Running Risks

The shooting of the Brazilian in London is already giving the Media Class an opportunity to take the spotlight off Muslim fanaticism and turn it on to the police (and by implication onto the host Nation). There are endless opinions from “minority” spokesmen expressing their concern about profiling and victimisation. Liberty, the British equivalent of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union – a Leftist Front organisation) is also being given the opportunity to pass judgement, as though it was an official watchdog of Britain’s rights and freedoms. 

    If the Brazilian electrician was totally innocent of any wrongdoing, then it is a tragedy for his family. If, as reported, he had been granted entry to the country on a student visa 3 years ago, then he was working (and living) in London illegally. Possibly, that was why he ran from police officers. He could speak English, so could not have been unaware of the terrorist situation. It tells us something that he along with relatives and friends were able to remain and work in the UK, contrary to their entry conditions. Brazil is not a place that produces refugees and the skills of an electrician are hardly at a premium. Still, the UK’s open door policy is another issue. Or is it? 

    We must not lose sight of the real reason why he was shot. It was because the UK now has to live with the fact that it has an unknown number of homicidal fanatics residing in the midst of its people, and they are bent on killing tens, hundreds, even of thousands of innocent people, given the chance. They, or their parents, got into the UK in the same way as the hapless young Brazilian and that is the fault of Leftist politicians, Leftist activists, and gutless Tories. Presiding over the whole reckless immigrant invasion has been a dominant Media Class, orchestrating events with lies and the censorship of real news, whilst carrying out a persecution of those who warned of dangers.

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