Round Up – Immigration, Zimbabwe, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Immigration ‘reform’ has suddenly become a top priority in the Senate and in the Media and we might start by asking the question ‘why now?’. The so-called ‘reform’ has nothing to do with stopping future illegal immigration of course, but everything to do with legitimizing the illegal immigrants already in the USA.

The number of illegals cannot, by definition, be known and estimates vary from 12 million to 17 millions. Either number, or in between, means an awful lot of people, so the consequences of any action or none are both unpredictable and great. In answer to the question ‘why now?’, I suppose we must factor in the early start to the Presidential race and the 2008 elections for Congress. We must also consider the ego of President Bush, who might be eager to end his unhappy second term with a milestone achievement.

Any proposed legislation that is inspired by Teddy Kennedy (the hero of Chappaquiddick) should be heartily opposed by every conservative, for this man is reprehensible in every way. If any reader thinks I am being unfair, I recommend a reading of a recent book called “Cape Wind” by Wendy Williams and Robert Whitcomb. The book chronicles the efforts to put a wind farm on Cape Cod and how Teddy, an outspoken environmentalist, has been one of the arch (though undercover) opponents of having it in his ‘backyard.’

Kennedy, like most Leftists, knows that legitimizing illegals will build in Leftist votes (for welfare and government growth) and also lead to a greater influx of illegals in future years. The Republican Senators who have decided to be associated with him on the Bill will each have his own reasons, but gaining favor with Big Business must be at the forefront. The bulk of illegals are Mexican, or so it is said and I think that is probably correct from what I see here in central California.

Anyone who has been to Mexico will understand why many of its young people slip over the border to find work. Few Mexicans I have spoken to come to the US for the culture or even for welfare, nor do they aspire to be citizens except to gain economic security. Most prefer the Mexican culture and lifestyle but are driven north by joblessness.

This week I have had yet another opportunity to study the immigration situation at close quarters, for I have had Mexican landscapers working in my backyard and also had to visit a Social Security office with a friend. My landscapers are, I believe legal, though who can really know?

They are great guys and, like the concreters who came before them, go about their work efficiently and cheerfully. I know of no race of people who work harder and more honestly and it is easy to see why so many people employ Mexicans for restaurant work, construction, car repair, factories and agriculture. These people really do work that some other Americans avoid and they must be helping the US economy to hum. The downside of their presence is that they have children here (who do not wish to go back to Mexico when they reach their teens) and these children, who grow up in poor areas alongside other low income groups, do not have the same work ethic or the same moral standards. Instead, they digest the Hollywood/Media standards of modern inner city America which adds up to little education, gang violence and crime, and single moms and fatherless children.

At the Social Security office, one can see the cost of immigration for the US taxpayer and it is a very different picture than one sees on construction sites, though not primarily because of Mexicans. First, many of those who seek welfare and medical help are elderly and have poor English skills. They did not arrive in the US looking for work, but for survival and many in the Bay area are Oriental and Asian. Most of these unfortunate people look infirm through hardship and lifelong poverty. God knows how they got to the US, but their countries of origin cannot be sorry to see them depart, for they have no remaining economic potential.

In fairness, it has to be said that quite a few of the White and Black people who make up a significant portion of the Social Security waiting rooms are grossly overweight, nearly immobile and unfit and clearly not suited for many occupations.

For Big Business and its Republican allies, immigration is all about cheap and plentiful labor. For Democrats it is all about winning elections, the growth of government and pleasing the Media Class. For the Media Class it is also about the growth of government, but much more besides, for anything that creates Balkanization and a dumbed-down population is desirable. A dumbed-down population, split into minority factions and dependent on government, is easily manipulated, controlled and exploited and any ruling class that is numerically small is hostile to an independent, homogeneous, self-reliant population.

