Same-sex Marriage Victory for Wealthy Media Class Perverts

The vote in the New York State Senate last week produced a razor-thin margin for the legalization of the grotesque practice of same-sex marriage. This was after a marathon campaign of threats, intimidation and probably more than a little bribery of the most vulnerable Senators who had previously opposed it.

The New York State Governor Cuomo (Democrat) and the New York City Mayor Bloomberg (Republican) co-incidentally have both made this issue their absolute top priority despite belonging to different parties. I mean TOP priority! Now, isn’t that strange and worth pondering? We can be sure that pretty nearly all of the Nation’s rich homosexuals, including billionaire Tim Gill, have been energetically committing their time and vast wealth to achieving this breakthrough, seeing New York politicians as either pro-homosexual, amenable or vulnerable to pressure and New York as an important State. The Media Class, which through its Mainstream Media (MSM), has long been preparing the ground with sympathetic reporting of ‘gay couples’ desperate for marriage and doing all in its considerable power to create the impression of an unstoppable juggernaut, is now busy inviting us all to celebrate this narrow Senate vote as a victory for civil rights and as a movement with even more momentum. On this website we are not surprised by all this for we have long asserted that homosexual advancement is probably the single most important issue for our new Ruling Media Class. For our new Ruling Class, this victory in New York is bigger news and more deserving of celebration than any other item on its own substantial agenda and certainly more important than economic problems, terrorism, crime, and a host of things that actually are big issues for most people both in New York and in the Nation. The Media Class is right however to view same-sex marriage as its own priority issue, for its advancement best prepares the ground for further revolutionary initiatives which include, driving Christianity once and for all from the public square to the Gulag, severely curtailing free speech in regard to perverted behaviors, and legally ensnaring all the Nation’s children for the purposes of sexual seduction under the guise of education.

The Media’s reporting of this razor-thin, back-room victory is not just wrapped in outrageous bias. It is aimed at preparing the ground for a dramatic but largely concealed advancement in the revolutionary culture war that grips the US and which requires the majority of citizens to be kept unaware of the true nature of this struggle. So we have not only a concerted and orchestrated climate of celebration in the Media – that this vote was a victory for progress, for ordinary folks who just want to be married like everyone else and for the extension of the civil rights that Black people attained in the 1960’s – but also such a misreporting of the facts that those not paying close attention remain ignorant of the fragility of the homosexual victory. Ordinary people scanning their newspaper headlines, listening to their radios – and I include conservative Talk Radio for its hosts are either afraid to tackle the homosexual issue or are under orders to avoid it -, reading the news clips on computers and watching TV will not be aware of the enormous pressure that was concentrated in secret back rooms by powerful and hugely rich individuals. Nor will they know that outside on the streets of New York were masses of ordinary folks – Black, White and Latino – demanding that the issue be put to the people’s vote. The dirty little secret that the Media Class intends to hide is that homosexual advancement can only be achieved in backrooms (no pun intended), through deals and threats to vulnerable politicians or through the Courts. Advancement of the revolutionary homosexual agenda cannot at this time be achieved if (a) the facts are openly and widely debated and (b) the ordinary people are allowed to decide at the ballot box after hearing debate that includes all the facts.

Here are some relevant facts about same-sex marriage that must be suppressed if the Media Class is to succeed in winning more victories in the revolutionary culture war, but first let me say that the MSM constantly and dishonestly frames the issue as a struggle between Christians/bigots (whose only objection is that homosexuality is condemned in one or two passages of their Old Testament Bible), and a ‘community’ that just happens to have slightly different sexual tastes (no pun intended). This dishonest tactic enables the Media Class to achieve several goals simultaneously. Christians can be presented and dismissed as bigoted fools who get their prejudices from an ancient and unauthenticated book. The unhygienic and un-natural activities practiced by homosexuals can be left un-scrutinized and largely unimagined by normal people. The whole issue can be presented as one that does not impinge on the lives of the vast majority of ordinary people. An anti-Christian message in the reporting helps to mobilize secular forces in modern society on the side of the revolutionaries, and only the revolutionaries remain aware of the whole agenda.

No-where in the current Media presentation of the issue of same-sex marriage is there room for an honest look at the institution of marriage. Suddenly, the Media Class is presenting marriage as a wonderful and life-fulfilling event that must be extended to homosexuals, for according to this revised Media view, denial of it is tantamount to destroying people’s lives. Perhaps we should remind ourselves that this same Media Class has been busy for three decades doing all it can to denigrate marriage and promote the modernity and sophistication of ‘living together’, of casual serial relationships, and indeed sex without relationships at all. Indeed, the Media Class has been extremely successful in turning marriage into a minority practice and sex into an activity that has little to do with relationships. How many times have the MSM and its Leftist allies crowed over reports and investigations that purport to show marriage is on life-support. Vast numbers of heterosexuals in the US and the UK live together, some denied marriage by previous marriages but most choosing to simply co-habit. Many people, taking their cue from the Media’s propaganda, now live together with legal agreements about finance and obligations, and Media people and Leftist have lauded this as the new and progressive way, for marriage has been characterized as exploitive and quite unnecessary. In an about turn, shamelessly, the Media Class has reverted to embracing marriage as an institution so important that it must be extended to same sex practitioners so that their lives are not ruined. Of course, the Media Class, Leftists and homosexuals have not suddenly had a change of mind about good old marriage, for demanding that homosexuals can marry – just like the rest of us – is merely a tactic aimed at destroying marriage, bringing down heterosexual relationships to the level of those that are utterly perverted, acquiring a weapon to be used against Christians, and – most important of all – to stifle free speech.

