Rush Limbaugh loves Elton John or the Rush and Reggie Show

In the last article I wrote about the abysmal cultural tastes of the conservative Talk Show hosts and how they reveal the way that recent generations have been dumbed down by constant exposure to the output of the Media Class. Many otherwise intelligent people I talk to here in California who while boasting that they are not taken in by political Media propaganda, soon reveal that they are thoroughly brainwashed by Media entertainment. Some, when trying to make a point about an event in history, will refer to a Hollywood movie as authenticating evidence. Others when talking about some behavioral oddity will ignore Freud or Jung and cite Dustin Hoffman. It was reported last week that the average American watches some 35 hours TV each week. We can add to that visits to the cinema, the dross that pours out of most radio channels and the garbage in Newspapers and magazines. Most Americans are being both brainwashed and dumbed down for most of their waking hours. I am sure things are the same in the UK.

Rush Limbaugh has been missing from the airwaves this week and we learned that he was busy getting married for the fourth time. Details of the wedding have been leaking out and I was not surprised to hear that several Radio hosts were present and a host of pro-Sports ‘Stars’ and celebrities. Rush is a Media person through and through and it has long been one of the claims of this website that his position as the de facto leader of the Right of American politics is because his Media microphone and daily radio Show confer more power on him than on any dozen leading Republican Congressmen. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that his ‘Golden Microphone’ made him more politically powerful than President Bush during the eight years that Bush was being savaged by the Mainstream Media(MSM). The leading role in shaping Rightwing ideas has long passed from Republican Congressmen and conservative intellectuals to conservative Talk Show hosts and Fox News personalities like Hannity, Beck and O’Reilly. This is clear evidence that the Media Class, including its mavericks, rules all across the political spectrum.

Before I get negative about Rush, let me say some positive things. He is a very talented broadcaster, perhaps the best. He and his talents are responsible for the rise of political Talk Radio, its accumulation of channels and its impressive audience. The Republican Party and the larger conservative Right would have been silenced by now if not for Rush and those who have marched to his drumbeat. He has been responsible for reviving Reaganism. He has stoutly defended the US Constitution, the free market and American exceptionalism. He overcame the enormous handicap of sudden deafness and showed by example what American ‘exceptionalism’ is all about. He almost never gives in to pessimism. He has an awesome memory, a good sense of humor, treats his listeners with respect and rarely bullies Leftist callers. He is very, very smart!

We should however always be wary of politicians and we should be even warier of Media people – and Rush is most definitely a Media person. It has long been evident that Rush is in awe of Sports stars, especially golf and football stars. He cannot resist revealing this. He is like a schoolboy worshipping his heroes and sounds awe-struck when mentioning that this or that ‘great’ athlete deigned to talk to him at some social event. Some of it may be that Rush was never very physical and tries to compensate by association with athletes but we should never overlook how the Media Class is in love with itself. In any case, hero-worshipping modern-day pro-Sports members of the Media Class is not a sign of good and mature judgment. Indeed, Rush also likes to reveal how he has attended celebrity and Media Class social functions and enjoys more comradeship in private with these people than they care to let on in public. My father used to tell me that if you lie down with dogs you will sooner or later catch fleas and I regard Media celebrities as flea-ridden dogs. It is a rare Media person who is immune to the blandishments of the Class. Generally, Media people date, fornicate with, marry and run with the people of their Class. The richest and most successful tend to mix with the richest and most successful. It has always been so with Classes and the results of this Class inbreeding can be seen in the British aristocracy. An American friend who recently visited London told me she had seen Prince Charles’ new wife and was shocked. She was searching around for a word to describe her ugliness in the flesh. “Horsey?” I suggested, mentioning the dominant characteristic of the British aristocracy. “Absolutely!” was the reply. It is too early yet for the US Media Class to exhibit the results of Class inbreeding and in any case the Class is stuffed with ‘beautiful people’, but it is beyond dispute that the whole Class is beginning to become an exclusive caste. Rush loves to mix with them. Like them he is hugely rich and influential.

This brings me to his latest marriage. It is his fourth and we should take note of that before elevating him into our political leader, for whilst anyone can be forgiven a couple of marriages, four (with plenty of time for more) indicates a serious character flaw. Either he is incapable of any sort of loyalty or the women find him boring, perhaps because he has the most common characteristic of the Media Class, which is self-preoccupation. Rush is not a family man, he cannot maintain a marriage, he adores the rich and famous and he is a materialist. All of this means we conservatives should not invest too much in him, for we shall most likely be disillusioned sooner or later. Let us enjoy his wit and insights and encyclopedic knowledge and leave it at that.

But if the man’s history is not enough to signal a red flag or two, his choice of entertainer at his wedding should send up red rockets. It is reported that Rush paid Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) $1m to play at his wedding. I have already mentioned that Rush and his fellow Talk Show Hosts have abysmal cultural tastes but that does not explain the choice of Reggie for an important event like a wedding – even if it is the fourth! Perhaps Rush is so deaf that he cannot actually hear Reggie’s warbling and piano playing, but he must be aware that Reggie is a sodomite and a Leftist. Why put a million dollars in Reggie’s pocket when there are plenty of more normal entertainers out there – and some of them are even conservatives. Could it be that Rush’s newest wife has strange tastes? Women often feel comfortable with effeminate men and perhaps she didn’t want young beautiful women at the Wedding Party. But surely Rush could have insisted on someone who would put his money to better use. There are plenty of plain looking but talented female performers around who are too good to be promoted by the Media Class and they would have come at half the price. And there are several whiny Country warblers who are at least both patriotic and sexually normal. Sean Hannity, commenting on the wedding, which he attended, described Reggie as awesome and a wonderful piano player. Poor Sean Hannity! He is the nicest guy on the Talk Show circuit but his choice of music is rock bottom – no pun intended! If you doubt me then listen to his radio theme tune which is all whine and protest. For Hannity’s benefit I am listing some good piano players and I suggest he does a bit of serious listening. He will discover that piano music can have depth and a range of emotions fit for an adult if he listens to just a few of these he will discover what real piano players are capable of: Art Tatum, Bud Powell, Mel Powell, John Lewis, George Shearing, Carl Perkins, Lennie Tristano, Hampton Hawes and Bill Evans. When he has got through these I will add another score or so!

Conservatives would do well to ask why Rush chose Reggie Dwight and handed over $1m. He could have given this million to the Tea Party Movement or the charity he does good work for (Leukemia) or the children of fallen soldiers. I suppose we can conclude that Media Class solidarity cuts across political ideology. Let me be blunt. No person who possesses maturity and half decent cultural and moral standards would cross the road to see and hear Reggie Dwight. And no committed conservative would donate $1m to this rich Leftist and avowed enemy of Christianity.

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