Sandusky Scandal

For non-US visitors to this website, the third biggest News story in the American Mainstream Media (MSM) at the moment concerns Penn State University Football program. Only two MSM stories get more mention and they are the allegations of (mostly non-specific) sexual misconduct committed by Republican candidate Herman Cain 14 years ago and the memory lapse of Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry during a TV debate this week. I will deal with these two later but let us start with the Sandusky story.

Sports are the biggest thing in US colleges, or at least it seems that way to this immigrant. I like most things American, but I have to admit that Basket Ball (known as Netball in the UK – and a girl sport), Baseball, (known as Rounders in the UK and a sport for junior kids) and Football (more akin to Rugby in the UK) do not get my adrenalin flowing. I find it hard to understand why educational establishments should care much about them, but in the US they do. College Football is Big and coaches and others involved in successful teams become legends.

Penn State Football, it seems, has produced its share of legends and Joe Paterno its Head Coach until this week, has enjoyed such a reputation. His Assistant Coach for many years until last week, was Jerry Sandusky. For reasons I have yet to understand, some allegations against Sandusky that date back several years, have finally led to him being investigated by a Grand Jury and charged with 21 felonies (there may be many more charges to come) of Child Abuse. In this scandal that has overtaken Penn State and seems set to destroy the careers and reputations of many in its Sport and Administration Departments, Sandusky is alleged to have had ongoing sexual relationships with a number of young males.

Though some of the alleged felonies have yet to be revealed in detail, we can assume that they are similar to the ones that have been described in the Grand Jury report. One that has been mentioned in the MSM is that he was seen by another member of the Football staff sodomizing a young student in the showers.

So far we don’t know how old most of the alleged victims were, but since this is a college we can assume that most were teenagers and young men. At least some of the offences included a ten-year old boy.

Sandusky, who retired from Penn some two or three years ago when rumors first surfaced about him, was also the Founder of a sports charity known as ‘Second Mile’ and it is alleged that some of his offences were committed with the ‘troubled’ kids that the charity was supposed to help. These kids were probably younger than the Penn College students, though Sandusky’s charitable activities frequently took place on the Penn campus. I am not sure if Sandusky is, or has been, married, but clearly, if the allegations are true, he is a homosexual. So far, the MSM (predictably for our website readers) has avoided using the word ‘homosexual’ and – we predict – will avoid it for ever. Only the term ‘child abuse’ will be employed.

This week, Rush Limbaugh tiptoed around the Sandusky allegations, though he is a devotee of College Football. Some callers to his Radio Show brought the topic up and Rush said words to the effect that “the big thing in this story will not be mentioned in the Media and I will not mention it either, for if I do I will be thrown off the air. You [listeners] all know what I am referring to.” He was, of course referring to homosexuality, for that is what lies at the heart of this scandal if the allegations are true. Sandusky is denying all the allegations but two top level Penn employees are facing criminal charges alleging that they failed to deal appropriately with reports about Sandusky’s behavior. They should have reported any allegations from witnesses to the police and did not do so.

What has most drawn Media attention is that the Head Coach, Joe Paterno – who is invariably described as a ‘legend’ – has been sacked for bearing the ultimate responsibility for failure to report the Sandusky allegations to the police. So far, the scandal has revolved largely around the College failure to react appropriately, thus allowing a (homosexual) predator to repeatedly act with depravity over many years. The question some of us might well ask, knowing how homosexual men indulge in high risk behavior, how sexually active they usually are throughout their lives, and how connected they are to fellow predators, is how many other staff members have been sodomizing kids and teenagers on the Penn campus. Also, is there a ring of predators that extends from the accused Sandusky to beyond the campus?.

As regular visitors to this website will know, I worked in Public Service Child Protection for many years and had very frequent contact with Residential Homes for ill-treated kids and for incarcerated young offenders. Although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, quite a number of these Homes (both Public and Private) were infiltrated by homosexuals who were exploiting positions of power over the powerless in order to have sex with boys and young men. I was pretty sure that some of the Homes for young girls were staffed by lesbians, though I suspect that their sexual relationships took place more amongst the staff than with the young residents. Only years later, when former male residents came forward with accusations and many of the predators were dead, was it revealed how infested were some of the Boys’ Homes. I also discovered over the years that sexual predators gravitated to kids sporting organization, where they ingratiated themselves over years and attained the trust of those parents who were not paying enough attention. They were particularly adept at targeting the emotionally vulnerable kids and those with neglectful or absent parents. I am sure that some boys’ Homes were gradually infiltrated by homosexual rings with the Head of the Home being the ringleader.

