Richard Ramirez – Poster Boy for Death Penalty

It was reported yesterday that Richard Ramirez died of natural causes in a hospital, where he had been moved from San Quentin prison.   For those who take no interest in killers, the name will be unfamiliar but Ramirez, by the time he reached his early twenties had brutally murdered as many innocent people as any of the recent killers now used as excuses for gun control. 

    Ramirez sometimes used a gun but mostly preferred the knife as he terrified Southern California in the two years of 1984 and 1985. He was convicted of 13 murders but there were many more attributed to him. He became known as the ‘night stalker’ after several murders took place at night. He randomly entered properties through unlocked windows during hot weather and attacked his sleeping victims. Often, he killed the man and then raped and sodomized the female before slashing her throat and stabbing her body. Many of his victims were Oriental Americans but he was happy to kill people of all ages, sexes and ethnicities. Ramirez would not have wracked up such a total of deaths if more citizens of Southern California had been gun owners. 

    Ramirez was caught trying to steal a car, but not caught by the police. A group of angry and vengeful citizens caught him and proceeded to beat him. It was reported at the time that they would have beaten him to death had the police not intervened. Instead he survived and lived at public expense until now. At his trial he was sentenced to death, but given that California is governed by Far Leftist apologists for crimes committed against the law-abiding, he languished on death row. The polarizing Democrat Governor Gerry Brown is greatly moved by the right to life for such as Ramirez whilst happy to insist that innocent babies should be denied the right to live if they are inconvenient to their mothers. 

    Ramirez, a Latino from Texas, was not born a serial killer but experienced a very unhappy and cruel childhood. Like most serial killers, his absence of conscience and his consuming anger towards others, stemmed from poor parenting and early morally corrupting experiences. He was himself a victim. However much we might sympathize with this however, we must be clear-thinking about how society deals with pathological murderers. Ramirez should have been executed 30 years ago. Killers like Ramirez are beyond reform and speedy capital punishment is the only effective societal response. Ramirez and those like him can never be trusted on our streets and there is no humane argument for imposing endless years in a prison cell on such an unhappy man. In any case, the victims and their families deserve justice. 

    In the past we have strongly criticized WSJ and onetime speech writer for Ronald Reagan, Peggy Noonan. In the George W Bush Presidential years it seemed that exclusion from his inner circle had so miffed her to the point where she was eventually willing to endorse the extreme Left (and likely illegal candidate) Obama. In the last month or two, it seems that her bitterness has been assuaged and she is seeing Obama for what he is – liar, Communist, dangerous totalitarian and hypocrite. In today’s WSJ she has written a brilliant article on the Obama regime’s IRS attack on the National Organization for Marriage. Let me own up here and admit that I am a donor to that organization and consider its leader (Christian) Brian Brown to be an outstanding, gentle and brave campaigner for traditional values. The NOM is beyond reproach for its political neutrality and its complete lack of racism and bigotry. Unlike the homosexual activists and Leftists whose organizations got a pass from the IRS, yet who are both wholly intolerant and violent, the NOM practices ‘turn-the-other cheek’, in the finest tradition of the political, religious and philosophical discourse of the Western World. 

    Personally, I do not subscribe to ‘turn-the-other cheek’ in these revolutionary times and believe that the Right should get into the gutter and fight the Leftists on their own territory. However the NOM is inspired by Christian teaching and staffed by Christians, and I admire them for sticking to principles in these unprincipled times. Financially, the NOM is the David to the homosexuals’ Goliath. The NOM runs on a shoe-string, dependent on Christian small-business people and the donations of those ‘little people’ who are vulnerable to Leftist persecution in the workplace. The SSM crowd is financed by our Ruling Class, ranging from billionaire hi-tech perverts to Hollywood libertines to sinister financial billionaires from Eastern Europe. In short, the enemies of traditional marriage have the funds and organizations to buy and intimidate most political opponents and judges. 

