Rush Limbaugh Fatally Wounded?

In our previous article we dealt with the issue of Limbaugh branding Sandra Fluke as a ‘slut’. On this website we try to avoid attacking political opponents using slang words as we prefer to use the English language accurately. We did however point out how times have changed in the last 30 years and that most women would have branded Fluke a slut up until the Mainstream Media (MSM) became powerful enough to turn morality on its head. It is a terrible indictment of the revolutionary times we live in that Fluke is not keeping her seemingly promiscuous sex-life private, that her family is not hugely shamed by her self-seeking publicity and that the President of the USA calls her a ‘hero’, says he is proud of her and that her parents should share his admiration for her.

We branded Fluke and her promoter, Nancy Pelosi, as ‘brazen’, for they shamelessly stood in public and peddled propaganda that they knew to be blatantly false. We also pointed out that, like President Obama, they can dishonestly propagandize so brazenly because they are confident that they have total Media Class approval and what they say will not be challenged by the MSM. Indeed the MSM will embellish their lies and in stark, attack those who dissent. This contrasting treatment by the MSM is at the root of our modern political struggles. Not only is the MSM controlling and perverting the presentation of news and opinion but virtually all mass Entertainment is performing to the same Playbook. This is not accidental or temporary but the result of the formation of a new Ruling Class – which we call the ‘Media Class’.

In our previous article, written and posted before the Limbaugh apology, we asserted in our coverage of the late Andrew Breitbart’s contribution to the current revolutionary struggle between the new Ruling Class and the forces of counter-revolution, that one of his greatest strengths was that he never retreated or apologized when attacked by the MSM and its Leftist allies. Limbaugh did not follow Breitbart’s example when the orchestrated Media storm erupted over his use of the word ‘slut’ when attacking Fluke on his radio show. On this website we strive to deal with political events honestly, objectively and in the context of our unique analysis of the Class War that is now being fought out in the USA. This results in us being able to see the crucial underlying factors that shape seemingly inexplicable events. We are sure that Limbaugh’s multitude of loyal, intelligent and patriotic conservative listeners was stunned when he apologized to the shameless Ms. Fluke. For most, his explanation surely sounded intellectually weak and insincere. It amounted to “I temporarily sank to the low standards of the opposition” and “I owe Ms. Fluke an apology”.

Limbaugh has over many years regularly and ruthlessly insulted Leftist activists like Fluke, and cruelly lampooned leading politicians, including some on the ‘moderate’ Right. He has never apologized as far as we are aware, no matter how much of a Media-manufactured storm has erupted and in this article we will explain what is different this time. But first let us adversely comment on Limbaugh’s style.

We have only contempt for Rev. Jackson, but we have always felt uncomfortable when Limbaugh has mimicked Jackson’s speech impediment. Similarly, we have felt uncomfortable when he has mimicked the lisping speech of the obnoxious homosexual Barney Frank. Both are despicable in their politics and personal lives but they cannot help their speech defects. Nevertheless, they are on the side of those who are destroying the USA and we on the Right find ourselves engaged in a ruthless civil war. Until now we have never got into the business of attacking a staunch ally like Limbaugh whose faults have always been hugely outweighed by his contribution to the counter-revolutionary struggle. We have long admired his unwillingness to pull punches. It was therefore pretty sickening to hear him groveling to the brazen Ms. Fluke, as though she was a defenseless and simple member of the masses who had been plucked from obscurity and used by a political pro.

Clearly, the MSM (the Media Class) and its Leftist allies are now in a position to exert more power than ever before and they have caught Limbaugh and his counter-revolutionary Talk Radio colleagues by surprise, striking a near-deadly blow. We (Radical and Right) are not surprised, for we have constantly asserted over the last three years that the USA is experiencing an unacknowledged civil war which the Right is losing hands down. The war being waged by an extremely powerful and wealthy new Ruling Class is a revolutionary one in which the stakes are nothing less than the complete destruction of America’s traditional Judeo/Christian morality, the setting aside of the US Constitution, the imposition of a new ‘morality’ on all the people and the speedy development of a totalitarian Government that alone can impose the new ‘morality’. Speed is vitally important for this new Ruling Class because its ‘new morality’ is based on the fulfillment of its key constituent’s uncontrollable appetites. For its allies of the Left-Socialist ideologues, Union bosses, Academics, Public Sector workers and certain minorities – the reward is the establishment of a planned society, where equality is touted as the goal whilst the planners and favored groups enjoy privileged and rewarding positions.

The election of 2008 was the crowning success of the Media Class which succeeded in putting Obama into the White House, Eric Holder into the Justice Department and an army of Leftists into Cabinet positions – all of who were, and are, willing to brazenly extend and misuse Government power. The new Ruling Class through its Obama-led Administration has been setting the old political rules and conventions aside with impunity. Frequently by-passing Congress, the Obama Government is now transforming the USA and its institutions, plundering the Middle Class through inflation, and suborning Big Business. Obama has intimidated Big Business leaders with calculated denunciations, hostile economic policies and arbitrary and selective punishments and favors.

