Romney – The Unlikely Counter-revolutionary!

Mitt Romney is a man who rarely appears in public without a suit and tie. A Mormon, and a man who gives the impression that he is happiest when looking at spread sheets and taking part in conference calls, is the most unlikely leader of a counter-revolution in modern history. Not that Romney is aware that he is about to man the barricades in what might be the last great battle to save the American Republic. Nor is Romney aware that his and America’s deadliest enemy is not Obama but the Ruling Media Class that placed Obama in the White House and will surely use its awesome power to keep him there. Since Obama’s first term has been a disaster for the Nation, the Media Class will have to pull out all the stops to prevent Romney from getting his message to the American people. Since that may not be enough, it will also find ways to damage his character, reputation and accomplishments in the eyes of those voters who do not pay a lot of attention to politics. This will be done with daily damaging negative headlines in Newspapers and magazines all across the Nation. It will be done with AP and Reuters negative and accusatory reports on Comcast News reports and websites and with the same agenda on ABC radio news reports and all across TV. The aim will be to place Romney constantly on the defensive, surrounded in the public mind with doubts about his character. At the same time Obama will be constantly reported in positive terms.

Let me be upfront! As things stand, I intend to vote for Mitt Romney and I won’t have to hold my nose when doing so – not even one nostril! Romney is on record as promising, if elected President, to help repeal Obamacare, to oppose same-sex marriage, to restore fiscal sanity to America’s public finances, to act against illegal immigration, to be friendly to the Business world that creates jobs and prosperity for all, to rebuild America’s Armed Forces, and to reduce taxes. There is every reason – so far – to believe that Romney will nominate judges who are committed to the Constitution. There is every reason to assume that Romney has no hatred for America and its traditional institutions and will see Americans as Americans and not as victimizers and victims. There is – so far – every reason to believe that Romney understands how business works and has some grasp on economics. There is every reason to believe that he is an honest, family man and is not ‘owned’ by sinister groups of rich perverts. There is a reasonable chance that he has no skeletons in his cupboard, is not a closet homosexual or a sexual predator with an addiction to any kind of sex, drink or drugs, and that he is sufficiently committed to his religion to be sincere when he says he opposes abortion and supports traditional marriage and the family. All of this makes him a counter-revolutionary in the current American revolutionary situation.

Let us be clear what the alternative to Romney and the Republicans is! Obama and the Democrats have an agenda that is the opposite of all the above. In no particular order of importance – since their agenda is interdependent – they stand for submerging America in a World Government that would be supervised by the UN. They stand for redistributing, through taxation, the wealth of America’s ordinary working people, not just within America’s boundaries but across the world. They stand for a big and wholly intrusive Government empowered to control the minutae of ordinary people’s lives in order to achieve a leveling down. They believe that near-universal penury is morally preferable to a society in which intelligence, hard work, self-sacrifice, prudence and luck produces winners and losers. I say ‘near-universal’ for we know that in Leftist Utopias there is always the privileged Class of those who impose and manage the Utopia. They despise and resent the American Constitution. They already have established an America where Government is behaving in a lawless fashion and where laws are increasingly enforced or ignored arbitrarily. They believe in a Balkanized America, where Government defines victim groups with special rights. They believe in open borders. They believe in swamping the current legal citizens with masses from the Third World. They do not believe in the social integration of immigrants – at least not until a totalitarian society is achieved.

They view abortion – the murder of innocent children – not even as a necessary evil but as a ‘Right’ to be celebrated and promoted by Government. They believe punishment for crime should be based not on the crime but on the race, social class or sexual orientation of those involved. They believe that the traditional Judeo/Christian family, that has endured for two thousand years and which exists for procreation and child nurturing and contributes to producing strong Nations, is an obstacle to their Utopia. They cannot wait to indoctrinate the Nation’s children with unnatural and unhygienic sexual practices. They are anti-Christian. They detest free speech and free ideas. They cannot wait to suppress them. They cannot tolerate any ideological opposition to their agenda and until they achieve untrammeled Government power (after the November elections) they employ all the physical and economic intimidation they can muster. They conceal their agenda with an Orwellian use of language (gay, pride, inclusiveness, diversity, equality, celebration, justice, tolerance, rights, access, victim) and their many ‘Front’ organizations use titles that conceal their aims and practices (Southern Law Poverty Center, Anti-defamation League, American Civil Liberties Union, National Organization for Women, Human Rights Campaign.

