Same Old English Weather!

On my first visit back to England for a few years, the first thing I noticed was that the weather hasn’t changed, which is to say that it is as changeable as ever. I seem to have missed the bout of global warming that last year so excited the predictors of hot deserts and rising seas from the Wash to Fishguard. Last year’s heat wave is now a dim memory for the people I talk to. Most seem to think that this summer has been an unusually wet and cool one and that it is over before it started.

I know the feeling because it was like that for most of my many years spent in the Westcountry. In the 1950’s we had global cooling and the beginnings of a new Ice Age (or was it a nuclear winter?) and the 1960’s was just as bad. In the second half of the 1970’s things looked up a bit and one year we had a lengthy ‘drought’ that persisted from June to October. Trees died and houses subsided, though only a little. Since spending many years in California I now know what dry summers really are.

Last week I watched the waves pounding over the sea wall and railway tracks at Dawlish and then enjoyed fish and chips beside the Dawlish river and watched the grey clouds scurry across the sky. I had a sense of déjà vu, for I must have had this experience a hundred or more times before. My daughter tells me that she has bathed in the English Channel only twice this ‘summer’. On a trip to Nottingham I noticed that England is still a very green land, at least those parts that haven’t been built on to accommodate the millions of legal and illegal immigrants from the Third World and Eastern Europe.

I mention all this because I seem to recall that the scientific consensus at the end of last year was that the UK was in for an even hotter and drier summer this year. It hasn’t happened according to my lying eyes. Back in California my neighbors tell me that the summer continues to be unusually cool. Sacramento, in the Central Valley where summers are always suffocating, has had its coldest August temperatures since records began.

I remind my family here in England that wet and chilly summers are the norm, despite Al Gore’s pronouncements on climate change, and that one has to go back to the 1930’s for the really hot UK weather records. Of course there are parts of the world and parts of the US that are experiencing very hot weather but changing weather patterns do not confirm global warming, only regional warming and regional cooling.

A lot of things have changed in England, though, and none for the better. The murder rate seems to have shot through the roof (and no pun intended). Despite the media doing all it can to keep the native people in the dark (again, no pun intended!), it is clear that most killers are black and so are many, though certainly not all, of their victims. Why is it that few immigrants from India and China are involved in violent crime, or indeed any crime? And why is it that black kids have such a problem attending school and getting an education whilst Indian and Chinese kids reach the top of the education ladder? No one in academia or government dares to explore these questions honestly. To do so would be even more dangerous than walking the streets of Manchester at night– and that is saying a lot!

Mr. Radical and Mr. Right will soon be posting up a book on this website. I call it a book despite its brevity, for it will be much more than a pamphlet in length. The author is George Wellor who wrote a short but informative book back in the 1980’s dissecting the socialist bid for power on the UK’s streets. His book was called “The Trojan Horse. The True Face of Socialism in Britain” and it was published privately by the Conservative Family Campaign.

George, like Radical and Right, claims that the Media Class now holds political and social power in the West. Keep watching this website!

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