Rush Limbaugh Loses Optimism

Over the years, one of the endearing and inspiring characteristics of conservative Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh was his optimism.   No matter what defeats Conservatism experienced during the Clinton and Bush Presidencies, Limbaugh was always there on radio the next day pointing out a silver lining behind the clouds or predicting better days ahead. For this immigrant Englishman, Limbaugh personified the American ‘can-do’ spirit and American optimism, which was in stark contrast to British pessimism, fatalism and cynicism. Limbaugh claimed that the American character had been uniquely formed as a result of the pioneering spirit of its early people, overcoming hardship to succeed in a harsh land, and the Constitution they hammered out after winning independence from British hierarchical (Class- based) rule. Limbaugh, like many American Conservatives, believed that the American Constitution, enshrining individual rights and severely limiting Government, had shaped the people’s character and was responsible for America’s amazing economic growth. 

    For several years I found Limbaugh’s optimism infectious and persuasive even though I had concluded that in the UK – always a Class-based society – a new Media Class had emerged, assumed power and was remaking the Nation’s politics and morals to satisfy its own needs. The UK I had left behind was a depressing place, for mass immigration was over-populating the small Island and the native people were being swamped and condemned to second class status with nary a protest. The all-powerful Media Class, intellectually led by the tax-funded BBC, had succeeded in imposing a cultural revolution and was successfully ridiculing and persecuting Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists and driving them from the public arena and from employment. Even though I knew that the UK and its native people were doomed at the hands of the new but cunningly-concealed Ruling Class, I remain staggered at the speed with which free speech, political freedom and time-proven traditional social values have subsequently been de-legitimized. 

    Even before the rise of Obama, on this website we were warning that the US was witnessing the rise of a Ruling Class for the first time in its history and pointing out that when a new Class takes power it must have a revolutionary agenda. Limbaugh, like all American Conservatives, refused to countenance the idea that the US could experience the rise of a Ruling Class, and worse still he repeatedly claimed that the Media Class (which he mistakenly narrowly defined as the Government-controlled Mainstream Media [MSM]) had lost its monopoly over News, due to the emergence of Talk Radio, Fox News and the Internet. Limbaugh believed his own propaganda. True, on his daily program, he rallied many Conservatives, giving them a voice and revealing that in the US – outside of Washington, NYC, the University-dominated North East and the fleshpots of SF and LA – there were many educated, articulate and true Americans. But he overestimated their numbers, overestimated their resistance to the MSM that they daily and unwittingly absorb, and underestimated their vulnerability to the propaganda cunningly and insidiously planted in Media Entertainment. 

    On this website we repeatedly point out that the US is experiencing a Revolutionary Civil War, that the Revolutionaries have won control of the Government machinery and that our Counter-revolutionary forces are failing to properly identify their enemy and therefore cannot win. Limbaugh, the de-facto leader of American Conservatism (in the absence of a Republican Party leader) unwittingly displayed his failure to recognize the deadly war that we are in when he donated $1m to the ‘entertainer’ Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) to perform at his most recent wedding. Dwight is on the other side of our civil war and Limbaugh not only revealed that he lacks adult musical taste but his $1m if donated to the National Organization for Marriage might have held up the advance of the grotesque same-sex marriage in one or more States. The November election results, even allowing for widespread fraudulent voting by the Left, were a crucial defeat in our Civil War, and Limbaugh, like all of us, has had to recognize that the forces of Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism in the USA are in full retreat. 

    Limbaugh was clearly shocked by Romney’s defeat and the failure of the Republican Party to take control of the Senate. We, on this website were not shocked for we do not underestimate the power of the Media Class and we have never over-estimated the power of the alternative Media. Limbaugh’s listeners are not typical of the emerging new America of recent immigrants who pay little attention to real News and politics and have no knowledge of America’s unique history. It is a mistake to assume that immigrants, many escaping failed Government-dominated economies, are either grateful to America’s mostly-White working, Christian people or understanding of the reasons for American prosperity. The experience of Jewish immigration in the last century should have alerted Americans, for many of those who were glad to reach America and escape oppression in Eastern Europe, were willing to support and even plot with the Soviet Union. For every Mark Levin and Joseph Schumpeter there were many more – and still are – who are hostile to America’s traditional values. It is a sad but unavoidable fact that only the refugees from Castro’s Cuba and South Vietnam have rejected Leftist policies. 

