Same-Sex Marriage – A Mere Stepping Stone To Ultimate Decadence

I suppose the word ‘decadence’ evolved from the verb ‘to decay’ (to waste away, rot, a state of ruin).   The verb surely predicts what will happen to Western Civilization and to our USA when the Ruling Media Class and its dominant homosexual constituency achieves its aim of normalizing and popularizing sodomy and its attendant and disgusting same-sex practices. 

    Not a day goes by but same-sex marriage is in the ‘news’. Visitors to this website will be aware that what we get as ‘news’ is actually artful propaganda and has little relation to real news. Amongst all the lies, distortions of truth and endless deceits that are vomited out by our Mainstream Media (MSM), none has been more persistent than the daily bandwagon of same-sex marriage. No matter what disasters afflict our economy, no matter what natural disasters afflict our people, no matter what deadly threats develop in the Islamic Empire, the same-sex marriage bandwagon rolls along at the top of our Nation’s news headlines. No-one who reads the headlines, let alone those who delve into the celebratory reports that follow, can doubt where the sympathies of reporters and editors lie. 

    Just yesterday, two headlines were that our evolving President is making sure that Supreme Court Justice Roberts knows how he is to cast his decisive vote; and that some 70 leading Republicans were pleading with their Party to ‘get up to date/abandon bigotry/kiss the Christian vote goodbye’ and support same-sex marriage. 

    To be honest, the two headlines were not quite as transparent as mine, for that would be to let the cat out of the bag for all those ‘low information’ voters to see. That would never do, though all but the ‘low information’ voters can surely see that the MSM is both the driver and the engine propelling the SSM bandwagon. Visitors to this website will be aware that we assert that the idea that Obama ‘evolved’ on the issue of SSM is laughable. It was his willingness to whole-heartedly advance the homosexual cause that led to the billionaires of Hollywood plucking him from the Democrat Party ranks and promoting him over poor Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries. No-one – and certainly not this lying President – ‘evolves’ on the issue of SSM for that would involve thinking about the disgusting sexual practices of men with men and the ramifications of legally setting aside this major symbolic hurdle to the grossly perverted of society. And the 70 ‘top Republicans’, on closer investigation, turned out to be a collection of obscure RINO’s and has-beens, most notably the daughter of Jon Huntsman. Jon who? 

    However, before continuing I advise our website readers to visit both the Free Republic website (27th February posting by Space Bar titled “Phony Minorities and the New Gay Hell”) and the original article on the website ‘Weird Republic’ February 9th by Thomas Clough. These are absolute ‘Must Reads!’. 

    When refuting any propaganda advanced by the Ruling Media Class in its MSM we need to stop following the Hare they have set running past our eyes and instead concentrate on the facts that are staring us all in the face. Marriage is no longer a big deal, in fact for many Americans it is hardly a small deal. Apart from the most devout Christians and traditionalists, marriage between man and woman has become almost irrelevant. It has been stripped of tax advantages, can be replaced by cheap legal property contracts and, should any children result from an unmarried heterosexual relationship, there is no longer any stigma in illegitimacy. There are some disadvantages resulting from marriage and one is the cost and unpleasantness of divorce. 

    Now it is a sad business that marriage has been largely abandoned by our heterosexual populations in all social strata, but it is a fact nevertheless. Given that it is widely considered irrelevant to all but the devout, why has it emerged as a life or death issue for homosexuals? Smart people will surely ask themselves this question. They will ask why it is that homosexual billionaires and their rich Leftist sympathizers are willing to pour as many dollars as it takes to open this little-respected marriage door to same-sex couples who already can indulge in unlimited sodomy and battery-powered orgasms. All the claims of benefits denied to unmarried same-sex partners, can be assured by easy legal steps. So why is marriage that has been exclusively (and for good reasons) between a man and a woman and indelibly linked to Religion suddenly so in need of fundamental and radical alteration that even our President must take sides? It is so obviously a divisive issue between Christians and some secularists so why is he willing to throw his weight behind those who wish to destroy this institution’s links to procreation and offend millions of Christians? Here is an institution clearly intended to unite men with women and that is thousands of years old and world-wide but must now be changed to satisfy a small minority. 

