Romney is the Republican Choice of the Media Class

This week Obama wrapped up his campaigning mini-tour in the North East States but we can expect him to hit the campaign trail again pretty soon. Observant Americans might conclude that he has spent more time campaigning for re-election since he was elected than he has spent on Presidential business- especially if one includes his fund-raising expeditions. (For the benefit of those who believe he is on the side of the poor, he has raised more from Wall Street than all Republican candidates combined). His next most-favored activities have been golfing and vacation trips. This is the man who frequently reminds us, via his Media Class masters’ relentless propagandizing, that he is hard at work trying to create jobs for the American people. This man’s brazen lying has surely never been equaled by any previous President, for no previous President has ever enjoyed the degree of protection from the all-powerful Mainstream Media than has Barack Obama. He knows, of course, that he can get away with any and every lie, empty boast, contradictory statement and dereliction of duty, and the MSM will cover for him. The smallest of Presidential duties will also be grossly inflated by the MSM to give the public the impression that this man is working flat out on the Nation’s business. All Democrat Presidents in my lifetime have benefitted from MSM bias, for the Media people have long leaned strongly Left (and frequently been pro-Communist) but Obama is the first President to owe his place in the White House entirely to the sponsorship and protection of the Media Class.

In return for Media Class sponsorship, support and dishonest propaganda, Obama has had to energetically push on with the agenda of the Media Class (as his priority) and then promote the interests of its allies in the public sector Unions and public sector workforce. He has done so, not so much through the legislative process, but through low-visibility back-door appointments of Czars and Judges and by Executive Orders. This pleases his Media Class masters, who understand that their agenda is not popular with most of the American people and thus prefer that its advancement be under the radar. The revolutionary agenda that the Media Class demands (especially the normalization of homosexuality and sodomy and the criminalization of any opposition to it) is proceeding apace but one major obstacle remains and that is that the Supreme Court is not yet under its total control. It requires only one more judicial appointment by Obama to put this right at this point in time but until a conservative Justice dies or retires he is powerless. Worse still, the Leftist minority on the Supreme Court, i.e. those who are eager to jettison the Constitution, is the more vulnerable to death and retirement. The arch Leftist Ruth Bader Ginsberg is especially vulnerable, given her age and medical condition. The composition of the Supreme Court above all else, is why the Media Class needs Obama to be re-elected in 2012, for capturing the Supreme Court is the key to the total overthrow of Government within the confines of the Constitution and the completion of the Social/Moral revolution that will reflect the values of the new Ruling Class.

The Media Class is happy that Obama spends his time campaigning and fund-raising for 2012. His re-election is their priority, but elections are still not yet foregone conclusions. An alternative Media has developed on the Internet, and although mostly Left-dominated (e.g. Comcast News), it has allowed truthful conservative News and Views to puncture the MSM monopoly over both. Furthermore, the maverick Murdoch’s TV Fox News channel has been extraordinarily popular with those Americans who seek something nearer the truth. Without a monopoly over news and political opinion, the Media Class cannot be sure of victory for its nominee, especially given Obama’s flagrant ineptitude as a President.

We must remember that the Media Class predictably and inevitably picked a shallow candidate with little integrity, for they needed a Leftist who would be dependent on Media power, who would be willing to boldly say one thing whilst doing the opposite, was grudgingly resentful of America’s past, was a member of the most dependable and dependent minority and who had the characteristics of a Hollywood actor. The Media Class, which at its core is a partnership of (historically Leftist) news propagandists and rich Hollywood merchants of fiction and fantasy, was bound to select a person who had unprincipled Leftist views and could and would be dependent on reading the lines written for him. Since the Media Class cannot be sure that Obama- given that he now has a visible and stumbling track record- can bank on an incumbent’s advantages, it also has to try to pick his ultimate Republican opponent. This strategy has two advantages! First, the Media Class can impose on the Republican Party a candidate who has little appeal to conservative voters, thus depressing conservative turnout and voter enthusiasm. Secondly, it ensures that should this candidate still win, despite relentless Media attacks, the occupant of the White House will be someone who lacks enthusiasm for a counter revolutionary social agenda. Two of the current Republican candidates thus have some appeal to the Media Class. The first is Huntsman, but he appears to be anathema to most Republican activists and therefore not likely to advance in the Primaries. The second best is Mitt Romney. He will get the most sympathetic Media treatment until and if he emerges as Obama’s opponent. Then the MSM will do all in its power to make him unelectable. Romney, who is so much more capable than Obama and whose fiscal policies would surely be beneficial to America, would not make a bad President in non-revolutionary times. Unfortunately, these are revolutionary times and America needs much more than good financial management, for no Nation can prosper in the long term that does not have at its core strong family life, an attachment to truth and freedom, and Judeo/Christian underpinning.

