Same-Sex Marriage And Adoption – The Slippery Slope

Last week my wife and I took our 4 year-old son with us to investigate a modest fee-paying pre-school in the neighborhood. We were quite impressed with the facilities, the teaching and the care staff. After the tour we talked with the Admissions Director and asked about the moral education that is given. Now my wife is an atheist and I am a non-practicing Christian but we both believe that our child will benefit from some mild non-denominational Christian teaching including a simple prayer each morning or before lunch and a carol service and Nativity event at Christmas. A rendering of the Pledge of Allegiance and the National anthem would also seem appropriate. After all, this is a Christian country with a Christian heritage, so why not? We were told that the pre-school has a politically correct policy so that no specific religion is promoted and at holiday times Hanukah, Kwanzaa and other religions including Christianity were touched upon. I then said that I would not want to send my son to a place where the children were taken to a teacher’s same-sex wedding. The AD looked uncomfortable and said she hoped that no school should get that involved with a teacher’s private life. It would certainly not happen in this school she reassured us. She did add, however, that there were children in this pre-school who had two mommies or two daddies and that this was fine with the school.

Now I understand that no child should be excluded or penalized because of the family arrangements of their ‘parent’ or guardian. I can also see that in a multi-racial and multi-cultural society like California it is necessary to acknowledge the existence of other religions and cultures. But this experience has brought me up hard against some issues that make me very uncomfortable. First of all, how far should racial and cultural minority newcomers to a country expect that country to abandon its traditions in order to accommodate them or make them feel included? Is it possible or likely that in the absence of a clear religious presence in the classroom a truly moral character can be fostered in future citizens? And if my child is confronted with classmates with two same-sex ‘parents’ does that not introduce him to ‘homosexuality as normal’ at an early age?

Secularists, and perhaps some Jews and Muslims, will tell me that if I want my child to be ‘indoctrinated’ with Christianity then I should do it at home and at Church. State schools here in the US have already been purged of Christianity by a few militants and militant minorities. Yet I am sure that if the majority of parents were genuinely consulted they would wish for public schools to have an underpinning of non-denominational Christian teaching to be built into the curriculum. This majority would include many racial and cultural minority parents, for I know Asians, Jews and Latinos who are happy to accept the traditional culture of the Nation they have adopted and many are already Christian too. Under the guise of claiming to speak for minorities of all kinds and impose ‘religious neutrality’, the enemies of Christianity have won a major battle in the culture war that this website targets.

My wife and I have concluded that we will indeed have to place our son in a Christian pre-school in order that he has some real moral teaching (based on 2000 years of accumulated wisdom and the wisdom of Jesus Christ) and a sense of Nation. If that requires me to also attend a Church, so be it. If it requires us to Home School, we will.

When I attended public schools in the UK, we had a non-denominational assembly every morning with a couple of hymns and a carol service at Christmas. That was many years ago before the mass immigration that the British people never requested. There were a couple of Jewish children in the school and several Catholics. I lived in a very poor neighborhood and the majority of children never attended a Church with their parents or heard religion mentioned at home. The Salvation Army band played in the street on Sunday. That was it! School was where most of us got our introduction to religion. The Jews and Catholics were allowed to opt out of the Assembly and Christmas functions if their parents wished. Some did and some didn’t. Meanwhile, the school, like all public schools of the time, honored the Nation’s traditional culture and the wishes of its vast majority. What was wrong with this? If the levels of crime then and now are compared it would seem that school Christian teaching did some good.

We are confident that at a Christian pre-school our son will not have to be introduced to homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriages’. Maybe when he is much older we will teach him that sodomy is undesirable and that marriage is an institution for man and woman and for procreation. I do not expect his Christian school to get into such issues other than to uphold traditional marriage in general terms. In the meantime, we will teach him that his anus is only for getting rid of fecal matter and requires great attention to hygiene. My wife and I can now see why homosexual activists have been so keen to promote homosexual adoption and fostering, artificial fertilization for lesbians and same-sex marriage, for it opens the floodgates. Faced with children from these unnatural arrangements, schools cannot refuse to accept them and that means that all children and their parents are forced to accept the arrangements behind the children as ‘normal’. The alternative is to be very unkind to children who are already morally and emotionally handicapped.

Where is this taking our society? Well, not far into the future all normal parents and their children will find themselves being confronted with some same-sex ‘parents’ arriving at school with one partner being towed on a chain and dog-collar, dressed in leather thongs and other sado-masochistic paraphernalia. There will be grotesque men dressed as women and women aping men. Parents will be told that such perversion is simply a choice of lifestyle, just as normal and acceptable as any other arrangement and not open to criticism. They will also be told that the children of such situations are perfectly adjusted and happy and only bigots are objecting. In any case, it will be proclaimed, no-one should make the children of SM practitioners feel rejected. In all probability Obama and his Media-sponsored Democrat Party extremists will pass laws that close down all those Christian schools that do not enthusiastically accept such ‘diversity’. Home-schooling will be banned, for Leftists and homosexual activists do not consider children to be the property and responsibility of their parents, nor do they want any child to escape their indoctrination. Look down this road and see where it is leading! Thirty years ago no-one thought that homosexuals would ever be able to adopt, foster or ‘marry’ each other. No-one thought that hundreds of men dressed in leather thongs and nothing else would be able to anally fornicate, masturbate each other and indulge in oral same sex on city streets in broad daylight as part of a festival, watched by thousands of citizens, some children and many policemen. This is now happening regularly in San Francisco and will spread to all other cities as part of ‘Gay Pride’. Readers, you have been warned!

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