Still, we might ask, why so much fuss about the Sandusky charges? If Obama, and the Media Class that now rules us and sponsors him, is able to complete their cultural and moral revolution, sexual relationships by adult men with young boys will be not only decriminalized but encouraged. Already, Obama’s Education Department is directing the Nation’s public schools to teach homosexual perversion as a normal and positive life experience and to showcase homosexuals from the past as great achievers. Sandusky, if he is guilty, (and any partners in crime) would do well to delay this case for as long as possible, for if Obama wins a second term we can be sure that the powerful Homosexual component in the Ruling Media Class will achieve their next goal, which is gaining legal sexual access to young boys.

Herman Cain is either the coolest psychopath in politics (and that is saying something!) or he is innocent, for he continues not only to deny the (mostly nebulous) allegations that the MSM is heaping on him each day, but is continuing to campaign across the Nation for the Republican nomination. It is the opinion of this website that Cain has been fatally damaged by the allegations, not because they are substantial and convincing, but because the MSM has relentlessly and dishonestly promoted them. Even if all the Cain accusers are subsequently proven to be liars, recruited and paid for by Obama supporters, the MSM will not headline retractions, for destroying Cain is their sole aim. I am inclined to think that Cain is only guilty of behavior towards women that is unwise in today’s PC climate, but the Media Class has no intention of letting facts get in the way of their mission, which is to ensure another term in the White House for Obama.

As we predicted way back, the Media Class intends to destroy – by hook or by crook – every Obama opponent, with conservatives and Christians ‘enjoying’ priority status. Rick Perry, whose little memory lapse in a TV debate, has little relevance to his record as an effective two-term Governor of a big and successful State, is now being branded by the MSM as a figure of fun. This is the same MSM that has refused to ever mention Obama’s many gaffes that include the USA consisting of 48 States and describing soldiers as Corpse (the dead body variety) men. Obama’s gaffes have mostly revealed not a memory lapse, but a lack of education. Personally, I don’t think such deficiencies in education should preclude a person from the Presidency, for sound judgment and good principles are more important. But the MSM has never flagged in its efforts to present Obama as a brilliant Renaissance man, when it seems obvious that he is a man who has skipped through College and a subsequent inconspicuous career on the basis of racial preferment and quotas – unlike Herman Cain. It occurs to me that Cain’s biggest threat to Obama and his masters is that as a Presidential candidate he might attract enough Black votes to make a difference.

What are the lessons of all this for conservatives and Christians who contemplate entering politics? First and foremost, they need to realize that the Media Class is the main enemy and the MSM daily news is its most effective weapon. They also need to realize that the tiniest skeleton in the cupboard will be ferreted out and amplified to deafening levels by either totally unprincipled MSM reporters or rich Leftist organizations that are hand-in-glove with their comrades in the MSM. They also need to understand that a lack of skeletons will not stop the MSM from vicious smear campaigns of innuendo and, if necessary, outright lies. The MSM, with the exception of the maverick Fox News, will march in lockstep, not because of conspiracies but because the enemy is a Ruling Class with a common (and revolutionary) Class agenda. The Democrat Party will not need to lift a finger in all this and is not the main enemy. Conservative and Christian politicians need to understand that the Ruling Media Class and its MSM cannot be courted or won over. Temporary favors towards conservatives and Christians are not evidence of good intent but always have an ulterior motive and will never be honored. Do not expect the slightest fair play. There is no arbiter or referee who ensures that all sides are treated the same. Democrats and Leftists will get a pass on anything and everything. Surely the fawning Media treatment over years of the depraved Kennedys and the Barney Franks, and the cover-up of Obama’s past, should convince even the most simple-minded that the Media Class is not in the business of reporting real news or providing objective opinion. Contrast the relentless MSM smearing of the polite and adult Tea Party gatherings and its sympathetic reporting of the juvenile and nihilistic – and often criminal – Occupy gatherings!

