Ryan Retreats and Rand Paul Betrays

When Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate in the 2012 Presidential election, we on this website did not feel galvanized.   Romney was a far better candidate in 2012 than McCain in 2008 but at least McCain chose Sarah Palin. Ryan, accurately described as a ‘policy wonk’, was indeed an uninspiring personality and wholly lacking in fire. He only became worked up when discussing his detailed economic and financial plans. The ignorant, blustering and cunning Biden made mincemeat of him in the televised debate. Ryan had all of Romney’s political defects plus some. At least Romney in the first debate with Obama showed aggression, not too much deference, and won hands down. Why he did not go for Obama’s jugular in the ensuing debates is a mystery. Maybe too much deference from then on! 

    Romney and Ryan were and are decent men, and Romney in the primaries displayed a good deal of political venom towards his Republican comrades. Unfortunately this evaporated in the main contest. There are surely several reasons why politicians on the Right pull their punches when engaging the real enemy. No doubt all-encompassing fear of the Media Class and its Mainstream Media (MSM), waiting to pounce on any slip of the tongue, are at the very top of the list. But not too far behind is the White guilt that dreads the accusations of racism that the MSM and the Left scream at any and every opportunity. 

    Who can doubt that Romney was conscious at all times that he must pull punches because Obama was Black – and the first Black President. So riven with this guilt and fear are Republican politicians and White citizens that they cannot call a spade a spade when expressing views on any issue that remotely connects to African Americans. Pussy-footing speakers and writers sound just like, well, pussy-footing speakers and writers! Gutlessness is not an inspiring character trait for those who are starting a fight as underdogs. Boldness is! Only imbeciles will follow a gutless leader into the danger zone. At the present revolutionary time, when the revolutionary forces are gaining the upper hand, counter-revolutionary leaders and rank-and-file soldiers need to show boldness, uncompromising courage, be outspoken and unambiguous, and ready to fight with bare knuckles. Most of all it is time to discard defensive tactics which actually play right into the hands of the MSM and its Leftist allies. 

    It is time to stop using timid code-words in the hope that our sympathizers will interpret but opponents will not. It is also time to stop toning down the arguments for fear they will offend the enemy and his followers. Toning them down weakens them! It is time to shed ambiguity. Such tactics do not educate those who are confused and do not invigorate those who are leaning Right. They do not put fire into the bellies of our own troops and do not fool our confident and powerful enemies for one moment. Truth, plain-spoken and unambiguous truth, never qualified nor apologized for, is our best weapon. 

    Paul Ryan – still a good man and still a ‘policy wonk’ – appeared last week on a Bill Bennett radio program to give what he probably considered to be an ‘out-reaching’ viewpoint. He observed that anti-poverty programs often “create incentives not to work and to stay where you are – that’s not what we want in society … There are a lot of people slipping through the cracks in America that are not reaching their potential and we as conservatives should have something to say about that.” 

    He then went on – still talking in code – to say, “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, so there’s a cultural problem that has to be dealt with.” 

    Ryan is clearly what used to be called a ‘holy fool’. He meant well here, and he was right, but he put the Leftist noose around his own neck with the rope of gutlessness. Everybody on our side, even many who spend their time watching TV Football and lack the self-interest to resist the revolution, knew he was referring to African Americans. The coded language did not, of course, fool the enemy for one moment and before Ryan could say “Oops! I’ve dropped myself in it” the Left and the MSM had convicted him of using the coded language of a racist. Barbara Lee, a Black Californian Democrat who wallows in racism when pandering to her Black voters, described Ryan’s words as a “thinly veiled racial attack; when Ryan says ‘inner city’, when he says ‘culture’, these are simply code words for what he really means: Black”. 

    On this website we would ask this basic question first. Why should Paul Ryan be concerned about inner-city Blacks at this time? They are on the other side of the revolutionary war and will remain there en masse in the next election and the one after that. There is not a scrap of evidence that they or their leaders wish to exchange their ‘culture’ for one that would invigorate their neighborhoods, reduce violent crime, restore the once-flourishing Black family and be weaned off welfare. All the anecdotal evidence suggests that inner-city Blacks are more race-conscious than ever before and wish to enjoy victimhood and weekly reparations from the working taxpayers. Who was Ryan trying to persuade? He would be better occupied finding ways to appeal to the increasing number of Oriental and Asian citizens who have everything to gain from free enterprise, competitive education, lower taxes, safer streets, free speech and who mistakenly vote Democrat. He might also be usefully engaged committing to the traditional family and firing up the Republican base. 

    Ryan showed that not only is he mealy-mouthed but also naïve, for in response to the Media ‘storm’ he put out a statement saying he had been “inarticulate”. No conservative or Christian should ever apologize for saying what they meant to say and especially in response to a Media and Leftist ‘storm’. The proper response is to double-down on the offending statement thus showing backbone, integrity and confidence. These will invigorate and encourage our side and infuriate our enemies. 

