Rush Limbaugh Despairs as Romney Slides in Polls

This last Thursday morning Rush Limbaugh was clearly running out of the optimism that has long been the trademark Conservatism of his daily broadcasts. Gone is the cautious confidence that Obama will lose in November because his Presidential policies have been disastrous for the old America. Instead Rush is realizing that the majority of Americans who will vote in November do not share his concern for truth, no longer value their once-sacred Constitution, are indifferent to the rapid growth of Government and are both ignorant and disdainful of America’s past success.

Rush is dispirited. His fellow broadcaster Mark Levin (I regard Limbaugh and Levin as the leaders of American Conservatism) is raging. Both profess great mistrust for the Opinion Polls that show that Obama is drawing ahead, yet I am sure that they sense that Obama somehow possesses a winning hand. Limbaugh, Levin and many other Conservative Talk Radio and website commentators rightly understand that an Obama victory in this next election will take America beyond the point of no return. But it seems that too many American voters, even at a time when Obama’s Presidency has kept America mired in recession and sinking into colossal debt, could care less. Limbaugh, Levin and Co. can pinpoint many – almost all – of the causes for this widespread apathy, but never quite join the dots to form the big picture that would lead to a successful reversal of Obama’s accelerating charge to revolutionary totalitarianism. On this website we have long had those dots connected and here is the big picture.

In the late 1960’s, technological developments in the communication industry laid the basis for the creation of a new and powerful Class. A TV set in every home (in every room), and a growing public appetite for almost continuous (24/7) TV entertainment and News, brought together the two former rivals, TV and Hollywood. TV companies could only meet the burgeoning demand for entertainment by showing movies, and Movie industry people realized that Soaps and other TV fiction had abolished the boundaries between Movies and TV. All involved in Hollywood’s Movie industry – actors, producers, technicians, writers, make-up artists and publicists – could now unite with those involved in the burgeoning TV industry. In a short time this new Class had also absorbed those in the Fashion World, Advertizing, the Arts, Pop culture and ultimately Pro-Sport. News morphed into Entertainment and Entertainers became News.TV News broadcasting and news commentary also offered rewarding employment to many in Academia and those in the old, slowly declining Newspaper and Magazine industries.

Rich Hollywood, with its dominant subterranean Leftist network had no ideological problem forging a Class unity with the Leftist Union-dominated Newspaper industry. Just as importantly, Rich Hollywood (and much of the Arts, Pop Culture and Fashion Worlds) was a Mecca for all those with exaggerated, bizarre and unnatural sexual appetites, addiction to fantasies, drugs and ‘alternative lifestyles’. It only required that the ideological Leftists in the News Media discard all old-fashioned (working-class) moral standards and a marriage could be completed. By the 1970’s the marriage had been consummated and a powerful new Class emerged.

This new Media Class, although extremely wealthy, getting wealthier by the day, and controlling News and Entertainment for the masses, was not numerically big enough to win elections and rule alone. And so the Democrat Party was quietly purged of traditional moralists (mostly industrial ‘Blue Collar’ workers and Christians). Their prominence in the Party’s rank-and-file was taken by certain racial minorities, Feminists, secularists and radical Special Interest Groups. The final key to electoral success was a coalition with Unionized Government workers who had everything to gain from dominating the newly radicalized Democrat Party and an alliance with those in the Media Class who craved expanded and all-powerful Government.

Before the 21st century had begun, the Media Class and its allies had fashioned an agenda and was using the Mainstream Media (MSM) solely as a propaganda tool to further it. MSM News and Entertainment have now been quietly, yet relentlessly, advancing a revolutionary morality for more than 30 years. The MSM has been attacking and marginalizing all political opponents for the same period of time. These opponents are traditional Christians, Conservatives and Patriots.

Prior to the 2008 elections, the richest and most influential cabal (the homosexual cabal) within Hollywood selected Barack Obama to take the White House. The Clintons were pushed aside, presumably considered not revolutionary enough and too confidently independent in their own power. Obama was judged to be a good mix of personal opportunism, shallowness, possessing an anti-American racial chip on his shoulders and a willingness to embark on the lawless Chicago-style path (nothing is too low and dirty) of politics. He was also incompetent, inexperienced in almost everything, possibly concealing a disqualifying past, and a proven bold and confident liar. In short he would be wholly dependent on the MSM and its propaganda skills in order to survive and prosper.

