Rush Limbaugh Is Wrong

It is not often that Rush is wrong where American politics is concerned but he is dead wrong when he claims that the Mainstream Media is controlled by Obama and the Democrat Party. As we constantly write on this website, Obama and his comrades are merely the political voice of the Ruling Media Class. The Democrat Party was purged of social conservatives and moderates by the Media Class decades ago and Obama was selected and owes his Presidency to a group of Hollywood billionaires in order to carry out their moral/cultural revolution.

This morning (I am writing this article at 10.30am on the day before the election) Rush was wrong again! This time he asserted that the MSM is driven by racial guilt and this is why they have shielded Obama from the consequences of his revolutionary policies, lazy arrogance and bumbling. Not so! It is not racial guilt that drives the Media Class but it is what they orchestrate in the MSM in order to motivate White intellectuals on the college campuses and in the public schools. Racism is also fanned by the MSM in order to keep African Americans tribal and in the Leftist corral.

New York’s ‘Republican’ Mayor Bloomburg (a rich Media Class Leftist wolf in Republican sheep’s clothing) who last week endorsed Obama explained his support by listing the 3 leading litmus test items of the Media Class – Same-sex Marriage, Abortion and Global Warming. As we have written umpteen times on this website, the Ruling Media Class cares nothing about America’s economic decline, nothing about its masses and nothing about its minorities. It cares only about achieving a revolution in the morals of the American people, so that the new post-Revolutionary American will reflect their own sexual appetites. If you think it improbable that any group of American residents would be indifferent to the Nation’s future, you have only to ponder how homosexuals and heterosexual libertines care about little beyond the next orgasm. AIDES and the other deadly sexually transmitted diseases have never curbed the promiscuity of these people. They are addicted to sex and those things that go with an inability to postpone immediate gratification-drugs, alcohol and perversion.

The inclusion of MMGW in Bloomburg’s list is not because the Media Class believes in this myth but because MMGW provides a rationale for massive Government growth and control of the people. Big Government (ultimately totalitarianism) enables our new Ruling Class to more easily and effectively impose its amoral standards on an unwilling people. Big Government, controlled by the Media Class and its Leftist allies (most of whom are IN government), possesses the power to suppress free speech, abandon the Constitution and persecute Judeo/Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists.

Rush, you may be wrong on these fundamentals, but you continue to fight the good fight for America and its people and to daily provide many truths that prevent activists of the Right from becoming demoralized by the propaganda of the MSM. We counter-revolutionaries who lack a megaphone owe so much to you, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and all those Talk Show hosts who communicate to a wider audience the truthful news that would otherwise be restricted to the Internet.

Last Post (before the election)- With only hours before the result of this the most crucial election in America’s modern history is known, it is impossible to divine the outcome. We are pessimistic that the Media Class pawn in the White House can be defeated, for the propaganda power of the MSM is immense, as is its power to distract so many of the American people and to lull them to sleep. We have a public education system that has long been controlled by Leftist Academics and Union activists and now turns out, year-by-year, young people who have been brainwashed with a falsely negative view about their Nation’s history and about all moral/sexual issues. We have an ever-growing public sector workforce that not only has a vested interest in the growth of Government but which can be and is organized and mobilized to win elections and dominate the streets. The Right, with its emphasis on individuality, has nothing to match this organized enemy for which it is taxed to fund. The Nation is being overrun with illegal immigrants who have their own vested interest in a Leftist Government and, with Official connivance, are illegally voting.

There is much hidden in the Opinion Polls that suggests that many Americans have had enough of Obama’s race and class warfare and no longer believe the MSM, but will there be enough of them to overcome the momentum of the Revolution that is now 4 years old? We have seen in Venezuela and other South American countries that a Ruling Class, through a political leader who has no scruples, can use class and race hatred to set aside a Constitution and solidify power.

On Wednesday morning, unless the race is close and the lawyers are about to hand Obama a victory, we shall know whether the Opinion Polls were finally truthful or spewing dis-information right to the bitter end. Dick Morris and some other commentators on the Right are predicting something approaching a Romney landslide. Let us hope they are right, for America is now the last outpost of free speech.

Weather – Here in California’s midlands we are, according to the forecasters, about to experience a day of record-breaking heat (for November) before a relatively cold spell sets in. In the UK I am told that the weather is cold and miserable-nothing record-breaking about that!

Music Choice – Peggy Lee had all the attributes of a great singer – a distinctive voice, a personal style (laid back), perfect pitch, excellent taste and great timing. Like some of the greatest singers (Sinatra/ Ella Fitzgerald) she got even better with maturity. In 1959 she performed with the George Shearing Sextet at a concert in Miami. Luckily, the concert was taped and later ‘doctored’ so that announcements for each tune could be included. On the resulting record “Beauty and the Beat” Shearing’s complete mastery of the piano as both soloist and accompanist can be heard. Every tune on the CD (Capitol Jazz) is a gem but I am recommending the opener for it was written by another master, Cole Porter. “Do I Love You?” surely convinced the lucky audience on that evening that it was in for a very special treat. The hugely untalented Bruce Springsteen who is campaigning at this very moment for Obama, should listen to this and then immediately retire!

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