If nothing else, the last 30 years experience of the homosexual movement has taught us that there is no end to its demands. First it was ‘only’ freedom from police persecution and the right to gather in private to pursue sex. Next it was the lowering of the age of consent so that young people could express their sexuality and be available to older homosexuals. We have been moved a long way since, including to a revision of our language; severe restriction of our language; the flaunting of homosexual practices on public streets with ‘Gay’ parades and such things as the SF Fulsom Street event; the – sometimes compulsory – inclusion of public servants in uniform in those parades (police, firemen), homosexuals pursuing their activities in barrack rooms and below decks in the Armed Services, homosexual counseling in junior schools, cross dressing in schools as part of the curriculum, the disbarment of Adoption and Fostering Agencies that will not open their doors to homosexuals, the denial of dating agencies the freedom to select their clientele; and now the right to demand marriage ceremonies from the State and no doubt soon from the Churches. Those politicians and Religious leaders who believe that exceptions to the new rules will be made for Christians are naïve in the extreme for surely recent experiences have taught them that the homosexual movement and the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies do not intend for there to be any exceptions. Their alliance seeks a total victory for homosexuals so that homosexual practices are elevated above heterosexuality. Reducing marriage to a grotesque pantomime is only another step along a road of social and moral revolution. Current assurances of toleration of religious exemptions are not worth anything more than an assurance given by Obama about anything. The homosexual movement that owes its power to its central place within the Media Class does not intend to allow anyone to escape its ultimate control. The homosexual Movement and the Media Class that nurtures it care nothing about marriage and we shall soon see that few homosexuals will bother with it and those that do will not regard marriage as a limit on multiple sexual relationships. Homosexual marriage, once established by law, will enable the State to insist on its equality in children’s education and the silencing of those who until now (in the US though not in the UK) have been able to point out the unnaturalness and sordidness of same sex sexual activities. Once same-sex marriage is extended to every US state, there will be a demand that our historic language be further limited, for if heterosexual couples continue to use the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, they will be reminding society that there are two different types of marriage, one authentic and shaped by nature and one that is based on the pretence that a man is a woman or in all-female marriages the pretence that one partner is a man. I expect that the two words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ will ultimately be removed from our vocabulary.

Anyone monitoring the news on the truthful (conservative) websites will be aware that there has been an outbreak in many urban areas of the US of something called “Flash Mobs”. So far I have not seen any reporting of these events in the MSM, even though Flash Mob events are clearly becoming quite frequent. The two latest I have read about were in Philadelphia and Peoria. Flash Mobs is the term used for the pre-planned gathering of a large number of young people, sometimes as many as 200, in order to raid a store or a bus, terrorize the ordinary people who are going about their business, and loot. The suddenness of the raid, the numbers of participants and the violence used enable those who take part to overcome resistance and also escape detection. One might expect the MSM to be doing its duty and reporting such events as news and in order to alert the potential victims, but the MSM is busy looking the other way or going through Sarah Palin’s emails. The explanation for this reluctance to report is that all the Flash Mobs are composed of Black youths and the victims are non-black. At some point the MSM will not be able to ignore these gang crimes by Black youths for they are becoming part of Black culture. We can expect there to be more MSM words written explaining away these crimes than in reporting and the likely explanations will probably include Black joblessness, historical victimization by Whites and the long hot summer. What will be left out of the scenario will be the fact that Obama is President and Holder is head of the Justice Department and that as a result, racial divisions have grown and the Black underclass is becoming bolder and more impatient.

It has always been my belief that sodomy is an expression of sado-masochism. Consequently male on male sodomy is about one partner inflicting humiliation on the other. It is interesting that rapists are very often, if the opportunity presents, keen to sodomize their victims. I was reminded of this when I read last week of the execution in Alabama of Eddie Powell, a Black man who back in 1995 robbed, raped and murdered poor old Mattie Lee Williams, aged 70. She was White and a close reading of the crime reveals that young Eddie sodomized poor Mattie as well as raping and murdering her. I think this is significant. I am glad Eddie was executed though I never celebrate such events. Justice was done on June 16th and that is all one can say but we will never know what kind of life Eddie had as a youngster. Probably he received rotten parenting and was surrounded by deadbeats. Maybe he was sodomized by older men.

I was saddened to read today of the death at 81 of Peter Falk. I have little time for today’s Hollywood phonies but Falk was my idea of an actor. His role in the series ‘Columbo’ was masterful. I watched them regularly back in the 1970’s and a few years ago bought the DVD collection, expecting to be a little disappointed second time around. Quite the opposite for I saw that Falk was a wonderful actor, the series was studded with great actors like Patrick McGoohan, and the stories were extremely well written and directed. Despite knowing the killer from the beginning and knowing he/she would be caught out by Lt. Columbo, every episode is fascinating. No sex, little violence, no car chases and no bad language, just adult entertainment. Those were the days! Highly recommended!

Music Choice – Errol Garner who was born in 1926 and died in 1977 was an extraordinary pianist who defied categorization. It was said that he was self-taught and could not read a note of music and I think that was probably true, yet he was a complete master of the keyboard with both hands. Garner never sounded good in anything larger than a trio with bass and drums and mostly he did not need a rhythm section at all. He made many great recordings and enjoyed much success late in his life but there was a time when he scrabbled for a living and drove taxis. I recommend the recording of his 1955 Carmel concert and in particular the track called ‘Mambo Carmel’ which was his own composition. On bass was Eddie Calhoun and on drums the polished Denzil Best. Garner wrote the famous and romantic tune ‘Misty’ but ‘Mambo Carmel’ features him doing what he did best, having fun.

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