    Since same-sex couples can already set up legal partnerships or join the majority of heterosexuals and just co-habit, we might wonder why commandeering a Christian-based institution is so important, not only to homosexual activists, but to our Leftist politicians, to Supreme Court Justices, to many Big Business leaders, to Hollywood and our President. Clearly there is more to the issue than meets the eye. We can assume that traditional marriage is a symbol of normalization for some homosexuals. The marriage ceremony also offers an opportunity for flamboyant excess, dressing up and self advertisement-qualities greatly appealing to many homosexuals. But these are not sufficient to explain the relentless and ruthless drive for SSM that has suddenly engulfed our society. 

    Those who are driving the issue, and especially those in the MSM, do not intend that we should look below and beyond the surface, and so the words ‘equality’, ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘love’ are constantly employed, and we are invited to see the issue as simply an extension of Black liberation. It is the same with the sexual mechanics of same-sex relationships, for the Media and the homosexuals are determined that the low information voters, the squishy RINO’s and those pastors who desperately fear charges of bigotry, should not ponder the disgusting nature of anal sex, the obvious implications of domination and humiliation involved in sodomy, the barrenness that Nature/ God has imposed on unnatural sex, the artificial methods required (not because of physical handicap or age but because there can never be a natural physical expression) and the make-belief that has to be employed. It is hysterically funny, grotesque and ultimately sad when a man refers to another man as ‘his husband’. Like the little boy who watches the naked Emperor in the parade we are required by the MSM, the homo activists and now our President, not to notice the obvious. 

    The full explanation for the madness we are now experiencing can only be found on this website. We maintain that America (and many Western Nations) is in the throes of a Revolution because a new Class has taken power. This new Class (the Media Class) is an amalgamation of many constituencies but right at its heart is the homosexual constituency that occupies so much of Show Business, Entertainment Fashion and Advertizing. This very rich deviant constituency is determined that the new Ruling Class should do what all new Ruling Classes in history have done, and that is remake society in its own image. In addition, the Media Class has forged an alliance with the Revolutionary Left and it so happens that both are driven to destroy old traditions, Christianity, the family and all those things which obstruct the march to a new world order. 

    Those website visitors over 50 will remember when homosexuals wanted only to be left alone to their privacy and not criminalized for their deviant behavior. In the intervening short 50 years they have come a long way. Now, the Boy Scouts are about to be forced to recruit deviant scout masters and their ranks permeated with transvestites. Dating agencies may not restrict their clientele to heterosexuals. Bakers and photographers dare not refuse to pander to those who want to flaunt their bizarre behaviors. Small business owners risk denunciation, vandalism and physical attack if they donate to the defense of traditional Christian marriage. No Adoption and Fostering Agency may now refuse to place vulnerable children with admitted perverts. We may safely forecast that after SSM is ruled obligatory throughout America – and it will be – Pastors and Priests will be forced to officiate at these grotesque ceremonies. What is obvious to those who look below the surface of this latest issue is that traditional marriage is just another Christian citadel to fall to the Revolutionaries. As soon as traditional marriage is legally destroyed, we will be overwhelmed at the next institution and then the next until we are forced to take oath that we support our schools in their mission to teach the delights of perversion from pre-school onward. At that point we will either be taking many similar oaths in a Totalitarian society or America and the West will have succumbed to a morally superior and stronger enemy. 

    Sometimes there is a small nugget of good news. J.C.Penney’s sales dropped almost a third in the last 12 months. Penney’s, despite its losses, contributes large sums to homosexual activism and to the ‘fight for marriage equality’. Several explanations have been offered in the MSM for Penney’s bad sales figures but predictably no reporter mentions the possibility that real marriage supporters are buying elsewhere. Me, for one! I used to be a regular at Starbucks but now I travel the extra mile to Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I used to frequently shop at ‘Homo’ Depot but now I go to Lowes. I would like to avoid Amazon but so far do not know of an alternative. Target is another off my list of providers. I am sure I am not alone and I hope that all visitors to this website will direct their purchases to those stores that stay out of politics. 

    Other good news is that Putin and the Russians are resisting the homosexual band wagon. I never thought that I would hear good news from Russia. In case you missed the news in the MSM (it wasn’t there!) many thousands of gun owners gathered in Albany, New York State on 28th February to protest the new restrictive gun laws. The NRA is right to be wholly uncompromising for the Obama Gang will use any concession to advance to the next and then the next. There is a parallel here with the SSM issue. Every concession is a step in a long retreat to defeat. The heartening pictures of the Albany rally can be found on Free Republic’s website of 28th February and posted by ‘Iceflyer’. 

    Weather reports and music choice will be on the next posting. Time is short!

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