There is much more that could be added to this list. For those who do not believe that these are the things Obama, his paymasters and his comrades and followers have as their agenda I say that you have not been paying attention. Their agenda is clearly revolutionary and so we say that Romney is, whether or not he realizes it and whether or not he likes it, a counter-revolutionary. For those of us who are also counter-revolutionaries, he is our general. We might not have chosen him but he is what we have got and we have little choice but to follow him onto the battlefield. We can only hope that he rises to the occasion and does not buckle under the weight of his historic responsibilities. We can only hope that he does not betray his followers and their cause.

Yesterday, the Drudge Report claimed that Romney was considering Condoleezza Rice to be his VP running mate. Several ‘moderate’ Republicans have rushed to give praise, including Peggy Noonan who just loves cultured ‘intellectuals’ from inside Washington – in other words people just like herself. Let us hope that the Romney campaign is just blowing smoke here for I would have to hold both nostrils very tightly to vote for a Romney/Rice ticket and I am sure that many conservatives would stay home on November 3rd. I suspect that Rice is a social ‘moderate’ and has long moved in the circles of the morally enlightened. And where is Mr. Rice! Her record with the muddled Bush Administration is not a recommendation and is a connection to the past that Romney can do without. She may well be the gracious lady with a sharp mind that Hannity and Coulter speak warmly about. She may be an accomplished piano player though I doubt that she can match Bud Powell, Art Tatum or Errol Garner (and I wouldn’t have considered them VP material!). But these are revolutionary times and Romney needs a tough, experienced, conservative, scandal-free politician to complete his ticket.

On this website we constantly remind visitors of the Media’s awesome power to bolster Leftists and destroy Conservatives. The Leftists and social revolutionaries, like Biden, Obama, Reed, Pelosi and the disgusting Barnet Fwank, get a pass no matter how outrageous their gaffes and assertions. The Conservatives get crucified (no apologies for using the commonplace term ‘crucified’) and the most trivial things can be whipped into a ‘storm’ by the Mainstream Media (MSM) with the co-operation of those phony ‘Front’ organizations of the Left. One of them is the ‘Front’ organization which calls itself the Anti-Defamation League. Do Jews in the USA really need an organization to constantly drag up the European 1930’s/1940’s holocaust as though it threatens in an American context? Or is the Anti-Defamation League another fringe Leftist vehicle for imposing political correctness and smearing conservatives and providing work for busybodies?

Republican Governor Paul Le Page of Maine recently criticized Obamacare and the IRS role in imposing it. He compared the IRS to the Gestapo. This was an exaggeration of speech but the kind that is commonplace. The Gestapo was one of Hitler’s many agencies used to root out opposition and to hound and persecute regime opponents. It was not as feared as the SS. The Gestapo persecuted Jews but also Christians, Socialists, Trade Unionists and Conservatives. It persecuted Germans, French, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Ukranian and Baltic citizens. Since the 1960’s, as the memories of the 2nd World War have receded, the term ‘Gestapo’ has increasingly been used to describe any oppressive police-style forces and policies. Does anyone really believe that Le Page had any intention of diminishing the terrors of the Nazi Regime or that the public of Maine would interpret his remarks in that way? Of course not! But this tiny Leftist Front group, self appointed to search for anti-Semitism in every nook and cranny, but only on the political Right, seized on Le Page’s racially innocent remarks. The MSM predictably colluded to manufacture a (Media) ‘storm’ and thus damage a Republican in office. Sadly, Le Page was intimidated and apologized and so more ground was conceded to the politically correct forces of the Left and commonsense ditched. Jews in the USA are a successful minority and long integrated. They are well-represented in both the Democrat and Republican Parties and at no risk of persecution. The only danger to Jews in the Western world is from Muslim fanatics – and Christians are equally at risk from them.

The UK’s BNP website recently reported the conviction at Isleworth Crown Court of celebrity photographer Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury. The story has both its ironic aspect and its sinister aspect and provides another reason why Americans should hurry to the polls in November to defeat the Obama regime and its arbitrary use of the law.