    By mobilizing the ‘little people’ and with much dedicated hard work the NOM has scored many unlikely victories. The most recent was just last week in Illinois, a Democrat State, where the Leftists in the legislature abandoned their intention to legalize SSM. The NOM led a coalition of Black pastors, Catholics and others in a campaign that unnerved the Democrat leadership. You didn’t read or hear about this in the Mainstream Media (MSM) because the propaganda arm of the Media Class revolution only trumpets SSM victories. As we constantly maintain, the Ruling Media Class is infested with perverts of all kinds, and destroying marriage and the traditional family and driving Christianity from the public square (and eventually into the gulag) is top of its agenda. Incidentally, despite the MSM’s creation of a ‘bandwagon’ for SSM, a recent Pew research poll reveals that a majority of Americans still support The Defense of Marriage Act. The MSM will not tell you that either. 

    Peggy Noonan’s article in the WSJ focuses on the House Hearing on the IRS scandal and the appearance before it of the NOM Chairman, John Eastman. I strongly recommend that you read both Noonan’s article and watch on the NOM website Eastman’s response to the sneering attacks of Rep Earl Blumenauer (Dem Oregon) and Lloyd Doggett (Dem Texas). It is not often these days, when Government is so powerful, vindictive and lawless, that a citizen has the temerity to stand up to Stalinists to their face. Watch the brazen expressions of Blumenauer and Doggett as Eastman calls them what they are, enablers of the misuse of power by Government Leftists. These two creepy Stalinists will not be forgiving. I checked their backgrounds on Wikipedia. 

    Blumenauer represents the Leftist stronghold of Portland, Oregon, which is the equivalent of SF on the Pacific coast. Doggett represents the university Leftist stronghold of Austin, Texas. Neither need fear the electors, for few real working people can be found in either place. Blumenauer and Doggett, as far as I can see, have ever held a real job but have gone from Academia to Democrat politics. Both are Far Left ecological extremists and ideologues. 

    As Noonan points out, the NOM not only suffered what the Tea Party and other patriotic and traditional groups suffered, i.e. IRS delay, expensive demands for irrelevant information etc, but its donor list was leaked to those Far Left homosexual activist organizations which specialize in economic and violent intimidation. To date, the IRS will not admit this or investigate the criminal leakers. It does not surprise Radical and Right that the NOM got ‘special’ treatment from the Leftists in the IRS, for we have always maintained that promoting homosexuality is the single most important item on the revolutionary agenda of our new Ruling Class. Blumenauer and Doggett made clear that they believe that organizations that resist the onslaught of the Revolutionaries deserve to be singled out for Government persecution. To quote Blumenauer, “The denial of my constituents, and all Americans, the right to marry the person they love is preposterous.” 

    Reducing marriage, a 2000 year old institution, to this, is both revolutionary and dishonest. The old laws do not deny all Americans (including his constituents) the right to marry. It is a right all have within commonsense limitations and love – often a passing emotion – has little to do with it. If love were the dominating criteria, why should it be restricted to humans? 

    Many people love their pets more than they love any human and are they to be denied? What is preposterous is the notion that same-sex sex is either normal or desirable for society. 

    Watching the Media celebrations of Tel Aviv’s ‘Gay’ Parade and seeing the pictures of near-naked young men cavorting with each other, sex-obsessed, shameless and lacking all dignity, I believe we are seeing the decline into decadence of Western civilization. My young son was asking me today why the Roman Empire allowed itself to decline and fall to the Barbarians. I suppose I should explain to him that as the Empire became more urbanized, it became rotten at the core. Oversized cities, stuffed with Government bureaucrats, the idle thrill-seeking rich, and the welfare-dependent underclass revealed a society far removed from the productive farmers and artisans of early Rome. No doubt homosexuality and every other perversion were widespread in these parasitic cities. Vienna at the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Berlin in the 1920’s and now Tel Aviv, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Paris, London and yes, Portland have the same sickness. Oh! and I forgot Hollywood! As I don’t want my son having his mind infected with knowledge of sodomy, sado-masochism et al I will postpone for many years telling my son what led to Rome’s downfall. 

    Rush Limbaugh is now talking about America’s coup d’etat. He tried to explain that he did not imply the taking over of our Government by a small group such as the military. This is what the expression actually means. My old dictionary defines it as “a sudden and violent change of government, esp. of an illegal and revolutionary nature”. What Rush means, but cannot quite say, is that America is experiencing a revolution. We have maintained this for many years and properly explained that the Revolution arises from technological advances that (unfortunately) created a powerful and degenerate Ruling Class. 