It must be always borne in mind (and most people find this incomprehensible) that the core members of this new Class have no investment in a prosperous and moral America. They do not want a future that retains anything of the past. Obama now fronts a REVOLUTIONARY movement. The Leftist constituency of the movement seeks a new America where free markets and free speech have been banished, the working population is under Government direction, economic equality is enforced by spreading the wealth until it is exhausted, America is leveled to Third World standards and only the Party apparatchiks enjoy privileges. The Media/Entertainment constituency, addicted to sex detached from procreation and morality, fuelled by drugs and fantasy and driven by the need for immediate satisfaction of the senses, has no concern for the long-term future. It craves a powerful and ruthless Government machine to enforce its amoral standards on the population and thus open all doors to immediate satisfaction. Hollywood’s libertines and perverts are more than willing to make a Faustian bargain with the radical Left and both constituencies calculate that in the new impoverished totalitarian America the Ruling Class will enjoy the privileges denied the masses. The Revolutionary Movement fronted by Obama is an irrational one, but skilled in propaganda, unhindered by morality, fuelled by contempt and hatred for America’s Christian past, incredibly wealthy and already powerful and corrupt enough to have captured the judiciary and suborned many leaders of Big Business. Obama has exercised his grip on Government power for almost four years and has used it to dismantle, destroy and delegitimize much of what has stood in the way of the Revolutionary policies of his masters. He has delivered for his masters by transforming America’s free market system into the fundamentals of a Corporate State, setting aside the Constitution, empowering racial minorities whilst simultaneously cowing the majority, and hugely advancing the homosexual and Libertine agenda.

He has been able to do all this without the majority of American voters being aware that they are living in Revolutionary times and how and where the Revolution will take them, for the MSM has the power to distract, deceive and lull the masses. Obama is able to openly make his Revolutionary speeches to his adoring followers knowing that his message will not be reported in the MSM. To the future victims of the Revolution, the MSM presents a wholly dishonest picture and Government lawlessness is concealed. Obama’s Government recklessly prints money to sustain the economy until after November and the MSM daily talks up the economic prospects and hides the true state of affairs so that Obama will win re-election and seal the fate of the old America.

Limbaugh is only partially right when he says that the Left cannot reveal its true economic goals to the majority of the voters. What he misses is that the new Ruling Class cannot reveal its economic AND moral goals until it has draconian powers. Because America uniquely has never had a Ruling Class in its past, Limbaugh and Levin are unwilling to recognize that it now has one and it is imposing both an economic and cultural/moral Revolution. We are living in the midst of a Revolution, the Revolutionaries are fighting as Revolutionaries always fight, which is using EVERY means, for the ends justify the means. Those of us standing in the way of the Revolution are ipso facto, Counter-Revolutionaries, yet few recognize who is the real enemy.

Limbaugh and Levin are under-estimating the power of the MSM and over-estimating the influence of the alternative Media in which they have their place. Most people do not listen to Talk Radio, do not watch Fox News and do not search the Internet for truth. Limbaugh and Levin themselves unconsciously reveal that they have absorbed the mind-destroying and pernicious cultural drivel that the MSM has been pumping out for 40 or more years. The young voters emerging from an education system that is pure Leftist propaganda are also fed on the same cultural drivel. They know nothing else and so are ignorant of America’s past. They have been brainwashed to be unquestioning about moral issues such as abortion, they view homosexual ‘liberation’ as simply another chapter in the quest for equal rights, and place little value on marriage and children.

Parental responsibilities and emotional growth are rejected in favor of pets, clothes, Pro-Sports, the shallow relationships of Twitter and the degradation of Pop ‘music’. Little wonder that young and middle aged voters are fodder for Obama.

Obama and his Media Class masters will get away with the politics of lies and character destruction in this election as long as the MSM is allowed to pose as an independent conduit for News. If Romney fights this election as if the rules are the same as they were in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, he will inevitably lose. In the 2008 election the voters had to choose between a man who had served his country with honor and who had much valuable experience, and a man who was concealing his past, had no experience of anything except political agitation and was a comrade of America-haters. Thanks to the awesome power of the MSM, a substantial majority chose the manufactured but dangerous Pop Star. Romney’s character is being destroyed, for the MSM orchestrates the messages that reach all but the minority who search the alternative Media.

Today, Friday, the rumor is that Romney will choose Paul Ryan as his running mate. This will not be a surprising pick, for Romney mistakenly views the election as being about economic and fiscal responsibility and misses the bigger picture that his opponent and his opponent’s Party are the agents of a Revolutionary new Class. He does not realize that this election is as much about moral issues as economic ones and that the contest is between those who wish to destroy the old America and those who do not. Romney’s failure to stand with Chick-fil-A showed that he does not understand that the moral issue of same-sex marriage is also about much more – freedom of speech, limited Government powers, the rule of law and the defense of the old America. Fiscal conservatives will welcome a Ryan choice and I believe Ryan is a moral candidate but he is surely not the man to take the fight to the Revolutionaries. Romney needs a man who will fight in the gutter, who can immediately appeal to Blue collar workers and who has the cruder pugilistic gifts that he lacks. Christie, although not the all-round conservative, is such a man. Romney himself needs to define the bigger picture and identify the MSM as the enemy of the majority of the American people. Limbaugh, Levin et al need to do the same thing – and quickly.

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