In the preceding paragraphs we accuse the MSM of systematic propagandizing, news concealment and outright lying. Here is an example of how the MSM conceals and distorts genuine news. The Wall Street Journal, often considered to be ‘conservative’, only ever puts truthful news on its Op-Ed pages. The rest of the Journal, written by ‘journalists’, is packed with deceit and concealment. Today, Friday October 21st, the front page of its Marketplace supplement carries an article titled “‘Flash Robs’ Vex Retailers” written by Ann Zimmerman and Miguel Bustillo. The article is all about the increasing prevalence of ‘flash mob’ raids on stores. This new criminal phenomenon entails large mobs of mostly young men and women (and more than a few kids) descending on a store and using violent intimidation and sheer numbers to steal the store’s contents at will. The mobs are said to be assembled through the Internet, though many are probably simply the work of ghetto gangs.

Not mentioned in this article, nor in any other articles in the MSM, is that these mobs are, to date, all Black. For those who visit conservative Internet websites, this truth is not only regularly reported but supported by film, the testament of the victimized store-owners and police reports. This dishonest Journal article even has a picture at the top, but it is not meant to inform but to distract, for it is of a police officer “evacuating shoppers and flash mob participants from a Californian mall” and not one mob member is shown. Now there is plenty of film that the Journal could have used to show the racial content of the mobs, but that would offend the code adopted by the Media Class, which is to deprive the American public of the truth where racial matters are concerned. Here is not the place to explain why the Media Class conceals Black crime but we will point out that concealing Black crime is not, in the long run, beneficial to law-abiding Black people. Our point here is that the MSM deliberately conceals and distorts news in pursuit of a Class agenda and we challenge any of our website visitors to say otherwise.

On this website we also draw attention to the social dominance of the Ruling Media Class and we have frequently pointed out that successful and rich business people aspire and seek to gravitate to its ranks. This has long been so in the history of Ruling Classes. In the Industrial revolution in Great Britain, newly rich titans of industry married their children into the Aristocracy and vice versa. It is usual for the once ruling and the newly ruling Classes to be drawn together. The new seek to access the riches of the old and the old seek the glamour and fame of the new. A new Ruling Class is also a magnet for the socially aspiring. Larry Ellison, the Californian-based owner of software company Oracle is the third richest man in America, with a net worth of around $33 billion. He is obviously a very clever man and also a very astute businessman and we think is entitled to his wealth and to spend it in any way he wishes. We do not have any sympathy here for the envious OWS mob. What we think is significant is that Mr. Ellison’s two children both work in the film industry, his daughter Megan being a film producer. Ellison’s most recent wife was romance novelist Melanie Craft. Most people might have expected that he would marry software engineers and that his children would be employed in his business or at least in Silicon Valley but our website visitors who know something about the dynamics of Class will understand the magnetism of a new Ruling Class.

Those who value freedom of speech and religion should be paying close attention to the website of the excellent Christian ‘National Organization for Marriage’. Here you will find much news that the MSM carefully hides, for it reports the onslaught on both free speech and traditional religion by the homosexual movement that operates from the heart of the Media Class. In Connecticut, where the grotesque same-sex marriage has been legalized by the Courts, public schools are now promoting plays that feature young male pupils kissing and ‘enjoying’ same sex relationships on stage. Head teachers are brazenly defending this propaganda of perversion and denying the right of parents to protect their children from it. We predict that soon it will be illegal everywhere in the USA for parents, especially those who Home School, to deprive their children of exposure to the delights of sodomy and its related dirty and sado-masochistic practices. In my area of California, Christian pastors either have their heads in the sand or are ready to submit to the tide of sexual perversion that is sweeping the Nation.

Music Choice – Tito Puente, an outstanding Latin percussionist, piano player, composer, arranger and orchestra leader was born in New York in 1923 and died on May 31st 2000. He was the son of Puerto Rican parents. It was Puente more than any other musician who successfully married Latin music and jazz and for this alone he deserves to be included in any list of major leaders of big bands, along with Kenton, Herman and Ellington. Puente’s bands throughout the years were exciting and often recorded live. His own drumming earned him the title ‘El Rey’, but he also recorded masterly sensitive and romantic ballads and great versions of jazz standards. He played alongside George Shearing as well as many other giants of the jazz world. Nevertheless, it is his Latin-style recordings that made him El Rey and I recommend his 1984 version of his composition ‘Oye Como Va’ which can be found on the album ‘Tito Puente Doctor Feelgood’. This track not only captures the atmosphere of Latin Jazz with a live audience but also features a haunting flute solo, a fine and coherent double bass solo and some punchy brass. If you are a normal person ‘Oye Como Va’ will make you feel like dancing. The rest of the album contains a great mixture of jazz classics like ‘Killer Joe’, ‘Jordu’, ‘Repetition’, ‘Along Came Betty’, If You Could See Me Now’, and ‘On Green Dolphin Street’ as well as Latin classics like ‘Ran Kan Kan’. Warning! This is adult music and will be extremely shocking to those who like the juvenile bleating of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John)!

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