Romney the Hero

It was inevitable that many conservative commentators on Talk Radio and on conservative websites would blame Mitt Romney for Obama’s victory. Here on this website we salute Romney as a hero who fought gallantly against great odds. Romney would have made a great President – honest, moral intelligent, experienced in business, energetic and a man who genuinely loves his country. We should be grateful to him for carrying the flag of liberty, economic realism and patriotism into battle and greatly regret that he is not our next President.

I do not understand why any intelligent and decent family man would run for President of the USA, for it has long been clear that the Media Class and its Leftist allies stop at nothing to smear and destroy anyone who opposes their revolutionary agenda. Romney is a wealthy 60+ family man with a chronically sick wife and vulnerable children. He has achieved great success in life and we know that most conservative men and women in his position choose to avoid the Media Class onslaught on family and character, and do not seek political office. We can assume that Romney believed he could do a good job for his country and was willing to embark on the long slog to the candidacy and then tackle the job of rescuing a Nation financially devastated by Obama. We owe him our gratitude. He fought a good fight against great odds and in the process courageously and effectively stood up to Obama in three TV debates. I use the word ‘courageously’ because I know from a personal experience that it takes great courage to challenge a ruthless, egotistical and shameless liar who has near unlimited power and relishes using it. Romney, unless he now dances to the President’s tune, can expect to find himself targeted by the IRS, the Justice Department and all the other arms of Government that grow increasingly powerful and bi-partisan with each passing day. He has also exposed himself and the members of his family to a lifetime of increased danger from terrorists and violent perverts. He has spent much of his personal wealth and he deserves the thanks of all conservatives. Romney’s whole private life must be super squeaky-clean for him to have denied the gutter Mainstream Media (MSM) opportunity for an October surprise. We hope he and his family will enjoy many safe and happy years.

Romney was not the Republican choice of this website back in the primary season but he stepped up to the conservative plate during the Presidential campaign and never stopped working flat-out after his nomination. We hope he does not fall for the offers of conciliation now coming from Obama for nothing genuine comes from that man, or from his Democrat Party comrades and his rich dissolute Media Class sponsors.

Perhaps yesterday’s defeat has saved Romney from the poisoned chalice of taking the reins of office to run a country that is more than halfway through a destructive revolution, hugely in debt, fundamentally divided at the grass roots and one in which he would have been denied the means to communicate with the people.

The causes of his defeat are many, and as those who regularly visit this website know, none are as decisive as the concealed power of the Media Class to control News and create a climate of opinion through entertainment. Since we have repeatedly on this website set out the awesome power of the Media Class, its ascent to power in America, its wealth and its effective alliances with the Public Service Unions, we invite visitors to read back through our most recent pre-election posts. We do not need to repeat these.

Romney, like all challengers to an incumbent President, had to fight his way through the primaries. Whilst this helped him to gain tough experience in debating and campaigning, it was at great cost. It cost him and the Right a huge amount in dollars but the bitterness of the contest also cost the Republican Party and Romney in terms of painting the Party as a sorely divided Party. The accusations against Romney and his past, stridently voiced by his Republican competitors, inevitably handed massive propaganda ammunition to the Leftist MSM, who predictably seized upon every morsel. This was the same MSM that played down the Democrat divisions in the 2008 Democrat primaries. Romney emerged from the primary process handicapped in every way and facing an Obama who had a massive war chest, a seemingly united Party behind him and a head-start in months. To make matters worse, Romney could only spend his campaign money after the Republican Convention had confirmed his victory.

Romney only had three opportunities to spontaneously address the American people direct and he used them well, briefly securing an advantage over a glib sitting President. Romney’s conservative critics may be right that he signally failed to nail Obama on Benghazi-Gate in the debates but at the time not all the facts were known and he had been crucified by the MSM for daring to raise the issue. Even some Republicans criticized his questioning of the President’s actions in Benghazi. The MSM was always going to hide Benghazi-Gate (and any other Obama scandal) from the American people and Republican politicians have failed to gain any traction on this, the worst foreign policy decision and the most criminal cover-up in modern times.

The plain fact about Benghazi-Gate is this. The MSM has deliberately protected its man in the White House by largely burying the story and misrepresenting the few facts that have emerged. If the facts had emerged in the MSM prior to the election, unless the MSM had been prepared to present it as the scandal that it is, there is no evidence that Obama’s core constituencies would have cared. In our view, most of America’s Black population is now so racist that nothing would deter them from voting for a President with the same skin color. The members of the Public Service Unions, especially those in education and Government, care little except to preserve their salaries, job-security, pensions and privileged working conditions. Latinos, with the prospect of a legitimized open-door policy for Mexico, care not a fig about American foreign policy, or indeed anything else except for welfare benefits and access to education. Recent arrivals from India, China and many other countries, bring with them, even as they take well-paid jobs, a dislike and disapproval of American power and America’s history.

Few connect the prosperity they seek, with America’s Constitution, unique personal freedom and historic work ethic. Young people, emerging from the Leftist propaganda that is now the curriculum of our schools and colleges, have little, if any, knowledge of America’s Founding principles and outstanding history. What knowledge they have is always negative and mostly inaccurate. Many will not know where Libya is on the world map or where and what is significant about Antietam, Harper’s Ferry and Bull Run. Now it seems that most single women also regard themselves as a ‘minority’ and care only about ‘reproductive rights’. Just as most Blacks see racism where none exists and the Republican Party (of Lincoln) as dedicated to forcing them back to the plantation, so many women see their bodies as ‘under attack’ from Christians and Republicans, anxious to force them to have large families. It seems that most women voters now care little about America’s foreign policy or its financial bankruptcy but are terrified, not of being raped, but of being forced to carry the rapist’s baby. Since fewer and fewer educated women have children and grandchildren, (replaced by the ubiquitous dog) I suppose it is inevitable that few care about America’s mid and long-term future. Homosexuals and heterosexual libertines, a growing minority, care only about the next orgasm and lust for a Government that promotes, indeed commands, sexual freedom and public depravity. Why would they care about America’s foreign enemies or the strength of those American institutions that have long inspired and protected its people?