    However, immigrant support for the Leftist policies that are taking us to tyranny, are more a symptom than a root cause of the November defeat. The truth is that most immigrants, like many of America’s White majority, are manipulated by the Media Class and especially the MSM. Limbaugh is still unable to recognize that the Media Class exists and dominates America’s political and social life and that the Democrat Party is merely its tool. He is no longer optimistic, no longer believing that politics is always a pendulum that swings back and forth between Left and Right, and he is depressed to perceive that we are on our way to Socialism and worse, but he fails to understand why. In the brave new world that the Media Class and its Leftist allies are shaping there is no room for American ‘exceptionalism’. 

    On this website we maintain that the Media Class rules but we do not claim that it does so in isolation. We repeatedly draw attention to the alliance with Unions and public sector employees. We also mention the increasing alliance that is being forged with Big Business. In a recent article we used the phrase ‘International Fascism’. Fascism has long been a close relative of Communism and Socialism, though National Socialism has been even closer, hence the similarity of Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. Both Communism and Nazism were totalitarian and international in intent. Fascism was truly nationalist for it limited its scope to the Nation State. Mussolini, originally a Socialist, became a Fascist when he advocated that Union leaderships, Big Business and Government should work together within a permanent framework to Govern Italy. Spain and Portugal were also Fascist States under Franco and Salazar. I think the term often used is Corporate Government. To many, this arrangement seems very moderate, rational and co-operative. The UK’s BNP is truly a Fascist Party. 

    Realists will quickly see why such an arrangement elevates the group over the individual, stunts innovation, leaves little room for the marketplace and quickly descends into corruption. However, while Fascism remains content to stay within the framework of the Nation State it is relatively benign. Totalitarianism, which inevitably and speedily leads to the Gas Chambers and the Gulags and endless mass murder, cannot tolerate Nation States. 

    ‘International Fascism’ is, on the face of it, an oxymoron, but it is an appropriate description of the European Union as it currently operates, best describes the intent of the UN and surely describes the Obama’s America that is now emerging. However, for those who believe it might be benign, we predict that International Fascism will quickly and inevitably embrace totalitarianism. 

    One of the Big Business billionaires who is working to advance America’s Fascism is George Soros. We see him as an enemy of the ‘American way’ and it is no coincidence that he prospered under Nazism and Communism before moving to the USA. He has certainly prospered here but like many immigrants he finds nothing he likes about America and devotes his surplus billions to subverting its traditional way of life and its Constitution. Soros most surely has roots in the Media Class and his huge political web remains concealed by the MSM just as surely as Obama’s personal records. Soros has been particularly energetic in funding homosexual causes, especially SSM. An article in the Wall Street Journal’s Money and Investing supplement of Friday Feb 15 provides some clues as to his support for the homosexualization of America. Written by Gregory Zuckerman, the article is a celebration of the role of Soros’ Chief Investment Officer, Scott Bessent. The article begins on the front page (C3) and continues on C4, where a picture of Scott Bessent can be seen. My immediate reaction when I saw the picture was that Bessent is a homosexual and, sure enough, we learn that he not only wears sweaters and khaki pants but he “lives in New York with his husband, a former Bronx District Attorney, and their son”. Bessent is described as “close” with Soros’ son, Robert. 

    Since nothing in the MSM gets there by accident and must support the Media Class agenda and since no-one in the MSM would dare to write about Soros without his consent we can assume that the Zuckerman article about Bessent has been planted in this matter-of-fact way. The discerning visitors to might draw their own conclusions as to why Soros so readily massively outspends poor old Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage. 

    Please note the new words and phrases that we introduce on this website. ‘Islamic Imperialism’, ‘Homosexualization’, ‘Unconstitutionalist’, ‘International Fascism’ and of course ‘Ruling Media Class’. 

    Weather – Here in California the extremely cold nights continue but there have been a few pleasantly warm days. Nothing record-breaking, just plain old normal weather! I read that the Man-made Global Warming crowd is now predicting the submersion of some North Eastern States. For the record, Starcross, the little village in olde England that lies a few feet above the Exe Estuary and has done so for centuries, is still a few feet above the Exe Estuary. 

    Music Choice – This time I am not recommending a recording but a band. Last week we drove my young son to Livermore, CA to hear the music of the ‘Afro-Cuban All Stars’ who are touring the US. This 13 piece band is both hugely entertaining and offers music of the highest quality. Many things differentiate this music from today’s Pop garbage but above all else it is happy music. The band members were so happy (and so was the sold-out audience) and not protesting, not angry and had no political or social message. If this band comes to your area do not miss it! Their website has many audio tracks. 

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