    You will not have heard in the MSM about Bishop Paprocki’s speech in Springfield, Illinois but this courageous Catholic Bishop deserves some plaudits for he brought to the attention of his audience the fact that (thanks to the propaganda role of the MSM) the website of homosexual Matthew Shepard who was murdered in Wyoming in 1998 has received over 12 million hits. Around the same time, Mary Stachowicz, a 51 year old mother of four children was also murdered. Her killer was 19 year old Nicholas Gutierrez, a homosexual and he beat, stabbed and strangled her because she was counseling him about his sick lifestyle. They worked together but Mary also worked part-time for Bishop Paprocki and was his friend. Mary’s death did not serve the Media Class agenda, indeed it impacted it negatively for reasons all our website visitors will understand, and so her death went unrecorded and her website to date has received a mere 27,000 hits. I am sure that if you drew attention to her website in any public College or school in the USA, in any workplace such as the IRS or the Holder Justice Dept. or in the Obama-led armed forces, you would be lucky to escape dismissal for making some homosexual or Leftist feel uncomfortable. 

    We try to draw attention to the newspeak of our Revolutionary masters. ‘Slur’ is now a much-used propaganda word. A ‘Gay slur’ is now enough to ruin any career yet apparently no-one ever utters a ‘Christian slur’ or a ‘Conservative slur’. Al least I have yet to see a mention of one in the MSM, which is surprising given that “a ‘slur’ is to sully, speak slightingly of or to pass lightly over.” 

    I see our polarizing President was again in Silicon Valley this week raising oodles of money from his rich friends. Many of them are CEO’s and billionaire owners of Internet companies and this should send a wave of fear through all Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists. We can speculate why the Silicon Valley techies are natural allies of Obama and his comrades – they are youngish and have experienced modern Leftist brainwashing in school and college; they are often from dysfunctional families and spent all their time closeted with a computer; they have no real and accurate knowledge of US history and our Constitution; some are foreign born and came to the US only to get rich. However there are two other explanations for their ‘cosying up’ to Obama. First is the attraction for the newly rich of mixing with the rich and famous of a Ruling Class, and second is the self-interest of buying into the inside of Government and thus getting a special deal and rising above the market-place. What do we free speech believers do if the Internet becomes as sympathetic to totalitarianism as the IRS? 

    Weather – Here in middle California we have had three days of searing heat, though it is forecast to cool tomorrow. In the UK, the weather has been warm and pleasant for the last few days. Is this the start of Al Gore’s MMGW? 

    Music Choice – Usually we recommend post war vocalists, Bebop, Soul Jazz of the 1950/60’s or Latin Jazz, any and all of it an antidote to the juvenile garbage that seems to appeal to Rush, Mark Levin and the rest of our side. There was a lot of good jazz in the 1920’s and 1930’s and most of it now forgotten. Even young jazz musicians are ignorant or dismissive of anything pre-1945. This is a tragedy, just as it is a tragedy that most young people know little or nothing of US history. The early jazz was musical, very rhythmic, often humorous and at times extremely moving. Its innovators were larger-than-life characters with poverty-stricken backgrounds who nevertheless managed to produce uplifting music. None were teenage and effeminate strummers, whiners, screamers or faux-revolutionaries. 

    Ferdinand Joseph LaManthe of New Orleans (1885-1941) was better known as “Jelly Roll” Morton. He was a piano player but also something of a composer and arranger and his music gives the flavor of his times, especially the mid-1920’s in Chicago. Morton, like most professional Jazz musicians quit NO and went North in the 1920’s because that was where the money was. I recommend his 1926 recordings of ‘Dr. Jazz’ a Joe Oliver tune, ‘Black Bottom Stomp’ and ‘Sidewalk Blues’. These Chicago recordings were made when Morton was something of a star amongst the Black population and making a decent living. The trumpet player is the fine-toned George Mitchell and Omer Simeon was on clarinet. Both were from NO. Morton called his band the ‘Red Hot Peppers’ and the music was spicy and atmospheric. Warning! Its lucidity, clarity, humor and happiness will come as a shock to those who have grown up on post 1960’s noise.

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