    In the same week, Rand Paul called for the GOP to drop its social conservatism. Clearly conservatives need to drop Rand Paul! He is not a man of conviction. On this website we have never been impressed with Libertarianism for it rejects all connection to history and the people who have made a Nation’s history. Conservatism is steeped in history and seeks to preserve and strengthen all those things which have enabled a Nation to survive intact and, in America’s case, flourish. The Founding Fathers who came to America and built a thriving Nation did not come here to escape Christianity but to practice it. They endured much hardship and death out of conviction. They sought to leave a Europe which was not Christian enough. They were Protestants who saw the Roman Catholic Church as immoral, corrupt and authoritarian. They viewed the Church of England as little better. They came to America, not to be less moral, but more moral. We can look back and see the religious divisions between Protestants and Catholics and between Protestants and Protestants as symptoms of their times but the underlying Christianity and the morality of the Bible underpinned the magnificent Constitution they devised and it shaped the American character. Why should Republicans abandon Christian morality and child-conceiving traditional families (the replenishing foundation of a vigorous Nation) for social anarchy and a heartless and selfish amoral childless free-for-all motivated only by individual greed? Who will sacrifice for such a Nation? 

    There are many practical arguments for opposing same-sex-marriage, including the fiscal ones so prized by Libertarians. Why should a man be entitled to a pension solely because he is committing sodomy with another man and has pretended it is a marriage? What good can it do a Nation to recognize as desirable relationships that are barren? Such questions are almost endless. But is Rand Paul so stupid as not to see that SSM, indeed any contemporary surrender to the homosexual cause, is merely to invite more surrender until the Nation is characterized by its homosexuality? We, on this website, have endlessly pointed out that homosexuality is abnormal, unnatural and grossly unhygienic. Perverting words like ‘gay’ and ‘inclusive’ cannot alter the reality of perversion. The facts can only be denied by the Government suppression of free speech and truth. Sodomy, disgustingly unhygienic, is essentially sado/masochistic. It is about sexually humiliating and being sexually humiliated. This is just as true when practiced by heterosexuals as homosexuals. SSM; the misuse of the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’; the homosexual aping of the concepts of man and woman whilst denying striking anatomical differences; the ridiculous aping of the marriage traditions (wedding rings, wedding cakes, best man, wedding photographs, honeymoons) between two people of the same sex, all this would be laughable (or sad) if not so fatal to a healthy society and a strong Nation. 

    Conservatives, being realists, will recognize that perversion and abnormality have always existed and that in a society rooted in Christian charity, sympathy and respect for individual freedom and privacy, allowance will be made for those unfortunate enough to be plagued by unnatural appetites. But making allowance is not the same thing as celebrating and encouraging. Rand Paul is revealing himself to be gutless or calculating. Some of his Libertarian followers may too ignorant to see that SSM is simply another breach in the damn that protects a healthy society, but Paul is not stupid. In calling for the Republican Party to drop its social morality he must know that he is giving aid and comfort to the new Ruling Class and the Nation’s foreign enemies. He must be aware that he will fatally weaken the Nation and will be consigning Christianity to the margins. He cannot be unaware that the homosexual agenda has only just begun. No doubt he is hoping to prosper immediately by capturing the ill-informed and indoctrinated youth vote, the financial support of wealthy homosexuals and maybe even some Media approval. In his betrayal of conservatism he calculates that he will gain ground on Ted Cruz and other rivals for the Republican nomination. Rand Paul has revealed that he is not a politician of conviction. He is a renegade! 

    Last week, much was made in the MSM of the Big Business withdrawal from the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Is there any Big Business now that does not dance to the pervert’s tune? One thing is certain, Big Business is no longer concerned about offending customers. Since perverts and Libertines are a relatively small customer base, explanations have to be sought beyond rational economics. On this website we offer them all in one package and here they are and all of them relevant. 

    Some of these businesses have been infiltrated with perverts at board level. Men – and now women – who neglect their parental responsibilities for ambition and careers frequently end up with dysfunctional children blighted by sexual and emotional problems. BB leaders and their families are increasingly socializing with degenerate celebrities and embracing their values. In today’s shallow and Godless society, rubbing shoulders with celebrities is considered the pinnacle of achievement. Many BB leaders fear this Imperial and lawless White House and its willingness to choose favorites and enemies when issuing legislation. Those not driven by a hunger to rub shoulders with the Ruling Media Class nevertheless fear its MSM’s power to persecute individual businessmen and businesses! As we often assert on this website, those who oppose the new Ruling Class, its perverts and its White House, are modern-day David’s fighting Goliath. 

    Incidentally – and not surprisingly – the MSM failed to actually report the St. Patrick’s Day Parade so we can assume that it passed off successfully. The organizers deserve three cheers for their courage and adherence to principle. Not a renegade Rand Paul or a timid Paul Ryan amongst them! They understood that any parade that includes overt homosexuality is not fit for children and families to view. 

