Romney Has a Backbone

One thing became clear in the course of the Republican Presidential Primaries. Romney can be tough and is not afraid of a bare-knuckle fight. It remains to be seen whether he will employ those knuckles on behalf of all the right causes, but so far he has committed to supporting real marriage, strong defense spending, public spending cuts and depriving Planned Parenthood of taxpayer money. Not a bad start and enough to get my vote.

Hopefully he is fully aware that the Obama campaign will employ every dirty trick that has ever been played and that Obama himself will lie without shame just about every time he opens his mouth. Let’s hope he also realizes that the Race Card will be played and played and played against him. Most of all let us hope that he starts reading this Website and grasps that his biggest enemy is the American Media Class and its Mainstream Media (MSM). He can expect that he will never get any part of his message through to the American people intact via the MSM. He must expect that the MSM will distort, twist, corrupt and misrepresent every one of his utterances before relaying it to the American people. Where necessary it will overlook his presence on the campaign trail, play down the size of his crowds and support, seize on any ambivalent statement and spin it, and magnify a thousand times any little gaffe. Let us hope that he will not be surprised or dispirited when he finds each day that the MSM is protecting, shielding, and promoting Obama with everything in its vast armory. In short, he will find that reality and truth are strangers to the Ruling Media Class when it is campaigning on behalf of its agenda and its very own man in the White House.

This week, we who find ourselves on the side of the moral Counter-revolution, the US Constitution and the Free Market economy, were greatly encouraged when Romney refused to denounce Donald Trump at the behest of the Obama camp and the MSM. On this website we don’t have a particular view of ‘The Donald’, suspecting that politically/philosophically he is all over the place at times. However, ‘The Donald’ is outspoken and on occasions he has ventured where the gutless fear to tread. His most courageous statements have been those expressing doubts about Obama’s birthplace. The Media Class, its MSM and the massed ranks of their Leftist allies have relentlessly moved to crush anyone daring to question Obama’s real past. It is a topic that has to be made dangerous and evidence of insanity, for his official history is surely Hollywood-style invention from start to finish. Unsupported by any facts, Obama’s official personal history could never survive investigation. Trump has cast doubt upon it and refused to retract and so the Media Class and its Allies have moved to make Trump as tainted as if he had a Nazi past. Since Trump is now lending his much-respected reputation for plain speaking to the Romney camp, the Obama allies in the MSM have been demanding that Romney denounce Trump, who is — gasp, gasp, gasp a “birther”!!!

This is a well-practiced Leftist tactic for if successful it would throw Romney on the defensive, sow dissension between him and Trump and still leave Romney ‘tainted’ for, after all, he has been shamed into dropping an ally. Too many on our side capitulate to such Media/Leftist tactics – withdrawing past statements, apologizing, claiming to have mis-spoken and dropping honorable allies – and all to no avail! To his great credit, Romney has refused to bow to Media/Leftist pressure. He could have replied ‘I will denounce Donald’s very understandable suspicion about Obama’s past as soon as Obama denounces Rev. Wright (his pastor for 20+ years), the Dorns (his terrorist comrades both past and current) and removes the seals on all his past documents.

We can only hope that Romney will continue to stand firm on any and every statement he has made and stand firm with any allies whenever they are under MSM attack.

The unemployment figures released today present a real challenge to the MSM. How to make them positive for Obama in this campaign time? Bad as they are, they will be revised upward next month, just as March and April’s poor numbers were also later revised up. You didn’t know that? Well, the MSM is not in the business of reporting News but of putting its bumbling man back in the White House so that more ‘progressive’ judges can be appointed to The Supreme Court and the Constitution speedily dismantled. Meanwhile, Obama, justifiably confident that the MSM will spin the news to cover him, is spending today making 6 campaign visits. No doubt, he will then move on to the finest and most exclusive golf courses the East Coast can offer for he will demand a break. Part of Obama’s hectic week on behalf of this declining Nation, has been bestowing honors on ‘great’ public figures. Some old radicals were, thanks to Obama, remembered and sanctified by the State, thus moving the political climate further Leftwards. Among the newly-honored hypocritical radicals was the whining Bob Dylan. This tuneless wonder has made a good living out of singing off-key through his nose, about the trials and tribulations of a hard-scrabble life. He is, like all such Pop/Folk/Rock warblers and strummers, a fraud, never having picked a bale of cotton, begged on the streets of little country towns, dug coal or worked a factory shift. A mediocre guitar player and pathetic song writer he belongs with other musical duds such as Don Mclean, Bruce Springsteen and Reggie Dwight (aka Sir Elton John). It is a sad commentary on post-Media Class society that such small talents earn huge fortunes, are deemed to be ‘legends’ and are admired for their audacity.

Tonight I read that poor George Zimmerman is to be denied bail and will return to prison pending trial. It has long been clear that many powerful political forces are out to get him. His new alleged crime is that he did not reveal the money that accumulated for him from well-wishers after he was charged with second-degree murder. His wife is alleged to have said they didn’t have the ready cash to post bail. Here we have a working poor man and his family who suddenly became embroiled in not only a traumatic event but then found themselves victims of an election-inspired propaganda campaign with the President himself weighing in regardless of facts. The Special Prosecutor should be the one facing jail-time. It is alleged that Mrs. Zimmerman also concealed the ownership of a second passport. If so, she was acting wisely. Zimmerman (who is facing a long jail sentence if found guilty despite the facts) may never emerge from a prison sentence alive, for the US prisons are packed with homicidal Blacks who have been given the green light to get him. Since he has not been safe from Black ‘revenge’ on the streets, openly whipped up by Race Hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton, he has no chance of long-term survival in prison. Flight to Peru might be his wisest option for the chance of a fair crack of the whip here vanished when the MSM decided he was White and that here was a race crime just in time for Obama’s re-election.

I strongly recommend a visit to the Free Republic website and the article of 30th May by Dan Boys, PhD. It is entitled “Will Any Sane Person Defend Homosexual Practices?” Another guy who has gone where the gutless fear to tread!

For those website visitors who admire Mark Levin, I have recently reviewed his latest book ‘Ameritopia’.

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