychopathic character, that Martin was a callow and harmless youth and that Zimmerman was not in fear of serious injury or his life when he pulled his gun and fired the one shot into Martin’s chest. 

    Since the Media people have the same access as me to the facts and cannot be incapable of recognizing the logic of the Zimmerman defense, we must assume that they are peddling propaganda and willing to convict an innocent man in the pursuit of an agenda. 

    The Media Class and its Leftist allies are intent on creating a new America that requires the destruction of much of the old America. We regularly maintain in our website articles that they jointly seek to destroy the traditional family, traditional Christianity, all moral standards in relation to sex, the Constitution, the free enterprise system and the homogeneity of American society. The persecution of insignificant and innocent George Zimmerman and the near-deification of a youth on the cusp of a life of crime is meant to serve a ‘higher’ cause, at least in the minds of perverts, libertines and discontented revolutionaries. The immediate motive was the re-election of Obama and the energizing of the Black and college, youth vote but riding on the Zimmerman persecution are the Leftist goals of disarming the people and thus making them vulnerable both to disaffected predators and ultimately to an oppressive State, dividing America into ignorant and welfare-dependent minorities who can be easily manipulated, demonstrating that the Law is whatever the Ruling Class chooses, that the judicial process is simply a political tool, and that anyone can be denounced, accused and convicted for clinging to old concepts of Right and Wrong. 

    The trial has been a blatant farce especially in the Prosecution’s putting of Ms. Rachel Jeantel on the stand where she admitted to lies, fumbled and invented evidence. How could Trayvon Martin run until exhausted and yet maintained a cell-phone conversation? Has there ever been a more ignorant and pathetic witness in a major trial where a man’s life is at stake? 

    Many conservative commentators, relying on logic and past legal standards, believe the trial must end in Zimmerman being found ‘not guilty’. We are however now living in a revolutionary and lawless era. Judge Nelson has shown by her protection of the lying and vulnerable (to the Defense) Ms. Jeantel, and her refusal to let the Defense introduce evidence of Martin’s attraction to violence, that Justice in not an option in this Show Trial. It will take a very fearless and unbiased jury to find Zimmerman ‘not guilty’. Nelson is surely committed to a conviction. Her decision that Martin’s text messages, which showed Martin’s propensity for physical fighting, were “irrelevant”, was outrageous. 

    If Zimmerman is cleared the riots will almost certainly commence, and not just in Sanford. Obama and his Ruling Class win if Zimmerman is found guilty and win if Zimmerman walks free and the mob takes to the streets of America. The MSM will paint a non-guilty verdict as an outrage and assert that Zimmerman escaped justice because of a technicality or the license to kill granted to Whites by the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Florida law.

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