Romney’s Convention

Last night, after dinner and almost as an afterthought, my wife suggested we watch Mitt Romney make his speech. She put on our TV set for the first time since the election night when Scott Brown won his Senate seat in Massachusetts and we learned that tremendous result on Fox News. Because we hadn’t used our set since way back then it didn’t work last night, and we had to phone Comcast for advice. The consequence was that we only saw the last 10 minutes of Romney’s speech and a little of the post-Conference discussion by the Fox News panel. Generally, the panel, with the exception of Charles Krauthammer, seemed cool about the speech.

I must have been one of the many millions of conservative-leaning citizens of this country who made up his mind to vote against Obama – come Hell or High Water – within a few months of his winning the Presidency. In the run-up to the 2008 election I became convinced that Obama was a fraud, was ill educated, and had the misplaced confidence of a skillful and habitual liar. His resume was devoid of any achievement and work experience and he owed his popularity with the politically disengaged voters entirely to the Media Class and its relentless propaganda. His exciting image, entirely Media-created, and the non-combative performance of McCain, largely explained his relatively easy victory. Nevertheless, it had seemed a remote possibility to me that once in Office, Obama would disappoint those billionaires and perverts in Hollywood who had funded him, and would govern mostly from the center-Left, as Clinton had done. After all, a man who is a self-centered opportunist might well betray the expectations of his masters once enjoying and exercising the power of the Oval Office.

Obama once in the White House, quickly revealed that he had no intention of neglecting the Revolutionary Moral agenda of Hollywood and The Castro. Although flippant and self-indulgent, he has proved to also be a surprisingly dedicated Leftist on economic matters and committed to income redistribution and leveling down. That was enough for me and, no doubt, many other conservatives, and I did not expect any moves to the center from then on.

Actually, in the last two years, we have seen that Obama has even more energetically and brazenly promoted the Revolutionary agenda of his masters, especially on moral matters. He has especially pushed the homosexual agenda in relation to the military, has opposed and dismissed DOMA and appointed Czars to advance homosexuality in schools. He has advanced the abortion cause equally unapologetically. I use the term ‘revolutionary’ deliberately because the Media Class agenda is revolutionary and he has constantly used revolutionary methods to advance it. By this I mean that he has discarded the Constitution, has packed the Federal Courts with Judges cynically willing to swear to uphold a Constitution they despise, has used the Holder Justice Department to exercise arbitrary power, has played the Race Card to divide America and has shown himself to be a dedicated Internationalist. In short he has been more than willing to attack and destroy all America’s traditions and take the Nation on a Revolutionary journey.

Romney would merely have to swear to return America to Constitutional Government to get my vote. Indeed, I might have been willing to vote for Bill Clinton, had he been Obama’s sole opponent, simply because I do not think Clinton is a Revolutionary i.e. wholly rejects America’s past.

My ten minutes of Romney’s speech provided several reasons to vote for him in November, not least that he believes America has a past that requires no apologies and that he will not willingly take us on the road to totalitarianism. The Media, having failed to dig up a whiff of scandal in his personal life, has sought to cast Romney as detached, not likeable, not in touch with the common people, a technocrat, a rich and selfish man born to privilege, delighting in laying off workers and with a callous disregard for the poor. It has been able to manufacture this image from the tiniest and distorted shreds of evidence. As I watched, Romney said a number of things that were heartening and left no doubt that he is an honest, capable, mature and knowledgeable man and, if elected to the White House, will halt the advance of the Media Class Revolution. Indeed he may even push it back and regain some ground. He will not, however, lead the counter-revolutionary forces to a decisive victory, for he does not recognize the true nature of the struggle taking place in our society.

Like Karl Rove, Jed Bush and so many others, he sees the economic destruction that Obama and his comrades have wrought, but believes that Obama’s policies are largely a result of ignorance of economics and misguided good intentions. Romney’s Conference theme is that Obama is a decent man but out of his depth. This clearly demonstrates that Romney cannot recognize a Revolution when it is taking place around him, nor divine the motivation of its leader. Neither does Romney recognize that the economic destruction is only half the picture. He does not see that the moral struggle is at the heart of Obama’s and his masters’ onslaught.

I think that many, many rank and file Conservatives are way ahead of Romney, Rove and Co. and understand that Obama is not selecting wrong economic and fiscal policies out of ignorance but by design, and that those policies are absolutely connected to a greater cultural and moral Revolution. However since no leader on the Right has properly understood that America is now undergoing (for the first time in its existence) a Class War, the troops are confused and lacking purpose.

Mark Levin today drew attention to the low TV viewing figures for the Convention and was asking his listeners for their views. It is claimed that viewers were 40% less than in 2008. Levin was quite properly asking why. There were many different explanations offered, some close to the mark. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, my wife and I tuned in almost as an afterthought, though we are determined as never before to vote against Obama and his comrades. The truth is that we expected nothing inspiring from this Convention that would match the crisis.

We feel that the current situation begs for more than a good technocrat. We do not remotely consider Obama to be a decent fellow, but a Revolutionary and a liar, devoid of all principle except that the ends justify the means. In his personal life he may be a good father and husband but he is actively working to destroy marriage and the family for not just Americans but the whole world.

Given the time, he will end American sovereignty, will share America’s (our) wealth with the Third World (whilst living well himself), will level us all down to Third World standards, will end free speech, impose sodomy on our children and impose a totalitarian Leftist regime on us all. It seems to us that Christie, Ryan, Rice, Bush, Eastwood et al and especially Romney are not sufficiently enraged by this. This situation surely cries out for some firebrands and this Convention did not even have room for red-blooded speakers like Sarah Palin and Mark Levin himself. And so, we did not consider it worth while to waste time watching. We will vote Republican but with only low to moderate expectations.

The MSM which was quick to headline the story of the lesbian who claimed to have been attacked and tortured in her Nebraska home by three hooded ‘bigots’, has failed to report that she ultimately admitted to inventing the whole thing in order to advance the ‘gay’ cause. We can be sure that those ‘activists’ who held candle-lit vigils outside her home and enjoyed maximum Media coverage will not feel let down, for they, like her, care nothing for truth or reality. Like Obama, the ends justify the means. We will bet that she will not be prosecuted for wasting police time.

Weather – Here in central California we have enjoyed a few pleasantly cooler days but hotter weather is forecast. August has been typically hot and September is always one of the hottest months of summer. In the UK however, our informant tells us that August has been wet and cool, even by UK standards. In fact August has been a ‘wash-out’. Despite this and much river flooding in the Southwest, the sea levels have not yet risen at all. Soon, the Government will be complaining of drought and blaming climate change. The real cause of water shortages (massive immigration and subsequent over-population) will not be mentioned.

Music Choice – ‘Cornbread’ by trumpeter Lee Morgan. Morgan wrote this piece and led the Quintet on the recording. The great Tenor Saxophone of Hank Mobley can be heard along with Herbie Hancock on piano, Larry Ridley on bass and the superb Billy Higgins on drums. The talented Morgan’s life was cut short when a jealous woman shot him dead on the bandstand.

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