It is surely a mistake for the Republicans to expose their candidates a year or more before an election, thus giving the Media Class ample time to search and destroy. It is also a mistake to have TV debates in the hostile studios of the enemy Class. All internal Party debates should be held on friendly territory in front of Party members only, with the MSM very publicly excluded on the grounds that they are not in the business of honest reporting. Politics today, thanks to the emergence of the new and revolutionary Ruling Class, is a civil war zone.

In the past, when this writer had more time to scour the MSM, we used to regularly give examples of clever and biased reporting. Abortion is one of the Media Class litmus test issues, along side of homosexual advancement and the opening of the West’s floodgates to Third World immigration. Last week, abortion as an issue surfaced in a few US elections. In the Wall Street Journal of November 7th, reporter Elizabeth Williamson wrote a long article that a careful reading revealed reporter hostility to those who argue that human life begins at conception. Her first paragraph gave her game away, for she framed attempts to limit abortion as “One of the most divisive issues in politics”. Really? Aren’t there dozens and dozens of equally divisive issues? What she meant was that any attempt to limit abortion is outrageous to her and her comrades in the Media and on the Left. One word in one paragraph fully revealed her agenda. “In New Hampshire, the GOP-controlled state legislature overrode the Democratic governor’s veto of the parents of an underage WOMAN (my capitals!) seeking an abortion.” What is an ‘underage woman’? Why not write “a child’ or a “girl”. I leave it to our readers to draw conclusions.

In the WSJ of November 12th a very long article by Douglas McCollam on New Orleans and this year’s record-breaking murder rate fails to mention race. It is surely impossible to write honestly about the murder rate in the USA without mentioning race. It is even more impossible to write about the murder rate in any big city without focusing on race. In New Orleans, as anyone who has visited that once-great city and birthplace of jazz, knows, race and murder are inextricably linked. But then, the MSM has a policy of never being honest about race and crime. In fact, it has a policy of not being honest about anything and that is why on this website we say that the MSM is a propaganda tool.

Yesterday the US Stock Market bounced back and the MSM and its Government continues to maintain that an economic recovery is just around the corner and will be in time for Obama’s re-election next November. I was doing my daily grocery shopping yesterday and can tell you that the really big economic news is inflation. Only two things are failing to inflate – housing and the dollar. The latter’s devaluation would be more obvious except that most European Nations are also fuelling inflation. This is how Obama and the Europeans are paying for all the reckless spending and for the inflation of the population through uncontrolled immigration – the printing presses are pumping money and credit into the system. The dollar, the Euro or the pound in your pocket is being deliberately devalued by Government. History suggests that inflation, once fuelled, is hard to control and gathers pace. You have been warned?

It is cold and cloudy here in California. If only it would rain! The problem is, according to our climate watchdog in Starcross, Devon (UK), all the rain is falling there in the South West. In nearby Bridgewater (Somerset) the record-breaking rain on November 5th (Guy Fawkes Carnival Night) led to a major collapse of the River Yeo’s banks and the evacuation of many shops and homes. Seems like nothing much changes, for I can remember many horrendously wet carnivals in Bridgewater. I would not be surprised if this year in California we enter a period of serious drought. Again, there would be nothing unusual about that.

Music Choice Last time I mentioned that I was not a big fan of Tony Bennett, although I recognize that he is a giant amongst today’s vocal pygmies. I was never a great fan of Mel Torme (1925-1999) either although again I recognize that he was a singer of great ability and perfect pitch. I just don’t like the high-pitched voice and to me he always sounded rather smug. Nevertheless I cannot leave him out of our tributes.

Torme, the son of Russian Jewish parents was born in Chicago and did it all, musically speaking, from an early age, including singing with the top Big Bands of the 1940’s, composing, leading a tight vocal group, playing drums and writing smart lyrics. ln 1988 he recorded a great album in a Californian winery with the incomparable George Shearing. It included a superb version of the Marvin Fischer masterpiece “When Sunny Gets Blue”. However, Torme had a hit in the UK in 1956 and to me, at the time, it sounded about as cool as a singer can get. His recording of “Mountain Greenery” was the perfect match of singer, tune, arrangement and lyrics. The lyrics on it are as clever as anything written by Cole Porter and Torme wrote them himself. Sit back and enjoy this masterpiece from the 1950’s, for such music will never be popular again.

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