Not only Obama but his masters in the Media Class have wielded the stick and carrot in relation to Big Business. The ‘stick’ administers selective bad publicity, politically-targeted investigations and Union promotion. The ‘carrot’ is a pass on the aforementioned, but another ‘carrot’ is also at work. We have long pointed out that Big Business leaders, often in positions where their economic power has been consolidated, crave entry into the social ranks of the Ruling Class. If they themselves do not care much for current ‘High Society’ (a rare situation), then often their wives and children do and they must be placated. Never has a Ruling Class been so glittering, so shallow and so intertwined with Fame. Never has a Ruling Class been so in control of the means to Fame and so able to inculcate the masses with an addiction to Fame and the Famous. Limbaugh himself frequently reveals a pathetic pleasure in his access to famous Pro-Sports celebrities and his $1m payment to tinkler/warbler Sir Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John) for his recent wedding party tells us much about the attractions of dancing with the Stars. It should not surprise the astute observer that Big Business leaders have flocked to this Ruling Class, adopted its morals, groveled to it, financially contributed to its political organizations and adopted Leftist positions, all in the hope of being able to mix with the celebrities of Pop Music, Fashion, Pro-Sport, Hollywood and the big names of Leftist politics. No doubt, many hope that their sons and daughters will marry into the new Society. And we should not overlook the sexual and substance attractions for those who are bored with corporate life, for this new Ruling Class parades licentiousness and promotes personal moral liberation. Once ensnared, Business Leaders have no way back.

The combination of stick and carrot powers, now brazenly wielded by this powerful and lawless Government/Ruling Class, surely explains why Big Business contributes so heavily to Obama and his comrades and jostles each to be in the forefront of the promotion of same-sex marriage and favored conditions for homosexual employees. This is the context that the flight of advertisers from Limbaugh should be seen. It is surely the beginning of a mass exodus of advertisers from conservative Talk Radio. We cannot believe that the 40-something companies that have already deserted Limbaugh with public denunciations, acted spontaneously. Many had been with him for years and we assumed that he had a personal relationship with some. We may speculate that some were merely waiting for an opportunity to jump ship and perhaps his program does not have quite the selling power it once had. But 40+ defectors overnight was staggering! It is a safe bet that many Businesses were intimidated by agents of this newly organized and lawless Administration and by the threat of disastrous Media publicity. If so, it will surely not be long before all conservative Talk Radio hosts are silenced, for the MSM and its Leftist allies have made no secret of their intolerance of opposition. Now in this election year, with the White House at stake, the Ruling Class is ready to use all powers at its disposal – including lawless ones – to shut down counter-revolutionary voices. Fox News will be next and then the Internet will be purged of websites that are deemed ‘divisive’ ‘bigoted’, ‘reactionary’ and ‘offensive’.

Poor Rush Limbaugh may have assumed that he was too big to be taken down but the desertion of so many advertisers so quickly must have left him reeling. His humble and abject apology to brazen upstart Sandra Fluke revealed the overwhelming weakness of his position as a broadcaster and his dependence on Radio Station owners. Apologies will have gained him nothing, for as we have long pointed out the Left never forgives and the MSM never forgets. His apologies have demoralized his followers and destroyed his credibility. His fall demonstrates the power and newfound confidence of our Rulers and in revolutionary conflicts the struggle never ends in stalemate.

Music Choice – The deep male voice of the late Robert Goulet 1 was always impressive and still is to those who like adult and manly music. Unlike Sinatra, Goulet did not always record great songs but occasionally he picked a song that really suited him. We have already recommended a couple of his but here is another, “I Believe in You”. It comes from the 1961 Broadway Show “HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING”, which ran for over three years. The song and the lyrics were written by Frank Loesser, a master song writer. I doubt there is another song with better-crafted lyrics than these for they are extremely clever, sophisticated and difficult to sing with meaning and without sounding hurried. Goulet does both the song and the lyrics full justice and the orchestra and arrangement are superb. Needless to say, this music is for adults only and those generations brought up on mindless, meaningless, juvenile, bleating are warned to keep away. Reggie Dwight music this is not!

Global Warming and Rising Seas.

Our contact in Starcross, Devon, UK, recently returned to this little village situated right on the Exe Estuary. For those unfamiliar with it, the village is only feet above the High Tide mark and Spring Tides in this part of the world reach some 16 feet. The village has existed for centuries and was once surrounded by tidal marshes. Local fields still flood after heavy rain and very high tides so this is a village that has much to fear from Man Made Global Warming. Our contact claims to have waded through waist-deep water to reach a local hostelry. I am, of course joking, and Starcross remains as dry as it has been for centuries. How can this be if the seas are rising elsewhere? Anyone with an explanation please email our website. We promise to print it.

1. Correction : I must apologize for saying in ‘Music Choice’ that Robert Goulet recorded the Frank Loesser song “I Believe in You”. It was of course Tony Martin.

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