If Media Man is correct, the November election is already in the bag for him and his gang. Senator Harry Reid will soon be in charge of the Senate and “Nancy with the Laughing Eyes” (apologies to the late, great Frank Sinatra!) will be running the House. I find it hard to believe that a party (in this case the Republicans) that does not know who is its real adversary can win an election, but I would not write off the Republicans just yet.

Two weeks is a long time in this volatile world and the Leftists’ tango with the Islamic Imperialists is a tango with a tiger and his tail. The Media has certainly fought a brilliant election campaign- well timed, well aimed and all shots fired from concealed positions. The Republicans, like undisciplined troops caught in an ambush, are running in all directions to try to find cover and even firing on each other. This is always a sign of panic, so why should the rest of us remain optimistic that Mr. Reid, the prosperous Nevada land dealer, might not benefit enough to get to own the Senate? Well, for one thing, the Media’s pet Party has been unable to come up with any intellectual ideas at all. Neither has it been able to come up with a coherent plan for the war. Some leading Democrats say they are not for cut and run, or at least they deny it in public, whilst their rank-and-file supporters are more than ready to kneel before Allah. Cindy Sheehan repeatedly calls the head-sawers “Freedom Fighters” and surely she is now in the mainstream of the dominant George Soros faction of the Party. I can’t help thinking that many more voters will reject this defeatism than the media and its opinion polls would have us believe. And will the terrorists hold off until after the election before making another big strike against somewhere vulnerable? I don’t think they feel the need for allies, so they dance only to their own tune.

As for the Christian voters, are they really so stupid as to believe that staying home on Election Day will further their moral causes? Maybe, but maybe not and I think the election could well prove to be a stalemated disappointment for the Media Class. Anything less than a landslide will be hard for the Leftist foot soldiers to swallow and we may hear a lot about disenfranchised Black voters in certain Florida and St Louis precincts. It is certainly not all over yet, even if the Media tells us otherwise.

Meanwhile, there is satisfying news on other fronts. Ford Motor Company has just revealed that its sales have dropped even more than predicted. Bill Ford may feel good about having snubbed the nation’s Christian buyers of Ford vehicles in favor of his homosexual friends and their same-sex marriages, but he has bequeathed his newly appointed chief an even tougher task in salvaging Ford as a motor company. The big US newspapers also continue to lose readers, advertising revenue and money. These organizations (New York Times, Tribune Co. and Belo Corp. amongst them) are at the political heart of the Media Class and whilst their losses will not reverse the accumulation of wealth by the Media Class as a whole, their diminishing readerships must mean diminishing political influence. It is particularly satisfying when these newspapers decide to lay off Leftist journalist hacks in order to cut costs.

Media reports on the Ford losses and the newspaper losses never ever mention such things as the AFA campaign or the defections of readers fed up with Leftist propaganda, but that doesn’t mean these aren’t important factors.

The latest company to cave to the homosexual media lobby, is Wal-Mart. Like Ford Motor Company, it is now busy lobbing money at every homosexual advocacy group in the US and energetically supporting same-sex marriage. Let me say here, that I do not expect these companies to be opposing same-sex marriage or getting involved in moral issues on one side or the other. It seems to me sensible that businesses should avoid political entanglements in such controversial matters. Yet more and more big companies are rushing to alienate millions of customers on the so-called Christian Right. Why? I doubt that homosexuals are as big a market as Christians or buy solely from companies that court their sexual agenda. Neutrality would seem to be eminently businesslike.

It all only makes sense if we recognize that a Media Class exists, that it is now the ruling class in the US and Big Business has decided to pander to it. I shall never buy from Wal-Mart again, or from Ford Motor Co. I know that won’t bother them one bit, just as it did not bother the BBC many years ago back in the UK. Then I threw out my TV set and stopped paying the license fee. I felt so much better from then on and benefited from the extra money in my pocket.

Lastly, I must return to Madonna. It seems that the worst anti-Christian excesses of her next TV show have been cut out in response to mass protests by angry Christians and perhaps others who are sick of her continual attacks on public sensibilities. We shall now hear a lot of hot air about censorship. The offensively named Madonna could of course insert some anti-Muslim filth to fill the gaps, but I will bet she won’t. That is not in the Media Class playbook at present. Meanwhile her (African/AIDS) adoption stunt continues to get her daily headlines. I cannot bring myself to read beyond those headlines and I am sure many others have the same reaction. Still, the headlines and column inches will give her great satisfaction. Like all these show-biz misfits, being news is everything and an aging sex symbol has to do what a girl has to do. I do not overlook the sheer cynicism involved in this adoption saga, i.e. all news is good news and keeps the dollars rolling in a little longer.

However, I would not underestimate her insatiable need to see herself in the news, nor the desire to get herself into the Hollywood Leftist Good Cause network. There, she will be taken seriously for her work on behalf of Africa, AIDS and ‘the children’. Personally, I say God take mercy on any child who gets into her clutches.

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