Rush Limbaugh Misses The Point Again!

At the recent CPAC Conference Rush Limbaugh gave a rousing speech attacking the Leftist policies of President Barack Obama and defending his own stated hope that Obama fails. Limbaugh has been under assault from the Mainstream Media for his sentiments and who would be surprised by this for the Media is straining daily to put Obama and his policies beyond criticism. Obama’s policies, as they unfold, are, in fact, the policies of the MSM, plus a good dose of Marxist economic Socialism for the benefit of the Move-on foot-soldiers. The MSM’s intention is to present Obama as the people’s choice as President and the personalization of a brand new (and race-prejudice-free) era. By claiming that Obama represents the American people’s final rejection of racism and atonement for slavery and discrimination, the MSM intends that all the legislation he speeds through will be immune to examination and criticism. It is a good ploy and will resonate with many apolitical people who will also fall for the MSM’s presentation of Obama as a politician with no past affiliations and thus free of the old and corrupt Washington ways. Obama himself constantly plays to this image by referring to Washington politics of the past, sinister wealthy business forces that have been having their way for too long and presenting himself as an outsider and a campaigner for ‘ordinary families’.

This is a tactic straight out of the Stalinist playbook. Stalin always pre-empted his opponents by accusing them of the things he was himself, or he himself was already doing or was about to do. There is nothing new and fresh about Obama except the color of his skin for he is a product of the corrupt and longstanding Chicago Democrat gang, he was financed by wealthy, influential and sinister sources like George Soros, is the candidate of the Unions, the Trial Lawyers and the Wall Street Money-lenders and of course the wealthy anti-American leftist Media Class. This hardly qualifies him as an outsider or a champion of the people though he might qualify for the outsider tag if he is not, as I suspect, a legitimate candidate. Obama’s appointments to his Cabinet have been characterized by tax-cheating and extreme positions on abortion and other social issues. None of this should be a surprise to those who did not rely on the MSM for information and consequently did not vote for him. This amounted to some 47% percent of the voters and surely that figure does not qualify him as the ‘people’s choice’.

Obama’s torrent of economic spending initiatives, most of which look, smell and taste like a pork serving for his most extreme supporters, will do nothing for the US economy and are not doing much for the stock market. If the latter is any sort of barometer, it is a thumbs-down. I forecast a few days ago on this website that the 6000’s were beckoning and sadly was quickly proved correct. As I said then, I make no claims to being an expert on stocks, but only the demented could think that the fatty pork menu that Obama’s team is dishing up is anything but a recipe for terrible future national indigestion, perhaps even colon and bowel cancer. Clearly the stock market investors are not buying his big talk and blue-print for recovery. Obama does not care that his pork will not do anything good for the US economy for greater economic decline down the road will pave the way for more Socialism and more Government command of the economy and control of the citizens. The stock market decline and the increasing unemployment statistics are only a problem for the MSM, which shoulders the burden of presenting Obama in the short-term as a savior. It will overcome this problem by attributing the unfolding economic catastrophe as a Bush legacy and fatal flaw in capitalism. Nothing in the Media reports will connect Obama with stock-market news unless there is a surge upwards.

Meanwhile, beneath the radar, (thanks to a very approving and colluding Media), the revolutionary social agenda is taking shape. Abortion, same-sex marriage, Aid for Africa and the expansionary control over business and the States is proceeding nicely. The most sinister and significant move is the one to dismember the alternative news sources. The ground is being prepared for the so-called Fairness Doctrine and the early steps are the targeting and intimidation of individual broadcasters. This is where Limbaugh misses the big picture for although he often talks about the ‘Drive-by Media’ he never offers an explanation for its unity, its agenda, its development and ascendancy to power. Nor does he suggest how conservatives, Christians and Nationalists can get their messages to the masses and overcome the Media’s near iron grip on news and opinion. Time is running out, for the revolutionary Media Class, its President and the Leftists are about to shut down dissent. They have no choice for they are implementing irreversible policies that will be increasingly unpopular. They cannot afford to allow widespread popular opposition to have a voice or to be aware of its own strength. When a Class (and especially a Leftist Class) embarks on a revolutionary road that leads to increasing misery for most and is an affront to past deeply-held moral beliefs, it has to quickly stamp out opposition by every means available to the State machinery now at its command.

Some former conservative Media people are getting the message and shifting ground. The inimical Peggy Noonan, whose word processor runs away with her, used her rambling WSJ column at the weekend to swoon yet again over Obama. I had thought that her night-time fantasies were for the President but in her latest swoon she revealed a fascination for Michelle Obama’s bare arms. I had not previously noticed their erotic appeal but perhaps I have not been paying enough attention. There is no doubt that the Media Class has a sexual thing about the Obama’s but then what else would one expect from a Class that is defined by its obsession with sex of all kinds.

The weather in the US continues to confound Al Gore and his followers but Obama is pressing ahead with an anti-global warming agenda that will cost America dearly. At the same time as Obama pronounces pompously that the US must end its dependency on foreign oil, he puts all US carbon fuel exploration out of bounds. Never once does the MSM mention the contradiction or comment on the significance of the cold weather. Here in California the cold and wet weather that persisted throughout February is now gripping March. Not that I am complaining about the rain for California can never get enough to meet the demands of its ever-increasing population.

The coming Thursday is a day of significance in the UK not only for the BNP but for the Nation’s native people. I hope that on Friday I can post some good news on this website.

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