Same-sex Sex And Same-sex Marriage

Sodomy and perversion are not the nicest of topics and on this website we wish we could concentrate on more palatable subjects, but it is currently impossible to read a newspaper or listen to a news broadcast without being bombarded with news of the advance of the same-sex marriage bandwagon. The recent Court decision in Iowa legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’, and now the decision of the New York Governor to introduce it in his State have surely been timed to create the impression of an unstoppable momentum. No doubt the New York Governor, currently experiencing voter unpopularity and Media criticism, is anxious to regain Media support and campaign donations from the wealthy ‘Gay’ crowd. There is no doubt where the sympathy lies in the Mainstream Media’s reporting, and on this website we claim that the ‘normalization’ of homosexuality is very high on the agenda of our new ruling Media Class.

All of the Media reporting on same-sex marriage focuses on two claims. One is the ‘deprivation’ of ‘rights’ that homosexuals are experiencing as a consequence of not being able to marry. These rights are said to be material and include such things as spousal pensions, denial of immigration rights to foreign-born sexual partners, health insurance benefits and hospital visitation rights. It is true that homosexuals in same-sex relationships are excluded from the above privileges that are mostly offered to heterosexual married couples and parents of young children but then many other groups are also denied them and properly so. People who practice polygamy, heterosexuals who have lovers, mistresses, and people who have sex with their dogs are all excluded from many things that are available to married heterosexual couples. Adult sons and daughters who care for elderly relatives are also excluded from many benefits. All have lived with such limitations on ‘rights’ for centuries and common sense has prevailed in recognizing heterosexual marriage as normal and desirable, both for child-raising and for creating healthy standards of behavior that can be passed on from generation to generation.

The other argument used in the MSM to promote same-sex marriage is that granting homosexuals equal access to the institution of marriage will remove the stigma that now attaches to homosexual relationships. No doubt, this motive is at the heart of the homosexual activists’ SSM (same-sex marriage) campaign. Campaigners are quick to deny that the consequence of the legitimization of same-sex relationships through marriage will open the door to the criminalization of any criticism of same sex relationships. However, it is highly unlikely that access to marriage on its own will wholly remove the stigma of homosexuality, for it is in human nature to recognize perversion for what it is. It is predictable that sodomy will continue to be regarded as a dirty and humiliating practice by those who ponder it. It is at this point that Socialists/Leftists and homosexual activists (and our Media Class rulers) find common ground, for Socialists believe that human nature and reality can be altered by legislation, intimidation and control over education. Media people mostly believe that reality can be changed if it is recreated on the screen or on the theater stage. The Media Class’ success in rewriting history via the cinema screen, repeated lies in newspapers and magazines and constant propaganda on the TV screen, depressingly suggests that it might be right to believe that nonsense and outright lies endlessly promoted by the MSM are effective with the majority of people. Thus an endless stream of films and TV soaps that favorably and dishonestly portray homosexual relationships will ‘educate’ the viewers to embrace homosexuality as not only normal but desirable.

There is a large minority of people however who are not taken in by Media propaganda and it is to intimidate and silence these people (Christians, conservatives and Nationalists) that the SSM legislation is directed at. The consequence of the legitimization of SSM will be to insist that all school teachers promote same-sex relationships to children – thus excluding dissenters from teaching and removing any vestige of Christianity from the curriculum – and that everyone undergo regular brainwashing in the workplace to ensure that no-one anywhere expresses the opinion that homosexuality is abnormal. Ironically, this denial of the human right to have an opinion will be achieved under the guise of advancing ‘Human Rights’.

Christians who now base their opposition to SSM and same-sex sexual practices, point to Biblical texts as justification and they are correct to do so. Those of us who believe that the Bible contains the recorded wisdom of human experience can join with those who hold that it is the word of God, on this issue. The truth is however that this argument is only compelling for those who have a respect for Christianity and its place in our culture. The modern Leftist-dominated educational system allied to Media propaganda has ensured that such people are a diminishing proportion of the population consequently this line of argument will not succeed at the ballot box for much longer.

