Rush Limbaugh Should Read This Website and All Will Be Revealed!

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Rush has been in one long rage. What seems to have snapped his cool is his discovery that the Media no longer has anything to do with journalism. In his own words, Rush said there is no longer news, only propaganda. He said that Mainstream Media (MSM) reporters were merely ‘shills’ for the ruling Class. I am not sure what the word ‘shills’ means. I guess it is a remnant from Yiddish, but I assume Rush means that reporters are bought and paid for by what he terms the Ruling Class. This Ruling Class, according to Rush, consists of Leftist Lawyers, Leftist Academics, Democrat politicians and Media people. He included a number of other Leftist professional groups that I cannot recall. I understand his rage, for he is right to assert that everything the Media puts out is lying propaganda, but his explanation for all this is almost incoherent. All I can say is that Rush is ‘getting there’.

First, let me point out, yet again, that Rush is a part of the Media Class. He may not consider himself to be part of that Class and he may not want to be, but like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Brian Sussman, Glen Beck, Michael Savage et al, he is. The best evidence for this is two-fold. The first is that almost any one of the above (and their colleagues on Fox News and Talk Radio) has more influence than all the Republican Congressmen and Party Officials put together. Their access to the microphone and the TV cameras gives them enormous power and influence and they have become the voice and leadership of the Right. The second piece of evidence is the wrath that they are generating amongst their fellow Media people. Some of these colleagues are openly expressing hope that Rush will soon die painfully and before their eyes so that they can enjoy his agony. More and more are openly calling for Obama to close down Fox News and conservative Talk Radio. Their vicious anger and impatience is fuelled by the fact that Rush and Co. are reaching the hungry conservative masses with their news and political message and thus breaking the Leftist Media Class monopoly.

But also enraging them is that these conservative broadcasters are traitors to their Class – mavericks and renegades – and who is hated more than a traitor?

Many on the Right, (including Ann Coulter in her latest article that quotes Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent and who is a frequent guest on the Lesbian Rachel Madow’s Show) like to think that the brazen lies and propaganda now emanating from the MSM and other allies of the Ruling Media Class are signs of desperation. Opinion poll numbers, Tea Party marchers and recent election results are believed to be putting the Left into a panic. On this website we assert that this is a misreading of the current situation. Starting from the recognition that we have a new Ruling Class (the Media Class, and see previous articles for more of this) we have to understand that we are in a revolutionary situation, for new Ruling Classes always seek to impose a new set of values and a new power structure. We are seeing unfold the conditions for a civil war. It might not become a civil war of bloodshed but it is already becoming a decisive struggle as the new Rulers and their allies seek to deny free speech, deny the right to organize opposition to the Government, prepare the marginalization of the US Constitution, embark on the destruction of the Free Market system and put all citizens under Government control. Obama and his Leftist Government, emboldened by the lies and propaganda of the MSM, are not desperate, but like true revolutionaries, are hurrying to seal their power before the opposition can effectively mobilize. We are witnessing boldness, not desperation.

More and more evidence is coming to light on the maverick/renegade Media network that shows that the Media Class has been at work ‘fixing’ the news for some time. Indeed, as we have consistently maintained on this website, the Media World selected Obama, promoted his candidacy and covered his tracks. The revelation that was leaked to ‘Daily Caller’ which showed that a large group of prominent mainstream journalists on the ‘Journolist’ were conspiring prior to the 2008 election to shield Obama from the Jeremiah Wright story, is no surprise to Radical and Right. This is only the tip of a massive iceberg, though why these ‘shills’ needed to conspire on the Internet is a mystery, for a Ruling Class has no need to concoct careless conspiracies. No MSM outlet (other than the maverick Fox News) would have run any news report that was likely to damage Obama’s Presidential destiny. This is just as true today but now the Ruling Class, with its Party in complete control of Congress, is tiring of the distraction caused by the conservative mavericks. For the always-intolerant Leftists in its ranks, the time has come to silence the reactionary opposition once and for all.

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