Americans should oppose all the Congressional immigration reforms that are floated, for none are meant to work in favor of the ordinary American people. The only legislation that deserves support is that which stops all illegal entry, then clamps down on illegals already in the US, reduces legal immigration to a small number who have exceptional skills and genuinely want to be Americans, and levels with the public about the true costs of welfare, health and crime.

After all those issues have been sorted, I think it might be right to allow neighbors from Mexico to enjoy a special status for work visas.


The Media frequently reports on the number of Iraqis who have sought refuge in other countries, such as Syria and Jordan. This is always reported as being a consequence of the ‘unnecessary’ war on terror, since every other example of immigration is always reported as a good thing. Little is reported about the exodus of people from Zimbabwe, yet it seems that some 3 million Zimbabweans have fled to South Africa from their socialist homeland and its Marxist ruler. This represents about one quarter of the population. I never read or hear much about this extraordinary situation or how South Africa deals with it. I suspect the refugees are no more welcomed by South Africans than large numbers of refugees are welcomed anywhere else in the world. Media defenders would probably argue that the Media does not give it much publicity because Americans are not interested in what goes on so far away. This was not the Media view when the White supremacists ruled South Africa, for the country merited headlines every day. White supremacists also ruled Zimbabwe in those days and I don’t remember millions of Blacks leaving because of government terror or poverty. I am not defending White supremacy, as I think Africans should be left to rule themselves and sort out their own problems, but the Media Class is never consistent when its own agenda takes priority. Reporting and not reporting have nothing to do with news value.

Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell!

Bob Barr, a onetime Georgia Republican Congressman, was given an opportunity to write a big opinion piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, in which he announced that he has changed sides on the issue of permitting openly homosexual behavior in the US armed forces. He now thinks the policy of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is out of date and that homosexuals (and presumably transvestites) should be able to join the armed forces and display their sexual preferences. His piece coincides with another move by Democrat Congressmen to push for legislative changes along the same lines. On this website we don’t believe in coincidences where the Media is concerned.

One has to wonder why, in the midst of a war in which US defeatists are in the ascendancy, a one-time conservative legislator feels compelled to take up this cause. Barr claims that his motives include the US military’s need to attract more recruits, though he does not tell us how he knows that large numbers of out-of-the-closet homosexuals and transvestites are waiting to join up (no pun intended). One could argue that some young heterosexual men might decide against joining up for the very same reason. Barr no doubt has his reasons for giving this issue priority at this time, but he can at least be sure of Media willingness to give him publicity and support.

Generally, I think that homosexuals and lesbians are entitled to work and serve in public service the same as anyone else, though transvestites certainly pose a problem. I cannot help but think of Corporal Klinger in the 1960’s TV series ‘Mash’. With his bushy eyebrows, Five-o-clock shadow, dresses and handbag, he was a bizarre and comic character. Perhaps such exhibitions of oddity would strike fear into our enemies in Iraq or even cause their death by laughing. Still, it seems to me that the armed services are a special case of public employment, and common sense suggests that soldiers, especially in time of war, should not be distracted by sexual relationships and attractions, and I oppose women in combat situations for the same reason.

I don’t think that homosexual activists want to bolster recruitment into the armed forces as most are anti-military Leftists, though some might yearn to be with large numbers of the same sex, like bees in a honeypot. This is just another issue where a social and moral barrier can be demolished and homosexuality flaunted as normal. It looks like the Media is about to orchestrate another campaign to exert control over the military and extend the homosexual part of its agenda.

Algore report

This week, the temperatures here in California have soared back to normal for the time of year (low 90’s), so we can expect to hear a lot more about Al Gore and his climate expertise. Generally, it has been a bad week for him, as Rush Limbaugh has unearthed some recordings of Al’s past speeches about Iraq, Saddam and weapons of mass destruction. Al sounds hugely more hawkish in them than Don Rumsfeld and they will do him no good with the San Fran Peaceniks. The mainstream media will not publicize them of course, but Al’s own temperature must surely have risen along with California’s.

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