Romney’s defeat at the polls is probably a final defeat for American ‘exceptionalism’, for we believe that our new Ruling Media Class is imposing a revolution that requires a dependent and demoralized population. If a Nation is the sum of its parts, America is doomed. Unfortunately America’s recent generations (those with no memory of the 2nd World War and the Cold War) lack a world history context for the present day. If they knew something about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, they would know that cultural diversity and moral collapse predated Rome’s fall. This has been true of all great civilizations. They would recognize, when they see the daily Comcast website news dominated by the trivial and decadent doings of Hollywood stars, pop warblers and strummers, basket ball illiterates and individuals who are simply ‘celebrities’, that this is no longer a Nation reflecting its past of Christian pioneers, farmers, ranchers, railroad builders and lovers of responsible independence and self respect.

Those who bother to dig into the UK’s contemporary society will know that freedom and free speech can be quickly and silently outlawed, even in a Nation that pioneered these things. The UK’s people have grasped welfare, obtained their social lives in front of the television set watching soccer and Soaps, have failed to close open borders and abandoned their Christian heritage. In exchange they now live in a State where an accusation of ‘racist’ or ‘homophobic’ speech is enough to warrant a midnight police visit, a smashed front door, removal of personal belongings and computer, vandalism of one’s home and arbitrary removal to police custody for hours or days. In many cases the victims of this are then released without charge and recompense. In some cases, children have been removed into care. Many conservatives and Christians in the USA may find this hard to believe, but so too will many UK residents, for the MSM in the UK, like the MSM in the USA has control over news and shares the same agenda. These intimidating police actions are never honestly reported in the MSM and most British people remain only aware enough of them to become ever more afraid to voice their opinions.

Americans, in the wake of November 6, now face a dangerous future of economic collapse and tightening Government restrictions of free speech. Conservatives can expect that Holder’s Justice Department will be greatly emboldened. Obama will pack the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts with jurists anxious to sweep away the Constitution and its protection of free speech and gun ownership. Christians can expect to be forced to sanction same-sex marriage and endorse abortion, even as they are being driven from the last corner of the public square. Some pastors will be relieved for they are products of the new culture and are ready to embrace America’s moral and cultural decline. They will be vocal exponents of inclusiveness.

I cannot finish this article without some comment on the election result. Although we forecast Obama’s victory on behalf of the ruling Media Class, the manner of his (and their) victory brings me back to my frequent message to visitors, which is that the MSM invites you not to believe your lying eyes. The last days of the campaign signaled an uprising for Romney amongst America’s working people, especially those in the rust belt. On Free Republic’s website, there were dozens of pictures of massive Romney rallies in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and especially the crucial State of Ohio. In contrast, Obama and Biden drew small crowds. There were great Romney crowds in other battleground States, including Virginia, Florida and Colorado. The written reports of eyewitnesses stressed the wild enthusiasm of these Romney crowds. It was impossible not to sense the excitement and amazing enthusiasm of Republican and many Independent voters. My own experience was that in this election Right-leaning voters were willing to crawl across broken glass to vote.

All this was in stark contrast to the McCain contest. It was clear that Obama’s votes would be lower this time (correct, as it turned out, though his 10.5 million drop was greater than I expected) but everything pointed to a massive increase in the Republican vote. We are now asked to believe that Romney got 2.5 million votes less than McCain. Frankly, I always believe my own eyes and hard evidence, especially when the MSM invites me to disbelieve them. Michael Savage, the Talk Show host based in SF, has been pointing out that the dedicated billionaire revolutionary George Soros has an ownership interest in the company that provides the computers used in many State elections. I am sure that in inner-city Democrat strongholds like Philadelphia and Detroit, where the population is uniformly Black, serious voting fraud takes place. The people who take part are familiar with lawlessness and have nothing to lose. They are aided and abetted by the Leftists who dominate and infest the Government machinery and they will be protected from investigation by Holder’s lawyers. The result of this election stinks!

Many conservatives point to Greece as the example of the folly of Obama’s financial policies but I think Venezuela and Argentina are far better examples of America’s future under Obama and his comrades. The only thing that can now halt his completion of a revolution is a sudden economic collapse rather than an incremental one. He will use the latter to good effect but the former is unpredictable and its consequences uncontrollable. We shall see!

Weather – Cold in California and cold in the UK! Very seasonable!

Music Choice – In the 1930’s America enjoyed the music of many great Black piano players. Blues players were prominent but the two-handed style known as boogie woogie was particularly popular. James P Johnson, Jimmy Yancey, Pine Top Smith, Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons were all masters of the style but if I had to pick one record that did most justice to them all, it would be Meade Lux Lewis and his 1935 masterpiece “Honky Tonk Train Blues”. This musical dedication to the railroad will surely get the feet tapping of even the most depressed conservative. This is not the phony music of today’s whiners, strummers and overpaid prancers. Enjoy!

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