Rush Limbaugh – An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Limbaugh. Last week on this website we sent an open letter to Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, in which we challenged his opinion that the UK’s Media was attacking his Party because it (the Media) was acting on the directions of the UK’s Government. We asked Mr. Griffin how a Gordon Brown Government that was immersed in chaos and disintegrating by the day, could possibly exercise control over the whole Media Class, ranging from all national newspapers and magazines to the worlds of TV, Showbiz/Entertainment, pro-Sports, Advertizing and Theater. Mr. Griffin hasn’t answered, and perhaps he is too busy trying to get his message out to the British people by circumventing the Media and dodging the Red Mobs on the streets. He has our sympathy! However, on the BNP website today, under the title “Defying the Sophistry of the Fourth Estate”, George Fanning recounts how during the recent UK election, the whole News Media combined to attack the BNP (and only the BNP) with a daily torrent of lies. Are we to believe that the editors were called in by Gordon Brown and browbeaten into submission to Brown’s demands? In another BNP website article, an activist and candidate from Bury (a dormitory town for Greater Manchester) mentions that the Manchester Evening News, the major newspaper for the area, not only ran a CAMPAIGN (mostly of brazen lies) against the BNP but in the final day of the election distributed free newspaper attacks on the BNP at commuter parking lots.

There is only one explanation for this type of unprecedented behavior by the whole Media. It is not enough to say that it is because of the fear of the BNP’s policies. Yes, the BNP’s policies arouse fear in many quarters – the other Parties, immigrant groups and international business groups, for starters – but why would the whole Media be so fearful of this small and poor Party to such an extent that it channels all its energies into a CAMPAIGN? Mr. Fanning is wrong to refer to the Media as the Fourth Estate for it is no longer fourth. It is now the First Estate and knows it. The Media Class, for it is a Class and now the most powerful one across Western Europe and North America, is busy pushing through a social/moral revolution and revolutionary forces do not debate, reason, persuade and tolerate opposition. Revolutions are not about tweaking policies and partial reforms but about rooting out the old beliefs and consigning them to the dustbin of history. The BNP, alone of the Political Parties on the UK’s landscape, is a counter-revolutionary Party, for, unlike all the other serious Parties, it will not accept the basic tenets of the Media Class agenda. It will not abandon the British people’s traditions; it will not allow the UK to be racially and culturally Balkanized; it will not allow the Christian Religion (as a cultural force) to be suborned; it will not allow the English language to be transformed so that ‘homosexual’ becomes ‘gay’ and ‘political orthodoxy’ becomes ‘diversity’; and it will not allow British history books to be rewritten so that future generations of the native people are brainwashed.

The Media Class, now politically dominant, is driven by its very composition and power to remake society in its own image and to do so it must destroy core beliefs of the people. Several things stand in its way. Traditional Christianity is foremost, for it underpins ‘family’ as a man and woman and their natural children; it condemns sodomy and abortion, it advocates sexual relationships being confined within a marriage of man and woman, it claims there is a God above governments and that His morality is unchangeable, it says that ‘Truth’ is not relative, and much more that is anathema to those who inhabit the pleasure-seeking world of the News/Entertainment Media.

Similarly, Nationalists and conservatives, even when not Christians, are unwilling to abandon the moral/social laws that make a strong Nation and a Nation that is joined to its past. Thus the revolutionary Media Class seeks to root out Christianity, Nationalism and conservatism, for they are deadly obstacles to the remaking of a brave new world where every sexual and sensuous appetite can be indulged without criticism or cost and where there is little thought for tomorrow.

Well, Mr. Limbaugh, you may wonder why a letter to Mr. Griffin in the UK has relevance to you. In so far as you have an opinion about the BNP, you probably have one that has been created for you by the Media, and therein lays your first error for I doubt you really know anything factual about the BNP and its persecution. Not that I believe for one moment that the BNP’s economic policies of autarky will appeal to you for you are more economically sophisticated than their isolationist leaders. What you have in common however is substantial, including patriotism: a reverence for the Christian traditions of your respective Nations and a belief in free speech and debate. Those are enough to earn both you and Mr. Griffin the deadly hatred of the Media Class.

This week, Mr. Limbaugh you understandably raged against the current campaign of lies and disinformation by the US Media, just like Mr. Griffin raged against the UK’s Media. Your explanation for the US Media’s campaign of deceit, distortion and puffing up of Obama was that the US Media is “Government controlled”. I ask you, ‘Why is the Media in both the UK and US following the same basic agenda?’ It is Leftist, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, uncaring about the National interest, unflagging and virulent. Are they both Government controlled and if so why? Furthermore, why is it that the US Media was not “Government controlled” when George Bush and the Republicans were in office? In stark contrast the Media was wholly anti-Bush and anti-Republican (or to be more accurate anti-conservative). Are you suggesting that the whole Media Class was taking its orders from the in-the-wilderness, out-of-office Democrats? One thing earned the Media’s unrelenting hostility to Bush and it was when he made clear that he was a man of the Christian Faith. From that moment he was doomed, no matter how liberal his policies and how conciliatory he was to the Democrats.

This week you played some entertaining excerpts from an interview between a Republican politician and a female anchor for MSNBC. It was nice to hear a politician pointing out the bias of the Media but what was most interesting was the Media anchor’s rage. She soon turned off his mike! Why was she personally so affronted by his refusal to be intimidated? I will tell you why! Because these people are a Class and they all hold the same political/social/moral views! That anchor did not need an editor, or some secretive owner pulling her strings for she and they all share the same Class interests and the same Class hatreds. Now that they are in power they do not intend to tolerate counter-revolutionary views, either on their Media outlets or beyond in the wider society. I suggest Mr. Limbaugh that you study a little more closely the campaign now being waged by the UK Media against the BNP and the collusion of the police forces and all Government agencies in the stifling of free speech. The forces that are in the ascendant there are making great progress here too. You know this for you have already learned that you dare not say anything on radio that is ‘homophobic’ or ‘racist’. Ponder the orchestrated Media campaign against poor Miss Prejean and her pastor! Consider the sneering attacks by ‘comedians’ on the family of Sarah Palin. Are you suggesting that David Letterman is “Government-controlled”? Before long, the verbal sentence that landed the hapless Miss Prejean in trouble will be enough to warrant a lengthy jail sentence, for here in the US we are also losing the Cultural War that is really a revolution. You have been marked down as a counter-revolutionary and as far as the Media Class is concerned you are no less an enemy than Mr. Griffin.

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