    We regularly report on the official persecution of Nationalists in Britain. The UK, with the connivance of all its main political parties, has long abandoned free speech and judicial neutrality. It is now a subtle police state and David Cameron, who masquerades as a conservative, presides over it. The MSM hides the lawless persecutions of Nationalists from the public. Dawn Charlton, the BNP campaigner in Maryport who was probably cheated out of victory in a local election and has since been subjected to constant harassment, was, as we reported, arrested in a midnight swoop by 12 military-style policemen and held in custody along with the valiant Clive Jefferson. After several weeks of living as if a criminal, she was officially informed last week that no charges will be brought. Despite trawling through her effects and searching for anything to justify a prosecution, the police and their henchmen in the CPS have been unable to find one chargeable thing. Nevertheless such police-state actions hinder the BNP’s campaigns, smear the reputations of their activists and intimidate many sympathizing citizens. 

    Americans should pay particular attention to these happenings, for who can doubt that the Obama Government, the Democrat Party and its followers, the Leftists who dominate academia, many Federal judges, the billionaire homosexual activists and the Public Service Union bureaucracies, all yearn for the abandonment of the Constitution and the suppression of political opposition and free speech. Last week in the UK another BNP supporter was arrested and immediately jailed as he left a BNP gathering. His arrest was justified on the basis that an un-named person had claimed on the telephone that he said something offensive to her. Here we see selective arrest on the basis of an un-witnessed denunciation. And our MSM and many in the UK accuse Putin of running a police State! 

    Here may be a rare piece of good news from the USA, where citizens have not yet been disarmed and St Patrick’s Day Parade is not yet a ‘Gay Celebration’ of sodomy. 

    On March 4th, 16 year old Thrin Short and her older sister were members of a small group of pro-life Santa Barbara University demonstrators, peacefully and quietly holding a banner and handing out leaflets drawing attention to the murder of babies in the womb. They are the sort of youngsters who are now embarrassing Rand Paul with their social and Christian convictions. They stood on a small piece of campus land set aside as a free speech zone. Black, Feminist Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young, who ‘teaches’ Feminist Studies at UC Santa Barbara and specializes (according to the University website) in black cultural studies and pornography, was so incensed by their presence and their message that she allegedly tore the banner from Thrin’s hands, damaged it and engaged in physical violence. 

    The good news! Recent reports say that Miller-Young has been charged with one misdemeanor count each of theft, battery and vandalism. The University refuses to comment though we have to wonder if it has a policy of zero tolerance of violence and if that will be enforced. We doubt it! Miller-Young’s actions underpin what we wrote above regarding the social Left’s (are any Democrat Party members mirroring Rand Paul’s opposition to ‘social’ policies?) hatred of free speech and diversity of opinion. Still, it is worth noting that even here in California we have not yet reached the point where a dozen militarized policemen arrive in the dead of night, seize Thrin and her sister, hold them for 12 hours, keep the threat of charges hanging over them for weeks and then drop them without apology and recompense. 

    Lastly, Rush Limbaugh last week drew attention to some stark evidence that – as we claim on this website – the MSM is actually employed for propaganda. CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson unwittingly revealed in an interview that reporters submit written questions to the White House Press and receive written answers, allegedly to enable the White House to most effectively reply. The verbal bit that follows is sheer theater. Attkisson, no doubt fearing that her gaffe will end her career, is claiming that she mis-spoke. Weather. 

    The UK’s tax-funded BBC, a nest of perverts and Leftists and the UK’s Media Class leadership, announced on Friday that the UK now has an official drought. The BBC is the leading global warming organ of the UK. It seems that only 16 days without rainfall are sufficient to define a drought. The BBC soothed public alarm by saying that there will be no water rationing yet. As visitors to this website will know, the UK experienced a very wet winter. Any water shortages in the UK will be entirely due to over-population caused by mass immigration to the small island. The BBC will never mention this! In the USA Spring has arrived though many parts are still experiencing snow, ice and cold weather. In Washington State, heavy rains have just caused a deadly landslide but here in middle California it is sunny and warm by day and chilly by night. We could do with much more rain and only a little is forecast but all is normal and in the SF Bay there has been no rise in sea levels. 

    Music Choice. Trumpeter Donald Byrd (born 1932, died largely unacknowledged February 2013) never found much favor with jazz critics although he played with every great modern jazz musician from the early 1950’s to the early 1990’s. A much more accomplished player than Miles Davis and with the delicacy of Fats Navarro, Clifford Brown, Chet Baker and Shorty Rogers, Byrd could dance lightly over the rhythm section and reach depths of expression to match most of the greats. We recommend his great recording session of 1977 made with alto saxophonist Jackie McLean and which includes ‘Lorraine’. Based on the chords of the masterpiece ballad ‘Embraceable You’, Byrd (and McClean) shadows the tune yet re-invents it with delicacy and emotion. The pianist is the under-rated Elmo Hope, Doug Watkins on bass and Art Taylor on drums. This is a high-point of American culture. It has been musically all downhill since.

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