Those who oppose the legitimization of SSM and thus wish to protect the rights of free speech and religious freedom should take the argument back to basics and to where the Media Class, the Leftists and the homosexual activists do most definitely not wish to go. For they all meticulously and deliberately avoid the mechanics of homosexual sex, preferring to divert public attention on to the abstract concepts of romantic relationships, ‘Human Rights’ and Equality.

The truth is that sodomy, the physical sexual act that is the core expression of male homosexual relationships, is both disgusting and unhealthy and this is equally true when it is practiced by heterosexuals. We teach our children to be extremely fastidious when dealing with necessary anal functions and we expect food handlers and medical workers to do likewise. It is not normal to see the anus as a sexual organ and any activity that treats it as such must surely require a perverted motive. The most likely motive is the infliction and the suffering of humiliation. Of course, those bored by normal sexual intercourse and its related activities will perhaps find novelty in anal sex, whilst for others doing something shocking contributes to excitement. This is true for those who boast of having had sex in an airplane, or at a public gathering, in a public lavatory or another person’s bed. Christians, conservatives and Nationalists are realists and recognize human weakness as part of the human condition. In disapproving of such behavior and advising against it they are endeavoring to maintain standards of behavior that contribute to a moral and healthy society. Most recognize that what consenting adults do in private is generally best left ‘un-criminalized’ and also best left un-discussed in public. We could include in this, along with homosexuality, sex with animals, with rubber dolls, sex whilst dressed in plastic or in chains and leather, sex whilst practicing asphyxiation, sex in large groups and all the other bizarre activities that some people find stimulating. All such activities carry a stigma, or should do, and that stigma sometimes results in general condemnation or ridicule. The man or woman who dresses in public in clothes of the opposite sex will surely always experience ridicule or sympathy but not indifference. There is a place for aberrant behavior and it is in private as distinct from public flaunting. The effeminate man who yearns to express feminine behavior is well advised to do so at home or amongst fellow (no pun intended) sufferers and thus avoid ridicule.

The other undeniable aspect of the homosexual relationship is its mimicry of the norm. The use of the anus for intercourse is an imitation of the real thing. The pretense that one partner is a male and the other is a female is another inevitable piece of mimicry for it involves ignoring physical reality. When a man dressed in woman’s clothing and face make-up walks into a public female bathroom we all know that not only is his action based on pretense but that it is grotesque. So is same-sex marriage!

The Media Class, with roots in Hollywood and the theater, and attracting as it inevitably does the dysfunctional and the exhibitionist, is keen to impose a sexual and moral revolution on Western Society. In doing so it seeks to destroy the judgmental Christian religion, silence the conservatives and Nationalists (the latter because they advocate policies that will produce a strong Nation) and remake a society in which the dysfunctional will feel normal. It is an illusory goal that the Media Class pursues and its revolution will lead to the destruction of Western Society if it is successful. The Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah and Gibbons’ account of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire are appropriate lessons from history.

Christians rightly express concern and sympathy for all those afflicted with perverted needs, whether they are caused by nurture or nature, and those who say ‘what if it was your son or daughter who is attracted to the same sex?’ have a point. The answer is to encourage society to recognize the place for and the role of, private behavior. This does not satisfy the new ruling Media Class which is driven to reveal everything in public and leave nothing private and this is why we are experiencing a revolutionary culture war. Because the forces of the Right are not properly identifying the enemy and are largely employing the wrong tactics, they are being overwhelmed by the forces intent on a cultural and social revolution. In fighting the current battle of that war which is over SSM and which is merely a battle in a continuing war of revolution, the defenders of traditional values and hard-won wisdoms need to shift the debate back to the nature of sodomy and the mimicry involved in same-sex relationships. It is time to get the gloves off and shift the debate on to the grubby details.

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