Round Up


Recently, a reader emailed this website accusing Mr. Radical and myself of being cowards because we do not write under our own names. He was also uncomplimentary about our website and referred to the “idiocy of our columns”. Well, the USA is a wonderfully free country and everyone has a right to express an opinion, so we welcome his or hers.

Yes, we are cowards and that is why we write under pseudonyms. There are at least three reasons for our cowardliness. One is that we exhibited the Danish cartoons and will exhibit other such items when we think it is important to provide information that the Mainstream Media censors and when we can uphold the principle of freedom of speech.

Islamic Imperialists, of course, do not, repeat do not, believe in freedom of anything and are willing to saw off heads of those who offend them in the slightest. Neither of us wish to be separated from our heads or bring death to our relatives, so we hide behind pseudonyms.

Another reason for our cowardliness is that we make clear that we oppose same-sex marriage, easy abortion and other Hollywood and San Francisco shibboleths. Anyone who has witnessed the anti-abortion demonstrators or the ‘Gay Rights’ marchers in San Francisco will be aware that many are quite unhinged and certainly full of hate. Some of the leather wearing sado-masochists from the Castro and some of the baby-killers from everywhere appear to be both capable and willing to pursue opponents with malice aforethought.

Then there are the Leftists, and we include anyone even slightly Left of center. If one had to identify just one common attribute of the Left, it is intolerance. Despite all the stuff that Leftists spout about diversity, freedom and justice, they never practice what they preach. The truth is that Leftists are outraged by diversity of ideas if it includes anything they disapprove of. They deny Right wing speakers access to every University campus if they can, and if they can’t bar them, they shout them down and threaten violence. Leftist Trade Unions deny membership and employment to any Right wing person who dares to go public. Almost all world-wide politically inspired violence is conducted by the Left against the Right and this has been true for decades. If anything, Leftist intolerance has grown and become bolder. At this moment, Leftists are trying to throttle conservative Talk radio in the USA. Not content with having their own views peddled endlessly in the Mainstream Media, they seek to deprive conservatives of any means of communication. Any argument against immigration is labeled ‘racist’, any argument that challenges the ‘Gay Agenda’ is labeled homophobic, any argument that challenges man-made global warming or evolution causes outrage on the Left and every effort made to stifle it. The Left is NOT in the least tolerant of debate and opponents are to be hated, silenced and punished.

Mr. Radical and Mr. Right do not wish to silence Leftist radio stations, or stop Leftists making speeches on campus or getting public service employment, or having websites that put out Leftist ideas. Very few conservatives or Christians want to silence debate. All we want is that everyone should enjoy similar freedoms. However, we recognize that Leftists will persecute us if they can and would deny us the right to employment and even inflict violence on us. They will do so with the connivance at all times of the Media Class. That is how things are and so we are cowards and use pseudonyms!

Fairness In The Media

The move now being made by Democrats in the House of Representatives to enforce a ‘Fairness Doctrine’ on Talk Radio is a ploy to get conservative Talk Radio off the air and achieve a monopoly of Leftism in the Media. If KSFO had to carry 3 hours of Al Franken to ‘balance’ 3 hours of Rush Limbaugh, the station would soon lose its listeners and would abandon political content for pop music. The Dems are aware of this certain outcome, of course. Their aim is to silence Limbaugh and all conservative advocates, for they know that the Mainstream Media, with its Leftist agenda, is losing its monopoly. Mr. Radical has come up with a good solution that ought, in theory, to satisfy those who want ‘Fairness’. He suggests that any new legislation should insist on the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ applying right across the Media. Thus the New York Times, the LA Times, the Washington Post etc should give over half their pages to Rush, Michael Savage, Melanie Morgan, Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. Perhaps even Radical and Right might get a daily column! Somehow, I don’t think this is what the Dems and all the other Leftists have in mind.

Clinton For President!

In my predictions for the New Year I wrote that Mrs. Clinton will receive the full support of the Media Class and that Obama will not be allowed to block her progress. Well, she has announced her campaign and already the Media is beginning the demolition of Obama with a detailed investigation of his entire personal history. If he is lucky, he will get to be the vice Presidential candidate, but he will have to show that he can suck up to the lady and never ever take the spot light from her. That will be hard for him to demonstrate. He could offer to be castrated and have his tongue cut out.

Global Warming

Here in the south bay of San Francisco we have experienced a long period of extremely cold temperatures with severe frosts every night. Across the USA, people are dying from the intense cold weather and there are many places where record cold temperatures have been recorded. I understand that the UK has been drenched in rain this winter and experienced many high winds. All of this sounds quite normal but it will not stop Al Gore getting heated about global warming.

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