Round Up – Cindy, Libby, ETA

On this website on 17th January of this year, I wrote that Cindy Sheehan would be cast aside by the Media at the point at which she became redundant to the Media Class agenda. I recommend visitors to go back to that piece in our archive (“Poor Pathetic Cindy”) in the light of Cindy’s ‘resignation’ last week from the self-styled ‘Peace Movement’. In my earlier article I warned Cindy that she had better be prepared to suck up to Mrs. Clinton if she wished to remain a Media star.

Cindy, like many who become addicted to the Media spotlight and its star treatment, cannot bear life once the spotlight is turned off. Her publicly staged resignation and angry outburst denouncing all and sundry on the Left, was her instinctive reaction to darkness. Like a shooting star she has gone out in a blaze of glory. Unfortunately, she will not cope with anonymity and will regret her rash exit, for she has nowhere to go. My prediction is that she will embark on ever more outrageous stunts in an effort to relive the glory days of Crawford, where she was elevated by the Media into the role of ‘Shamer of the President’.

It is unlikely that the Media Class will require Cindy again, for events have left her far behind. The Democrats now control Congress and have to re-position themselves for the 2008 elections. A policy that amounts to blatant defeatism is OK when not in power, but not so attractive once in government and the Dems are wary of being seen in the company of hysterical peaceniks. That is also true of the Media Class’s anointed candidate for President. Cindy, driven by a need for headlines and cameras, and believing she had really become a star in her own right, even went so far as to agitate at a Democrat Press Conference and (whoops!) criticize Mrs. Clinton for not being genuinely anti-war. Mrs. C is not one to welcome criticism from her Left flank, because she does not want to be vulnerable there during the primaries. Even worse for Cindy’s Media prospects, Mrs. Clinton is not a forgiving woman and believes that those who are not absolutely for her deserve all they get once she has put out the word.

Cindy will not stay retired for long, for as I said earlier she is addicted to headlines and importance, so it will be interesting to see what desperate stunts she gets up to regain fame. Perhaps Chavez or Fidel will find a place for her, but I doubt that anything but the US stage will satisfy her. As things stand, she is finished. The Media has done a pretty good job of destroying this President and Cindy’s part in that is over.

Bush is now doing a good job of completing his own destruction. Not content with allowing weak military policies in Iraq to cause death by a thousand cuts (in this case death by a daily death toll of soldiers to roadside bombs planted by Sunnis), he has embarked on an immigration reform that is a betrayal of his country and Party and concurrently allowed Scooter Libby to be a fall-guy.

The real scandal in the episode that has brought Libby to the doors of a prison, was that Valerie Plame was allowed to wangle her husband a nice little contract job, despite his being completely unsuitable for it and also an enemy of the war in Iraq. This episode allowed us to take a peek at the job creation and nepotism that goes on amongst the elite in government employment and their Leftist networks. No wonder they can frustrate any conservative policies that an elected government attempts. As in every Media-manufactured scandal that has targeted the Bush Presidency, this one was handled as ineptly and as passively as only the Bush family knows how.

The news that ETA (the Basque terrorist organisation of north eastern Spain) has publicly withdrawn its cease fire, should surprise no-one, for it has never abandoned its terror campaign, any more than the IRA has abandoned terror and intimidation. Such organisations seek power by every means and violence is a central component of their arsenal. People who are prepared to plant bombs in public places and shoot civilians in the back are not the same as the rest of us, for they are psychopaths. As we all know, psychopathy is not an illness, simply the absence of conscience and a belief that nothing should frustrate the psychopathic will. There is no cure for this condition and psychopaths should be segregated from the rest of us, either by permanent imprisonment or death.

There are situations where violence is justified in pursuit of a political goal. The Jews of Europe would have been justified in killing Nazis in the late 1930’s and during the war years, for they were denied not only freedom but life itself. Anti-communists in the Soviet Empire would also have had justification for armed resistance, though not for bombs in public places. Good men and women might understandably have been willing to kill, for there was no other avenue for survival. Life in modern day Spain may not be totally fair and the Basque people have every right to pursue separation, but what kind of people turn to bombs and the bullet in such circumstances? Similarly in Northern Ireland, life has not been so bad for anyone since the creation of Eire, that could justify IRA terror bombing and massacres of people in church. Anyone finding Ulster life intolerable could have walked across the border, for there was no-one to turn people away.

In Spain, a Leftist political party gained power by promising to give in to Islamic terrorism in return for safety. In so doing, it betrayed Spain’s allies and encouraged terrorists. The same party also thought it could placate its internal Basque terrorists. Now it discovers that psychopaths cannot be placated except by getting their own way. We should not be too judgmental about the Spanish electorate however, for there are many politicians on the Left in all civilized countries who promise painless compromises with psychopaths and the movements they command. We will probably see the voters of the UK and of the USA elect appeasers in the not-so-distant future. For that, we can blame a Media Class that is more interested in achieving same-sex marriage, abortion-on-demand, the destruction of judgmental Christianity and the swamping of the native people with indigestible third worlders. For these hedonists, unlimited sexual freedom here and now is all-important, no matter what the risks. These are the same people who will bareback in a park with a stranger for the all-important thrill, so why would they worry about future terrorism.

The cool weather continues into June here in Northern (actually central) California and I understand that the UK is awaiting flaming June’s arrival too. Al Gore! Please send us some of that global warming, otherwise I shall conclude that you are all talk and no action.

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