The name of this lady and her profession should alert us to the smell of modern-day liberalism. Cinnamon was in the check-out lane of a superstore and in front of her was a Muslim family composed of a husband, a wife in burka and two very young children. The wife was struggling with the shopping, the two children and her traditional Muslim clothing. The husband was taking things easy as presumably this was women’s work. The busy-body Cinnamon verbally interfered, taking it upon herself, like any good Feminist, to support wimmin around the world and upbraid him. The wife, who must have been a long-time resident of the UK despite the clothing, told the good Cinnamon to “F**k Off”. The rebuffed Cinnamon retreated to the parking lot but was pursued by the now-outraged members of a protected minority, where it is claimed she was assaulted and the police were called.

In the contemporary UK, which is merely further down the Leftist legal road than Obama’s America, native people are always in the wrong in any dispute with Third World immigrants, and minorities have a legal right to be greatly offended by just about anything. Cinnamon found herself in Crown Court accused of the modern crime of ‘racially aggravated assault’ and found guilty.

Personally, I think Feminist Cinnamon should have minded her own business and the Muslim family were entitled to tell her so. Not that there is anything profoundly wrong with reminding a man that he should help his wife. In the old days when the UK had its own cultural standards of behavior and knew how a good husband and father should behave, many men learned a lesson from such an intervention. Any person who interfered in someone else’s business risked rebuttal but that was the end of it. That such an intervention is now a serious crime because it offends someone from an alien culture is a frightening reminder of how the native British people have lost their country. Cinnamon would do well to join the BNP after such a lesson.

The Leftist and celebrity Kennedy family is surely one of the most dysfunctional in the USA. Not a month goes by but one of them goes into rehab, is caught driving under the influence or commits suicide. This seems not to damage their claim to political prominence and to be deemed to be on the side of progress.

The latest scandal concerns Kerry Kennedy, aged 52 and a daughter of the sexual libertine Robert Kennedy. She has been caught driving under the influence, having hit other vehicles. She is the ex-wife of Democrat New York Governor Mario Cuomo. The MSM will be extremely sympathetic but Mitt Romney better realize that even an accusation of jay walking by a third cousin will be enough for the MSM to create a ‘storm’ that will overwhelm his campaign.

Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson Jnr., another Democrat and member of the House of Representatives, has been absent from his Congressional duties without an explanation. He is the son of the Rev. Jesse, who is self-appointed to speak for all African Americans and who is an expert on victimology. The mother of Jesse Jnr. has now revealed that her son is suffering from a ‘mood disorder and exhaustion’. She told a “Rainbow/PUSH” (another Leftist Front organization?) conference that his condition has been caused by “years of enormous disappointment” for he thought he was going to be a Senator. Jesse, who is in his mid-forties and who draws a salary of $175,000 per year and whose wife also earns a political salary of over $100,000 plus considerable perks, is seemingly devastated by disappointment. One of his close friends is being charged with attempting to bribe another convicted criminal Democrat to get Jesse a Senatorial seat. Surely Eric Holder can sort this out and end Jesse’ disappointment.

George Zimmerman is now out of prison and on bail. He is, of course in hiding, having had multiple death threats posted on the Internet and been accused of killing the son our President never had. His attorney has asked for a new Judge, rightly arguing that the one currently dealing with his case is highly prejudiced. It would be reassuring to hear some Republican lawmakers express outrage at Zimmerman’s treatment. If Alan Dershowitz, a prominent Democrat lawyer, is willing to speak out for Zimmerman then surely Republicans should be condemning Zimmerman’s trial by Media.

Weather – A few days of high temperatures have ended here in California but more are on the way. Meanwhile in the UK the cool weather and continual rain is bringing flooding to many areas. Starcross remains above sea level.

Music Choice – There is no better antidote to the country’s ills than the music of the late Tito Puente. Known as ‘El Rey’ King of Latin percussion, Tito had a remarkable career. He was, I believe, a Puerto Rican who moved to the US in the late 1930’s and combined Latin and Jazz music, thus achieving the best of both worlds. Benny Golson, a superb tenor sax player, wrote many great melodies. The best and most atmospheric was ‘Killer Joe’. Tito gave this a Latin beat in 1987 and I recommend this recording.

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